Clopidogrel (clop-id-o(h)-grel) and Aspirin (as-per-in) Consumer Medicine Information
What is in this leaflet
into breast milk and, therefore,
there is the possibility that the
breastfed baby may be affected.
the packaging shows signs of
the expiry date on the pack has
passed. If you use this product
after the expiry date has
passed, it may not work.
Do not take DuoCover to treat any
other complaint unless your doctor
says it is safe. Do not give this
medicine to anyone else.
Before you start to take it
If you have any concerns about
taking this medicine, ask your

You must tell your doctor if:
doctor or pharmacist.
Before you take it
you have allergies to:
When you must not take it
You should not take DuoCover if:
you are allergic to clopidogrel,
you are pregnant or intend to
aspirin, salicylates, anti-
become pregnant.
inflammatories (Non-Steroidal
Your doctor will discuss the
What DuoCover is
Anti-Inflammatory Drugs) or
possible risks and benefits of
any of the ingredients listed
taking DuoCover during
under 'Product Description' at
the end of this leaflet.
DuoCover contains the medicines
you are breastfeeding. You
clopidogrel and aspirin. DuoCover
you have a medical condition
must not breastfeed while
belongs to a group of medicines
that is causing bleeding such as
taking DuoCover.
called anti-platelet medicines.
a haemophilia, stomach ulcer or
you are planning to have an
bleeding within your head or
operation (including dental
surgery) in the next two weeks.
you suffer from severe liver or
Your doctor will decide
kidney disease.
whether or not you need to stop
you have asthma, rhinitis or
DuoCover prior to surgery.
nasal polyps.
if you have or have had any
you are breastfeeding or intend
medical conditions, especially
to breastfeed. DuoCover passes
the following:
additional clopidogrel is not
careful with or avoid while taking
recommended. Please check
with your doctor first.
Alcohol Consumption
medicines that "thin the
blood". The most common
The consumption of alcohol may
examples of these include
affect how well DuoCover works; it
heparins and warfarin. There
may increase blood loss and
are others so please check with
stomach irritation. Please ask your
your doctor.
doctor for more information.
non-steroidal anti-
inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) -
medicines used to treat
arthritis, period pain, aches and
How to take it
history of stomach ulcers or otherproblems with your digestive steroids e.g. Hydrocortisone.
How to take it
DuoCover is to be used under
medical supervision only.
some gout medicines.
Your doctor will tell you how many
tablets to take each day. Take
methotrexate - a medicine used
DuoCover only as prescribed by
to treat cancer or arthritis.
your doctor and follow his or her
If you have not told your doctor
phenytoin - a medicine used to
directions carefully. They may
about any of the above, tell him/
treat epilepsy.
differ from the information
her before you start taking
tolbutamide and
contained in this leaflet.
chlorpropamide- a medicine
Some patients may not convert
used to treat diabetes.
DuoCover to its active form as well
tamoxifen - a medicine used to
as other patients. These patients
treat breast cancer.
may not get the same benefit from
DuoCover. Your doctor may

fluvastatin - a medicine used to
advise you to go for tests to
lower cholesterol.
determine if DuoCover will
ACE inhibitors or angiotensin
adequately work for you. Based on
receptor antagonists plus a
the test results, your doctor may
thiazide diuretic. These
consider alternative treatments for
medicines are used to treat high
blood pressure. In some cases
Take DuoCover at about the same
the medicines may be used
time each day. Taking your tablet
Taking other medicines
together to treat other
at the same time each day will have
cardiovascular diseases.
Tell your doctor or pharmacist if
the best effect. It will also help you
you are taking any other
medicines used to prevent
to remember when to take it.
medicines, including any that you
gastric reflux - proton pump
buy without a prescription from
inhibitors (e.g. omeprazole).
your pharmacy, supermarket or
health food store.
aspirin - DuoCover already
may need to take different medicines.
If you forget to take it
contains aspirin. Taking
If you are unsure about any
additional aspirin is not
medicine you are taking you
recommended. Please check
should check with your doctor or
with your doctor first.
pharmacist. They will have more
clopidogrel - DuoCover already
information on medicines to be
contains clopidogrel. Taking
avoid while taking DuoCover,
for example certain sports.
Ask your doctor or pharmacist to
answer any questions you may
Tell your doctor if you notice any
If you take too much
tell your doctor immediately if
of the following and they worry
you are injured while taking
Immediately telephone your doctor
or the Poisons Information Centre
(telephone 13 11 26), or go to the
Emergency Department at your
nearest hospital, if you think that
tell your doctor immediately if
you or anyone else may have taken
you notice any of the following:
too much DuoCover. Do this even
Tell your doctor immediately if
if there are no signs of discomfort
you notice any of the following:
or poisoning. You may need urgent
medical attention.
While you are taking it
swelling of the face, lips, mouth,tongue or throat which may cause Things you must do
take DuoCover exactly as your
Do not suddenly stop taking
doctor has prescribed, and have
DuoCover without telling your
any blood tests promptly if your
doctor orders them.
tell your doctor if you become
Things to be careful of
pregnant while taking
Be careful driving or operating
machinery until you know how
tell your doctor if you decide to
DuoCover affects you.
breastfeed your baby. Your
doctor may want to discuss this
and change your medicine.
tell your doctor that you are
taking DuoCover if you are
about to start on any new
tell all your doctors, dentists,
nurses and pharmacists that
you are taking DuoCover.
DuoCover may increase the
risk of bleeding during an
operation or some dental work.

Therefore, treatment may need
Side effects
to be stopped before surgery.
Your doctor will decide
Tell your doctor or pharmacist as
whether to stop DuoCover and
soon as possible if you do not feel
if so, how long before surgery
well while you are taking
or dental work.
DuoCover tablets.
ask you doctor whether there
are any activities you should
Bristol-Myers Squibb Australia Pty.
Product description
What it looks like
Other side effects not listed above
may also occur in some patients.
Tell your doctor if you notice any
other effects.

Active Ingredients:
After taking it
Keep your tablets in the blister
Other Ingredients:
pack until it is time to take them.
Keep DuoCover in a cool, dry
place where the temperature stays
below 25°C.

Do not store DuoCover or any
other medication in the bathroom
or near a sink.

Keep DuoCover where children
cannot reach it.



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