The Protective Side of the Mineralocorticoid Receptor
Celso E. Gomez-Sanchez and Elise P. Gomez-Sanchez (For article see page 1330)
Infertility in the Southern White Rhino: Is Diet the Source of the Problem?
Heather B. Patisaul (For article see page 1444)
The Placenta, a Transducer Linking Maternal Nutrition to Adult Disease
in the Offspring?
Roger Smith and Kaushik Maiti (For article see page 1464)
Primary Aldosteronism Takes (KCNJ)Five!
Maria-Christina Zennaro (For article see page 1774)
Tacking Toward Reconciliation on Tacr3/TACR3 Mutations
Robert A. Steiner and Víctor M. Navarro (For article see page 1498)
Lipocalin 2: A “Sexy” Adipokine that Regulates 17-Estradiol and Obesity
Susan K. Fried and Andrew S. Greenberg (For article see page 1183)
Minireview: Animal Models and Mechanisms of Ovarian Cancer Development
Lisa K. Mullany and JoAnne S. Richards
Minireview: Human Ovarian Cancer: Biology, Current Management, and Paths to
Personalizing Therapy
Ignacio Romero and Robert C. Bast, Jr.
Postnatal Aromatase Blockade Increases c-fos mRNA Responses to Acute Restraint
Stress in Adult Male Rats
Brenda Bingham, Nancy X. R. Wang, Leyla Innala, and Victor Viau
Intestinal Cell Phosphate Uptake and the Targeted Knockout of the 1,25D -MARRS
Ilka Nemere, Natalio Garcia-Garbi, Günter J. Hämmerling, and Quinton Winger
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Conditional Inactivation of Noggin in the Postnatal Skeleton Causes Osteopenia
Ernesto Canalis, Lisa J. Brunet, Kristen Parker, and Stefano Zanotti
Dual-Specificity Phosphatases Are Implicated in Severe Hyperplasia and Lack of
Response to FGF23 of Uremic Parathyroid Glands from Rats
Pablo Román-García, Natalia Carrillo-López, Manuel Naves-Díaz, Isabel Rodríguez, Alberto Ortiz,
and Jorge B. Cannata-Andía

Wild-Type Tumor Repressor Protein 53 (TRP53) Promotes Ovarian Cancer Cell Survival
Lisa K. Mullany, Zhilin Liu, Erin R. King, Kwong-Kwok Wong, and JoAnne S. Richards
Regulation of Glucose Transport by ROCK1 Differs from That of ROCK2 and Is
Controlled by Actin Polymerization
Kwang-Hoon Chun, Kazushi Araki, Yuna Jee, Dae-Ho Lee, Byung-Chul Oh, Hu Huang, Kyong Soo Park,
Sam W. Lee, Janice M. Zabolotny, and Young-Bum Kim

Functional and Structural Adaptations in the Pancreatic -Cell and Changes in
Glucagon Signaling During Protein Malnutrition
Laura Marroquí, Thiago M. Batista, Alejandro Gonzalez, Elaine Vieira, Alex Rafacho, Simone J. Colleta,
Sebastião R. Taboga, Antonio C. Boschero, Angel Nadal, Everardo M. Carneiro, and Ivan Quesada

Accumulation of Intrahepatic Islet Amyloid in a Nonhuman Primate Transplant Model
Chengyang Liu, Brigitte Koeberlein, Michael D. Feldman, Rebecca Mueller, Zhonglin Wang, Yanjing Li,
Kristin Lane, Clifford C. Hoyt, John E. Tomaszewski, Ali Naji, and Michael R. Rickels

Angiotensin Receptor Blockade Increases Pancreatic Insulin Secretion and Decreases
Glucose Intolerance during Glucose Supplementation in a Model of
Metabolic Syndrome
Ruben Rodriguez, Jose A. Viscarra, Jacqueline N. Minas, Daisuke Nakano, Akira Nishiyama,
and Rudy M. Ortiz

