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Special Purim
Purim and Parody
Like all the festivals of the Jewish calendar, Purim as we know it today is the product of a long history of development. Ostensibly a commemoration of national deliverance from danger, we should have expected solemn ceremonies of An exceptional passage in the "Bavli", the thanksgiving such as characterise Passover and Hanukkah. Babylonian Talmud, (Hullin 139b) serves as a model for The victory over Haman is, however, distinguished by a subsequent "Purim-Torah" - that is, playfully using some of unique mood of high-spirited frivolity, coloured by high the far-fetched methods of Talmudic logic and Biblical alcoholic content and a general tendency to make light of exegesis in order to reach absurd conclusions. matters which would be treated more reverently at other From these Talmudic beginnings we can trace the development of a whole genre of Purim parodies, wherein The earliest descriptions of Purim celebrations, from the Jews would affectionately poke fun at the world of Talmud Second Temple and Mishnaic eras, offer no indication of the and halakhah. From the 12th century, Jews in Italy, irreverence that we associate with the festival. The emphasis southern France (Provence) and elsewhere were producing is on the formal reading of the Scroll of Esther, which was to parodies on the Talmud, liturgy and other familiar pillars of be conducted with great care and seriousness. The events of the Megillah are interpreted as reflections of the Particularly among German Jews there also developed the religious behaviour of the Jews of the time, and within the institution of the "Purim-shpiel," a rowdy play on the Megillah context of broader historical themes, especially the destruction story (or other theme) traditionally performed on Purim. To of the First Temple and the beginnings of the building of the German Jewry we also owe the adoption of the Second (which the Rabbis believed was delayed by Hamantasch, an adaptation of the German mahn-tash ("poppy-pocket") pastry, given a new meaning for the It was the Jews of Babylonia who seem to have introduced some of the more frivolous customs into the observance of In our observance of Purim we are thus drawing from a long Purim. Two main factors can be traced to the Babylonian line of historical precedents and developments. ***************************************************************************
Ha Ha Ha.
Purim is fun because you can drink and drink and
A man is having a problem with his son and goes to see his drink until.
rabbi. "I sent him to Hebrew School and gave him a very 10. You hold a volume of the Babylonian Talmud upside down, expensive Bar Mitzvah," says the man, "and now he tells me thinking “Hey, they finally decoded the human genome!” he's decided to be a Christian! Rabbi, where did I go wrong?" "Funny you should come to me," said the Rabbi. "I also 7. You ask people how many candles they lit last night. brought my boy up in the faith and gave him a fancy Bar 6. You begin speaking Yiddish with a Sephardic accent. Mitzvah. Then one day he, too, tells me he's decided to 5. You've drunk Mr Schon under the table. 4. You begin singing Shoshanat Yaakov to the tune of "How "So what did you do?" asked the man. "I turned to God for the answer" replied the Rabbi. 3. You begin to encourage Jack Gottleib to make more noise "And what did he say?" pressed the man. "God said, 'Funny you should come to me.'" 2. Leibish Schachna gets an aliyah. without a hat! 1. Hersh Ya'acov releases they golden key to the whisky Eternal Jewish Truths from "Bubbie's Talmud"
- The optimist sees the bagel, the pessimist sees the hole. - If you can't say something nice, say it in Yiddish. Kosher for Passover: Everything you need to
- If it tastes good, it's probably not kosher. - One mitzvah can change the world; two will just make you 1) Clear all family members, pets, and valuables from the - Never take a front-row seat at a Bris. 2) From a safe distance, ignite a suitable incendiary device - No meal is complete without leftovers. 3) When the fire dies down, collect the insurance money, WHO AM I ???????
build a new house and restock the kitchen. Your kitchen will now be kosher for Pesach, with all hametz purged by fire. Note: You will have to tovel (immerse in a - Followed by what Benyomin, Laibl, Shimon and Akiva have mikva) any new metal or ceramic utensils that you buy. in common (Besides being members of the Boys Minyan!) If that doesn't work, then pack up and go to Marysville and It’s Purim - Next is second last in Elkus


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