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Naturex specializes in the production of natural extracts for flavors, colors, and preservatives. The extracts are used in the production of food, beverages, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. The company has Strategy and products
Naturex operates 16 production sites worldwide. The company obtains Innovator category
Sust. contribution
extracts from approximately 500 different plants and processes the dried essences into natural colors, flavors, or preservatives. The raw Biodiversity
materials either stem from local or regional cooperatives, or they are Food/consumption
provided by the respective producers as prefabricated extracts (e.g. for paprika powder, ginseng, green tea). High quality and the traceability of the commodities thereby are vital. Naturex does not use raw materials stemming from genetical y modified plants. All production Geographic distribution of sales
sites have been certified according to ISO 9000. Quality controls are rigorous. Naturex is a major supplier to producers of organic food. 4 out of the 16 production sites have been certified according to the European and the US standards for organic products. The company does not publish the turnover generated with producers of organic food. Natural ingredients are becoming more and more important. Authorities and consumer organizations increasingly demand that producers of food (and also of cosmetics) use natural ingredients. For instance, several non-organic food dyes are suspected to promote hyperactivity in children. As a result, in 2008 the European Parliament ruled that food Distribution of sales by business segment
producers had to declare the use of such dyes on the food packaging. Naturex has implemented an environmental management system in al production sites, two of which have been certified according to ISO 14001. Zürcher Kantonalbank Sustainability Research (Asset Management) P.O. Box, 8010 Zürich Disclaimer
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