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books dealing with the themes of estrangement and homecoming. The series was made possible through Robert W. Acker, Professor – Our semester
a grant from the American Library Association and has gotten off to a great start and we are once again Nextbook, and is hosted at the Missoula Public serving a large number of students in very full Library. The series includes discussions on Eva classes. Even though we carry heavy teaching loads Hoffman's Lost in Translation, Saul Bellow's Mr. we continue to excel in our service and research Sammler's Planet, Moacyr Scliar's The Centaur in the Garden, Allegra Goodman's Kaaterskill Falls, congratulations to all of you who serve the and André Aciman's Out of Egypt. Discussions will be held on, Oct. 4, Oct. 25, Nov. 15, and Dec. 6. Barbara Weinlich, Visiting Assistant Professor,
has just been informed that her article “The Story of a Poet’s Apologetic Emancipation” has been Linda Gillison, Professor - Two of our advanced
accepted for publication in a special issue of Helios Classics students, Karra Cuplin and Lonnie (Lubbock, Tex.). Titled Narrators and Narrative in Alexander, are spending the semester in Athens with Roman Elegy, this issue will present readings of The College Year in Athens. Lonnie may stay for Roman Elegy through the lens of Mieke Bal, Gérard the entire academic year. Karra will return in Genette, and Paul Ricoeur, and a response to the December. They will be studying Greek language contributions by guest editor Duncan Kennedy (Modern, Ancient), Athenian Topography, and various art history, archaeology, and literary topics which relate to the Greek world—Prehistoric Aegean through Classical, Byzantine, and Modern. They are supported by scholarships from MCLL, Marton Marko, Assistant Professor - After
Classics, and The College Year in Athens. They are meeting as a German conversation group in recent the first UM-M students who have participated in years, an assembly of students in the department and this exciting and long-established program of study. campus-wide involved with things German and Central European are currently working to formalize Matthew Semanoff, Assistant Professor - During
the German Club as a recognized ASUM-sponsored organization. The German Club will keep the Environment in Classical Antiquity will be offered department updated on developments toward official as a sophomore seminar. In this class, students will status and events which it will host during the fall explore how Greeks and Romans interacted with the and in the coming spring semester. Planned world around them, how they described that world in happenings for the fall thus far include a soccer prose, poetry, and other art, how they explained that match with the Cercle Francophone and a winter world, and how they used it to explain themselves. holiday party Central European-style toward the end Sources will include the poetry of Homer, Hesiod, of the semester. We are also hoping to host a Euripides, Lucretius, Virgil, and Ovid as well as the German poetry slam where students, faculty, and all Natural Philosophy of the Pre-Socratics, Aristotle, interested can feature their own compositions in Theophrastus, and Pliny the Elder. Topics covered German or the share some of their German-language over the semester will be: cosmogony, deforestation, favorites. A German film series is also in the evolution, famine, pre-industrial peasant economy, planning for the spring semester. In the meanwhile, human interaction with the landscape through the German conversation group will continue its weekly meetings Tuesday evenings at 6:00 pm at Bear’s Brew Café at 1221 Helen Avenue, a block In A Reading and Discussion Series on Jewish west of campus. Students, faculty, staff, and Literature I will be facilitating discussions on five members of the local community are all welcome and encouraged to attend! If anyone is interested in commentaries and testimonies by other Peruvian planning collaborative events or would like more writers. The journal Literal Latin American Voices general information about what the German Club is published translations of my poems and the Mexican up to this fall, please contact German Club advisor journal, Tragaluz (Guadalajara, México) included my article on the famous Spanish poet María Victoria Atencia (“Debajo de cualquier belleza yace dormido un león”) in its summer issue. From August 9-17, I was the guest writer at the Casa de Poesía Silva in Bogotá, Colombia, as part of their Ona Renner-Fahey, Assistant Professor - Russian
celebration of their 20th anniversary. Throughout the Club has begun its weekly Conversation Table. year, they will invite poets and critics from several Students, faculty, and any interested community Spanish American countries to discuss the current members are welcome to drop in. All levels are state of poetry in the Spanish speaking world. My welcome. Russian Conversation Table is held at activities as guest writer included several poetry World of Wings (WOW) across the foot bridge readings in institutions like the Casa de Poesía Silva (August 10), Universidad de las Américas (August 14), Universidad Nacional (August 16), and in the city of Santa Marta (August 11), where I also gave a poetry Workshop on August 12. My visit ended with an academic presentation on contemporary Peruvian Maria Bustos, Professor - Everything OK here in
poetry entitled: “Poesía peruana entre la tradición y Argentina. I am preparing the course I will start in a la orfandad,” on August 17 at the Casa de Poesía couple of weeks in Salta (three hours from Tucuman where I am staying) and then in November I will teach a graduate seminar in Tucuman itself. At the Clary Loisel, Associate Professor - As part of the
same time I have gotten in touch with a research MCLL Study Abroad Program, I will serve as the group called "Pensamiento Argentino" which is director (from the Spanish Section) and take twelve formed by professors from the Universidad Nacional students to Oaxaca, Mexico, for the spring semester de Tucuman and some graduate students. My 2007. All students will attend classes at the Instituto goodness! These people are really informed on theory and many recent publications. So, far I have gone to only one of their meetings but I am already Kelly Noe, Lecturer - Last week many
impressed at their level of discussions. So overall I representatives from the University of Montana am having a very good and enriching experience participated in a three-day, three-city promotional tour visiting several high schools in Montana. Professor of French, Chris Anderson, and Lecturer Next week I will be attending a meeting on Social of Spanish, Kelly Noe, represented the Department Anthropology in Salta where people from all over of Modern and Classical Languages and Literatures. Latin American are coming. I was not aware of this The tour began in Helena, then went to Livingston, meeting so I did not send any abstract or prepare and concluded in Billings. Faculty and staff taught anything but I will attend, some of the people I know classes to Montanan high school students, hoping to here have recommended this meeting so I will go motivate them to continue their studies at the college or university level. One focus of the tour was to communicate to Montanans that low-to-moderate Well, I will keep you posted on my activities here. income students with a desire to get a college Please do not hesitate to contact me if the education can find affordable ways to attend the department or the section needs anything from me. I University of Montana. For the UM representatives, am not on sabbatical!! So students are welcome to one of the tour’s highlights was boarding the 1950’s contact me and "use" me if necessary. rail car, the Silver Cloud, in Helena and riding through the scenic Montana countryside to the Eduardo Chirinos, Associate Professor - This was
historical train depot at Livingston. Not only did the a very productive summer for me. The 25th Silver Cloud Train Tour benefit high school anniversary edition of my first poetry book, students, but it also cemented new and old Cuadernos de Horacio Morell, (Lima: Editorial Estruendo Mudo / Universidad Sedes Sapientiae) came out in May. This hard cover edition includes not only my own drawings, but also critical


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