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Hieronder de weergave van het debat dat ik voerde met Ivo van Hilvoorde op 4 september 2008, dat is opgenomen in het boek ‘Supergenen en turbosporters’ van Sietse van der Hoek en Toine Pieters. Naar een nieuwe mens? …. Schandaalgevoeligheid Het hoeft niet te verbazen dat het onderwerp genetica, gezien het naziverleden, vooral in Duitsland een grote schandaalgevoeligheid heeft.

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Aquarium Fish and the Veterinarian (Or, I flushed them down the toilet, too) Zoo/Exotic Pathology Service Lecture given at the U. C. Davis Avian/Exotic Animal Medicine Symposium 1993Aquarium fish medicine is a challenging and exciting area of veterinary medicine. It isfortunate that as veterinarians, we are uniquely trained to work-up diseases and attempttherapies in many animal species. Th

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Joan RafelUniversitat de Gironajoan.rafel@udg.es The Syntax of Small Clause Predication Abstract In this paper I put forward and justify a syntactic configuration that I call Complex SmallClause -structure. I show that this single syntactic structure can explain both the semantic valueand the syntactic behavior of a range of constructions that up to now have been exploredseparately and, h


To achieve the dream skin you always wanted, you have to be committed to yourself, and ZBodySculpt & Medical Spa is dedicated to help you every step of the way. Sunspots are discolorations of the skin that appear on areas of the body repeatedly exposed to the sun, usual y in people over the age of 40. Although they are a sign of sun damage, they aren't dangerous. They do, however, give away a


NEWS & VIEWS The Protective Side of the Mineralocorticoid Receptor Celso E. Gomez-Sanchez and Elise P. Gomez-Sanchez (For article see page 1330) Infertility in the Southern White Rhino: Is Diet the Source of the Problem? Heather B. Patisaul (For article see page 1444) The Placenta, a Transducer Linking Maternal Nutrition to Adult Disease in the Offspring? Roger Smith and Ka


Denny's (San Francisco, CA) Over the past 50 years, Denny’s has been bringing on the day with round-the-clock breakfast and casual family dining across America. From freshly cracked eggs to craveable salads and burgers, Denny’s has an endless list of possibilities to fuel your day. And with approximately 1,500 restaurants nationwide, wherever you are, wherever you’re going, a fresh start


A Prospective, Randomized Pilot Evaluation of Topical Triple Antibiotic Versus Mupirocin for the Prevention of Uncomplicated Soft Tissue Wound Infection ROBERT HOOD, MD,* KENNETH M. SHERMOCK, PHARMD,† Little data exists comparing the safety and efficacy of triple antibiotic itracin zinc, and polymixin B sulfate) or placebo petrolatum ointment (TAO) and mupirocin for prevention of


DNS-Test Die Parodontose (Parodontitis) ist eine Erkrankung des Zahnhalteapparates und es ist heute allgemein anerkannt, dass das Ausmaß und der Verlauf der Krankheit von mehreren Faktoren abhängig ist. Unstrittig ist, daß Entzündungsvorgänge im Parodontium durch Bakterien und deren Stoffwechselprodukte verursacht werden, die das umgebende Weich- und Knochengewebe angreifen können


Laboratorinë medicina. 2011, t. 13, Nr. 4(52), p. 179–. Santrauka Di ana Schveigert1 Áva das. Krû ties vë þys yra daþ niau siai diag no zuo ja ma on ko lo gi në mo te - Saulius Bruþas1 rø li ga: pa sau ly je vie na ið de vy niø mo te rø su ser ga ðia li ga ir 130 000 mo -te rø kas met nuo jos mirð ta. Sie kiant su ma þin ti mir tin gu mà nuo krû ties Irena Nedze

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TRAVEL VACCINATION QUESTIONNAIRE Page 1 of 3 Please complete this form prior to your travel appointment and return to reception Personal details Date of birth: Male [ ] Female [ ] Easiest contact telephone number E mail Dates of trip Date of Departure Return date or overall length of trip Itinerary and purpose of visit Country to be visited Length of sta

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Isolation of primary hepatoblasts Protocol adapted from Tanimizu N et al., J Cell Sci. 2003 and Kamiya A et al, EMBO J 1999 1) Remove the livers from E14.5 embryos - Digestion of the embryonic livers: 2) Place embryonic livers into prewarmed Liver Perfusion Medium (LPM) (Invitrogen, No.17701) 3) Break livers mechanically by pipeting the tissue in LPM 3-5 times through a gl


The Kenan-Flagler Business School, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, North Carolina 27599-3490 The 1998 settlement of a lawsuit by the state of California required 19 pharmaceutical firmsto provide $150 million worth of drugs free of charge to more than 150 California clinics andhospitals over a three-year period. We developed a decision-support system that utilizes amultiobjective opt

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Kosovo oder die Suche der EU-Mitgliedsstaaten nach einer gemeinsamen Haltung Der 7. Dezember 2007 hat das Ende der Verhandlungen um die Zukunft des Kosovo besiegelt: Drei Tage vor dem offiziellen Fristablauf übergab die internationale Troika, bestehend aus den Vertretern der EU, Russlands und der USA, das Abschlussdokument ihrer Vermittlungsbemühungen dem UN-Generalsekretär. Darin wird festges

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Naturex specializes in the production of natural extracts for flavors, colors, and preservatives. The extracts are used in the production of food, beverages, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. The company has Strategy and products Naturex operates 16 production sites worldwide. The company obtains Innovator category Sust. contribution extracts from approximately 500 different plants an


Mijn klachten waren: allergie- allergische reacties, ondragelijke jeuk / uricaria, oedeem in gehele lichaam, vitiligo / witte vlekken op de huis, reumatische pijnen. Na een zoektocht van ongeveer tien jaar kwam ik bij dokter Vink terecht. Ik leed aan ondragelijke jeuk (urticaria) en hield vocht vast in mijn lichaam. Er zijn niet veel therapieën, geneesmiddelen die ik niet heb geprobeerd. Niets hi

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Comparison of OvaCue® Fertility Monitor and the OvWatch® The following provides a brief comparison of Zetek’s Electrolyte Method™ embodied in the OvaCue® Fertility Monitor, with the Health Watch System OvWatch. Zetek’s Electrolyte Method relies on changes in the electrolytes in saliva to predict ovulation (the key indicator of fertility) up to seven days in advance. Changes in t

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