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Ta rgeting Topics: Recent Scientific References(continued from page 3) Selective immunolesioning of the basal
of the same cognitive deficits exhibited by expressing neurons to the determination of a forebrain cholinergic neurons in rats:
rats lesioned with 192-Saporin (Cat. #IT-01), effect on attention using the 5-choice
which eliminates cholinergic cells in the p75NTR-expressing neurons are not essential serial reaction time task.
basal forebrain. The results suggest that in this Down syndrome model, cell loss has a much greater cognitive effect if it happens Rivastigmine antagonizes deficits in
Psychopharmacology 164:71-81, 2002 prepulse inhibition induced by
The authors used 0.067 µg injections of 192- selective immunolesioning of
Saporin (Cat. #IT-01) into the nucleus basalis cholinergic neurons in nucleus basalis
magnocellularis to investigate attentional magnocellularis.
exhibited a very specific subset of attentional difficulty completing tasks in the presence ofdistractions.
The authors injected 300 nl of 400 ng/µl192-Saporin (Cat. #IT-01) bilaterally into the Spinal neurons that possess the
nucleus basalis magnocellularis of rats, then substance P receptor are required for
the development of central
rivastigmine, a cholinesterase inhibitor.
Animals treated with rivistagmine exhibited raised levels of cortical acetylcholine, in contrast to undetectable acetylcholine levels in lesioned animals not treated withrivastigmine. Using 5 x 10 -5 M intrathecal injections ofSP-SAP (Cat. #IT-07) the authors examined Mnemonic deficits in animals depend
upon the degree of cholinergic deficit
modulation of pain and hyperalgesia. Treated and task complexity.
Motoneuron-derived neurotrophin-3 is
a survival factor for PAX2-expressing
spinal interneurons.
Bechade C, Mallecourt C, Sedel F, Vyas S, In this study, the authors compared icv and intraparenchymal injections of 192-Saporin In vivo labeling of rabbit cholinergic
respectively). While a similar reduction in In the rat, half of motoneurons die between basal forebrain neurons with
embryonic day 15 and postnatal day 1.
fluorochromated antibodies.
Programmed cell death of interneurons is not performance in certain allocentric tasks was as well characterized. The authors cultured similar, an egocentric task showed a marked explants of brachial neural tubes from rat NeuroReport 13(11):1395-1398, 2002 To investigate in vivo labeling of p75 low- affinity neurotrophin receptor the authors Saporin had no direct effect on interneurons in culture, elimination of p75-neurotrophin and performed either unilateral or bilateral Vist our website at
demonstrating its potential as a p75 marker.
Effect of 192 IgG-saporin on circadian
activity rhythms, expression of P75

Reactivity to object and spatial
neurotrophin receptors, calbindin-
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novelty is normal in older Ts65Dn
D28K, and light-induced Fos in the
mice that model Down syndrome and
suprachiasmatic nucleus in rats.
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The authors used bilateral icv injections of


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