Body Weight Impact on Puberty: Effects of High-Calorie Diet on Puberty Onset in
Female Rhesus Monkeys
Ei Terasawa, Joseph R. Kurian, Kim L. Keen, Nicholas A. Shiel, Ricki J. Colman, and Saverio V. Capuano
Angiogenic Deficiency and Adipose Tissue Dysfunction Are Associated with
Macrophage Malfunction in SIRT1
؊/؊ Mice
Fen Xu, David Burk, Zhanguo Gao, Jun Yin, Xia Zhang, Jianping Weng, and Jianping Ye
Expression of Chemokine CXCL12 and Its Receptor CXCR4 in Folliculostellate (FS) Cells
of the Rat Anterior Pituitary Gland: The CXCL12/CXCR4 Axis Induces Interconnection
of FS Cells
Kotaro Horiguchi, Cimi Ilmiawati, Ken Fujiwara, Takehiro Tsukada, Motoshi Kikuchi, and Takashi Yashiro
Estradiol Release Kinetics Determine Tissue Response in Ovariectomized Rats
Christiane Otto, Ingrid Kantner, Reinhard Nubbemeyer, Jenny Schkoldow, Iris Fuchs, Elisabeth Krahl,
Richardus Vonk, Christiane Schüler, Karl-Heinrich Fritzemeier, and Reinhold G. Erben

Proadrenomedullin N-Terminal 20 Peptide Increases Kinesin’s Velocity Both in Vitro
and in Vivo
Ignacio M. Larráyoz and Alfredo Martínez
The Mitochondrial Citrate Carrier (CIC) Is Present and Regulates Insulin Secretion
by Human Male Gamete
Anna R. Cappello, Carmela Guido, Antonella Santoro, Marta Santoro, Loredana Capobianco,
Daniela Montanaro, Marianna Madeo, Sebastiano Andò, Vincenza Dolce, and Saveria Aquila

Transcriptome Analysis Reveals Differentially Expressed Transcripts in Rat Adrenal
Zona Glomerulosa and Zona Fasciculata
Koshiro Nishimoto, Christine S. Rigsby, Tao Wang, Kuniaki Mukai, Celso E. Gomez-Sanchez,
William E. Rainey, and Tsugio Seki

The Development of Hypertension and Hyperaldosteronism in a Rodent Model of
Life-Long Obesity
Carrie A. Northcott, Greg D. Fink, Hannah Garver, Joseph R. Haywood, Erinn L. Laimon-Thomson,
Jonathon L. McClain, Paulo W. Pires, William E. Rainey, Christine S. Rigsby, and Anne M. Dorrance

Potassium Channel Mutant KCNJ5 T158A Expression in HAC-15 Cells Increases
Aldosterone Synthesis
Kenji Oki, Maria W. Plonczynski, Milay Luis Lam, Elise P. Gomez-Sanchez, and Celso E. Gomez-Sanchez
(For editorial see page 1575)
Glucocorticoids Enhance Intestinal Glucose Uptake Via the Dimerized Glucocorticoid
Receptor in Enterocytes
Sybille D. Reichardt, Michael Föller, Rexhep Rexhepaj, Ganesh Pathare, Kerstin Minnich, Jan P. Tuckermann,
Florian Lang, and Holger M. Reichardt

Long-Term Fgf23 Deficiency Does Not Influence Aging, Glucose Homeostasis, or Fat
Metabolism in Mice with a Nonfunctioning Vitamin D Receptor
Carmen Streicher, Ute Zeitz, Olena Andrukhova, Anne Rupprecht, Elena Pohl, Tobias E. Larsson,
Wilhelm Windisch, Beate Lanske, and Reinhold G. Erben

Chronic Inhibition of ERK1/2 Signaling Improves Disordered Bone and Mineral
Metabolism in Hypophosphatemic (Hyp
) Mice
Martin Y. H. Zhang, Daniel Ranch, Renata C. Pereira, Harvey J. Armbrecht, Anthony A. Portale,
and Farzana Perwad

