Ear Candling
Concept facial
This is a customised facial that begins with a grounding foot bath followed by A fantastic way to reduce build up of pressure around your ears, nose & relaxing warm oil Infusion for the back. The journey of aromas is complemented face. The treatment stimulates the circulatory & lymphatic systems thus with uplifting therapeutic massage and Lymphatic stretching. Balinese Body aiding the body’s own immunity. The warmth of the candle creates a Palming creates synergy for this remarkable and holistic gentle vacuum which draws wax, other secretions & debris from the ear Experience that transforms the look and feel of the skin. canal. Ear Candling is a very relaxing, non-invasive treatment. Purifying Deep Cleansing Facial 60MIN
Cleanse and detoxify congested or imbalanced skin. Purification begins with gentle exfoliation for the pores and deep cleansing mud therapy. Powerful plant A great start to your Lotus Day Spa Experience
extracts Of birch, vetiver, burdock and juniper effectively balance excess oil SPA BATH:
production, reducing Inflammation, congestion and break outs. Skin will feel Enjoy the relaxing, soothing & gentle massaging effects of the warm spa STEAM ROOM:
Relaxing in a steam room is a great way to unwind & relieve stress. A Aromatic hydrating facial
perfect, soothing atmosphere for calming your mind. Customised for dry and devitalised skin that is lacking moisture. Gentle exfolia- tion, restorative claysAnd nourishing oils high in essential fatty acids encour- Great for enhancing detoxification. Opens pores to allow deep seated grime & dead skin cells to be flushed out, creating a beautiful healthy estoring normal function to the skin. Skin will be supple with improved elasticity Our day spa is one of relaxation & harmony. Please wear clothes you find Uspa mini facial 30MIN
A beautiful cleanses and exfoliate for those of need in a refresh and focused on uplifting the skin, for a natural glow and hydration. Perfect a special event, Out of consideration to others we require a minimum of 24hrs notice if teenagers or just a special pamper for you. you need to change or cancel your appointment. If less then 24hrs no- tice is given 50% of the treatment cost applies. Men’s Moroccan Facial
If less than 2hrs notification is given or you miss your appointment we A stress relieving Indian Head and Shoulder massage accompanies the facial will have to charge you the full treatment price. designed Specifical y for men’s skin. A holistic facial with scalp massage and Balinese Body Palming to bring about total balance and well being. The emphasis of these facials is on gentle hand massage to the face to to The Lotus Day Spa
enhance relaxation resulting in softer, smoother skin texture.Imagine it!
Traditional Balinese Massage 75min
Organic Coco Cream Wrap 60 min $85 L
Balinese Massage provides a complete sensory experience by combining Therapeutic dry brushing prepares the skin for a luxurious blend of warm techniques of palming, kneading, stretching and pressure points. organic coco cream and coconut oil infused with vanilla and bergamot. With exotic oils encourages well being and prepares the skin for an exfo- Hot stone massage
Relax in a warm wrap of natural cloth for an uplifting face and scalp And purifying turmeric infused with jasmine and hibiscus. Relax while the Feel yourself relax, let the stress melt away as you feel the heated massage with. After a warm foot massage, the blend is further smoothed scalp is massage with pure organic coconut oil to give richness to the stones glide across your body. As the heat penetrates, tight knotted in to reveal highly nourished and protected skin. hair. Choose a rich Organic Coco Cream or Lu’lur Moisturiser for the body. Subtle balancing with Sacred Tamanu Anointing Oil with pure jas- Hot Oil Elixir
mine brings a natural glow with a face massage to complete the journey. Deep Tissue Massage 60min
A firmer massage for the relief of tension, aches & pains. Loosens fi- bring about well being. Begin with a grounding foot bath then Follows a brous thickening around the joints to keep them mobile. therapeutic dry brushing, The warm customised oil blend is rhythmically Body ritual treatment
smoothed into the skin. Wrapped for warmth in natural cloth, a meditative Prepare your mind and body as you indulge in the warmth cleanse of the Lymphatic massage 60min
therapeutic steam room . begin with a Bamboo Body This specialised massage with dry brushing and drainage techniques Polish to exfoliate and revitalise skin. Followed with a Rejuvenating body helps to detoxify the body. Removes toxins and reduces swelling by Wrap to purify and restore the skin with herbal extracts and minerals. Aloe and Green Tea Linen Wrap
Therapeutic dry brushing stimulates sluggish circulation systems,. The Cloth for an Essential Facial and Balinese Body Palming. Full body mas- Swedish massage 60min
A relaxing massage to put your mind and body at ease. Help you to slip skin, smoothed on in a blend of warm oil and soothing aloe gel. Wrapped away from daily tension. Promotes a wonderful feeling of wellbeing and for warmth, relax with Balinese Body Palming and restorative face mas- A Day in the Life
Begin jour journey in the aromas of oak as you relax your body in the sauna. Become grounded as your body receives dry brushing and a Cof- Organic Coffee Body Scrub
fee and Sea Kelp Body Scrub for uplifting exfoliation. This then be fol- Special focus massage 30min
sea kelp. Infused into fine ground pumice with uplifting grapefruit. Fol- This 30 min massage will concentrate on your most pressing needs. soak in Mandi Susu Rose foot Bath with a traditional Indian head massage. lowed with aromatherapy Oil for smooth and nourished skin. Barefoot indulgence
into the skin for a full body wrap creating the ultimate in nourished and Bamboo Body Polish
Sit back and relax as your feet are socked n a warm spa. Release the Revitalising exfoliation for the whole body with ginseng, ginkgo and bam- tension as your feet and calves are exfoliated and massaged with a An individually prescribed Uspa facial will transform the look and feel of blend of herbs and elixirs to sooth and refresh those tired aching feet. and regenerative extracts. Completed with a Balinese body massage for dead skin ad leave the body hydrated and glowing Kids massage 15min
kids store tension and stress to. Treat the kids to a massage. Relaxing Back Rejuvenation 60MIN
Gentle exfoliation with refreshing bamboo and ginseng followed by deep cleansing mud therapy and active botanicals to restore this neglected area to nourish and soften. Highly relaxing massage improves circulation and reduces stress; the back will be purified, smooth and hydrated.


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