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. the safe
fertility computers
A sophisticated device
for over 25 years
used to overcome unexplained infertility
Study confirms the technical reliability of BABY-COMP®

BABY-COMP® answers those questions which arise during the
planning period of a child. The fertility computer displays de-
tailed information of the fertile and non-fertile phases of the
cycle, if ovulation has been occurring, and whether the
hormones are in balance for conception. BABY-COMP®
answers the fundamental questions of your gynecologist:
1Does ovulation occur?
2Are the female hormones in balance?
Results of the Sassari Study (summary)
The study was conducted by the University of Sassari, Italy whereby two methods for
the prediction and detection of ovulation and for the diagnosis of luteal deficiency were compared
and analyzed. The study was performed on women who were detected as being infertility for the
last three to eight years.
Clinical methods of measurement: ultrasound, urinary Luteal Hormone (LH)
testing’s and by testing the progesterone level in the blood. The BBT measurement method with BABY-COMP® an electronic sophisticated fertility computer
Both Methods yielded almost equal results. A small aberration was found: in two out of thirty analyzed cycles, BABY-COMP® did not exactly predict ovulation. All other points evaluated prevailed100% consensus.
This is especially remarkable given that the BABY-COMP® only uses the BBT by using a highly developed thermometer sensor and therefore does not require a walk to the clinics but rather used non-invasively at home. Therefore couples with unexplained infertility issues can use the BABY-COMP® as a very reliable prediction and detection method for ovulation - the most important step towards becoming pregnant.
Prof. S. Dessole, the director of the study, recommends the use of the BABY-COMP® for couples ofunexplained infertility.
Furthermore is the BABY-COMP® also for doctors and clinics a reliable help for the prediction of ovulation and the diagnosis of luteal deficiency since the stored dated of all cycles in the BABY-COMP®can be printed out and used to identify the female cycle? Source:
Study of Prof. Salvatore Dessole, Institute of Obsterics and Gynaecology, University of Sassari, l-07100 Sassari- Phone:
+39 79 21 70 89 (Scientific Secretairat).The Study was conducted at the University of Sassari and presented at the
“International Meeting on Infertility and assisted reproductive Technology” 11.06. – 14.06. 1997 in Porto Cervo.
BABY-COMP® does so much more
BABY-COMP®’s cycle and planning software displays:
• The total amount of stored cycles since the beginning of use • The average length of the high level • The menophases (cycles without ovulation) of the last 20 cycles in % VE Valley Electronics GmbH
• The average temperature increase after ovulation Wengwies 2
D-82438 Eschenlohe

The average fluctuation of Ovulation in +/- days • The planning hit of the last 20 cycles Tel (+49) 0 88 24 18 31
Fax (+49) 0 88 24 80 71

The stored data of the last 250 days can be printed out.

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