Role of Hypothalamic Proopiomelanocortin Neuron Autophagy in the Control of
Appetite and Leptin Response
Wenying Quan, Hyun-Kyong Kim, Eun-Yi Moon, Su Sung Kim, Cheol Soo Choi, Masaaki Komatsu,
Yeon Taek Jeong, Moon-Kyu Lee, Kwang-Won Kim, Min-Seon Kim, and Myung-Shik Lee

Development, Sex Steroid Regulation, and Phenotypic Characterization of
RFamide-Related Peptide (Rfrp
) Gene Expression and RFamide Receptors in the
Mouse Hypothalamus
Matthew C. Poling, Joshua Kim, Sangeeta Dhamija, and Alexander S. Kauffman
Evidence for Differential Regulation of GnRH Signaling via Heterodimerization among
GnRH Receptor Paralogs in the Protochordate, Ciona intestinalis
Tsubasa Sakai, Masato Aoyama, Tsuyoshi Kawada, Takehiro Kusakabe, Motoyuki Tsuda, and Honoo Satake
Direct Interactions between Calcitonin-Like Receptor (CLR) and CGRP-Receptor
Component Protein (RCP) Regulate CGRP Receptor Signaling
Sophie C. Egea and Ian M. Dickerson
Identification of the Receptors for Prolactin-Releasing Peptide (PrRP) and Carassius
RFamide Peptide (C-RFa) in Chickens
Yajun Wang, Crystal Ying Wang, Yuting Wu, Guian Huang, Juan Li, and Frederick C. Leung
Assessment of Epigenetic Contributions to Sexually-Dimorphic Kiss1 Expression in the
Anteroventral Periventricular Nucleus of Mice
Sheila J. Semaan, Sangeeta Dhamija, Joshua Kim, Eric C. Ku, and Alexander S. Kauffman
Developmental Increase in Kisspeptin-54 Release in Vivo Is Independent of the
Pubertal Increase in Estradiol in Female Rhesus Monkeys (Macaca mulatta
Kathryn A. Guerriero, Kim L. Keen, and Ei Terasawa
Sexual Dimorphism of Growth Hormone in the Hypothalamus: Regulation by Estradiol
Melisande L. Addison and Emilie F. Rissman
Recurrent Hypoglycemia Is Associated with Loss of Activation in Rat Brain
Cingulate Cortex
Paul Hurst, Alastair S. Garfield, Claire Marrow, Lora K. Heisler, and Mark L. Evans
Estrogenic Action on Arterial Smooth Muscle: Permissive for Maintenance of
CRHR2 Expression
Shan Wang, Xiaoyan Zhu, Binhai Cong, Xingji You, Yangkai Wang, Weizhong Wang, and Xin Ni
Hematopoetic Prostaglandin D Synthase: An ESR1-Dependent Oviductal Epithelial
Cell Synthase
Phillip J. Bridges, Myoungkun Jeoung, Sarah Shim, Ji Yeon Park, Jae Eun Lee, Lindsay A. Sapsford,
Kourtney Trudgen, Chemyong Ko, Myung Chan Gye, and Misung Jo

Perinatal Programming of Adult Rat Germ Cell Death After Exposure to
Xenoestrogens: Role of microRNA miR-29 Family in the Down-Regulation of DNA
Methyltransferases and Mcl-1
Léo Meunier, Bénazir Siddeek, Aurélie Vega, Nadjem Lakhdari, Lilia Inoubli, Rachel Paul Bellon,
Géraldine Lemaire, Claire Mauduit, and Mohamed Benahmed

Excess DAX1 Leads to XY Ovotesticular Disorder of Sex Development (DSD) in
Mice by Inhibiting Steroidogenic Factor-1 (SF1) Activation of the Testis Enhancer of
Louisa M. Ludbrook, Pascal Bernard, Stefan Bagheri-Fam, Janelle Ryan, Ryohei Sekido, Dagmar Wilhelm,
Robin Lovell-Badge, and Vincent R. Harley

