Tabăra internaţională de artă plastică

„Liviu Rebreanu” Cultural Center Aiud In partnership with the Association Cusset - Aiud Echanges, France the international photography exhibition one day / one image
1st of March 2012
opening within the XVIIth „Inter-Art” International Artcamp, 10-26 August 2012, Aiud, Romania Participation Rules
Artists from all over the world are invited to participate with photos taken on 1st of March 2012. Free thematic.
Participation Conditions
The exhibition is open to professional and amateur artists.The participants can apply with maximum 5 photos.
The authors of the selected photos will receive the online catalogue on the exhibition. In order to receive the
exhibition’s catalogue, it is important to write down a valid e-mail address on the application form. The participant’s
contact information is confidential and will not be made public without the participant’s permission (the application
form can be downloaded from our homepage:
Technical Specifications
Technique: photography;
Every participant can send up to 5 works (black and white and/or color)
The photos must be 1600x1200 pixels minimum, and to be sent in JPG format;
It is forbidden for the artist’s name, homepage or other information to be mentioned on the photo. This information
will be specified in the application form and will be displayed next to the photo.
Application deadline
The application form can be downloaded from our website; or you can request it by email at:
The photographs will be sent to the e-mail address : (next to the application form)
Deadline for sending the photos:15th of March 2012 (arrival date of the photos)
Selecting the photos
A jury will select the photos which will participate in the exhibition. Use of the photos, copyright
The photos participating in this exhibition must abide by copyright regulations. The participants must own all the rights of the photos sent for this exhibition. The participants agree with their photos being displayed on the following sites:,, and, as well as within the events organized by the “Liviu Rebreanu” Cultural Center and the “Inter-Art” Foundation, Aiud. The authors hold the copyright for their works. Confidentiality
All the personal data of the participants are confidential. Details concerning the participants can only be used for the proper functioning of the exhibition. Final Clauses
By taking part at this exhibition, the participant confirms having read and therefore understood the above-mentioned provisions. The works that do not respect these provisions will be disqualified. The organizers will not give back the received photos. For any question regarding the exhibition, please do not hesitate to contact us at:


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