Cellular Distribution, Regulated Expression, and Functional Role of the Anorexigenic
Peptide, NUCB2/Nesfatin-1, in the Testis
D. García-Galiano, R. Pineda, T. Ilhan, J. M. Castellano, F. Ruiz-Pino, M. A. Sánchez-Garrido, M. J. Vazquez,
S. Sangiao-Alvarellos, A. Romero-Ruiz, L. Pinilla, C. Diéguez, F. Gaytán, and M. Tena-Sempere

Inhibition of Delta-Like Ligand 4 Induces Luteal Hypervascularization Followed by
Functional and Structural Luteolysis in the Primate Ovary
Hamish M. Fraser, Julie M. Hastings, Deborah Allan, Keith D. Morris, John S. Rudge, and Stanley J. Wiegand
Live Imaging Reveals the Link Between Decreased Glucose Uptake in Ovarian Cumulus
Cells and Impaired Oocyte Quality in Female Diabetic Mice
Qiang Wang, Maggie M. Chi, and Kelle H. Moley
The Involvement of Neurofilament Heavy Chain Phosphorylation in the Maturation
and Degeneration of Rat Oocytes
Noriyuki Takahashi and Bunpei Ishizuka
RNA-seq Analysis of the Functional Compartments within the Rat Placentation Site
Kartik Shankar, Ying Zhong, Ping Kang, Michael L. Blackburn, Michael J. Soares, Thomas M. Badger,
and Horacio Gomez-Acevedo

Cortisol Induces Aromatase Expression in Human Placental Syncytiotrophoblasts
Through the cAMP/Sp1 Pathway
Wangsheng Wang, Jianneng Li, Yuchun Ge, Wenjiao Li, Qun Shu, Haiyan Guan, Kaiping Yang, Leslie Myatt,
and Kang Sun

FOXL2 Is Involved in the Synergy between Activin and Progestins on the
Follicle-Stimulating Hormone
-Subunit Promoter
Yasmin Ghochani, Jasjit K. Saini, Pamela L. Mellon, and Varykina G. Thackray
Adoptive Transfer of Antithyrotropin Receptor (TSHR) Autoimmunity from TSHR
Knockout Mice to Athymic Nude Mice
Mami Nakahara, Kristian Johnson, Anja Eckstein, Ryo Taguchi, Masanobu Yamada, Norio Abiru,
Yuji Nagayama

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Subcellular visualization of Rho-kinase (ROCK) isoforms in L6 myoblasts is shown using fluorescent immunohistochemistry (ROCK1, left panels; ROCK2,right panels). Top: ROCK1 (red) was localized in the perinuclear region while ROCK2 (red) was distributed evenly in the cytoplasm. Nuclei werecounterstained with 4Ј,6-diamidino-2-phenylindole (DAPI, blue) and microtubules visualized with ␤-tubulin specific antibodies (green). Bottom half,center images: Partial colocalization of ROCK isoforms (red) was observed with cytochrome C IV (middle, green), a mitochondrial marker, and Rab5(bottom, green), a endosomal marker, as visualized by fluorescent immunohistochemistry. Higher magnification images are shown adjacent (left orright) to each respective image. Scale bar, 20 ␮m. From article in this issue by Chun et al., pages 1649 –1662.

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MF. Ramón Rosa, S. Ballesteros, R. Martínez-Arrieta Servicio de Información Toxicológica. Instituto Nacional de Toxicología y Ciencias Forenses. Rev Pediatr Aten Primaria. 2006;8:439-52 Mª Fátima Ramón Rosa, f.ramon@mju.es Resumen Cada vez es más frecuente el uso de neurolépticos en la infancia y adolescencia, y las in- toxicaciones por estos fármacos no son despreciab


Whole-Body Cryotherapy in Atopic DermatitisAtopic dermatitis (AD) is a chronic inflammatory skin disease with dry and itchy skin causing remarkable adverse impact on quality of life. Some patients do not tolerate treatments, or in some cases the treatments are ineffective. Effective combination therapies for moderate or severe AD are lacking or scarce. Very cold air has been reported to increase

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