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Colorado Mesa University Outdoor Program Brazil Gear List
Use this to do a last minute Check!
MARK YOUR INITIALS ON ALL BELONGINGS. This really helps when doing laundry.
EQUIPMENT ___ Internal frame Backpack big enough to hold all your gear. ___ Duffel bag for leaving extra gear in hotels and to cover you main pack. ___ Smaller, lightweight day pack or fanny pack. (may be part of your big pack) ___ Sitting pad. CLOTHING - (including what you are wearing) ___ 1 pair of sturdy, well broken in hiking boots or sturdy shoes. ___ 1 pair sandals or tennis shoes ___ 3 pairs of socks (two pair should be wool or synthetic) ___ 1 pair of thin, synthetic liner socks highly recommended for preventing blisters ___ 1 pair pants – lighter weight, synthetic fabric or wool (jeans are discouraged) ___ 1 pair shorts – synthetic/nylon/quick-dry are great for travel ___ 3 pairs of underwear (1 pair of poly) ___ 1 lightweight short-sleeved shirts ___ 1 swimsuit ___ 1 pair long underwear top and bottoms - polypro, silk, or polartec ___ 1 medium to heavy weight top layer - wool sweater or fleece ___ 1 waterproof rain jacket and pants ___ 1 wide-brimmed hat for sun, rain and fashion ___ 1 warm hat, fleece or wool, for chilly nights ___ Gaiters ESSENTIALS ___ 2 sturdy water bottles (Nalgene) ___ Water purification tablets ___ First-aid kit (see 1st aid check list) ___ Small roll of duct tape ___ Swiss Army type pocketknife with bottle opener, corkscrew and scissors ___ Spare glasses or contact lenses and a copy of your optical prescription ___ Flip-flops (for relaxing or for communal showers and bathrooms) ___ 12ft of cord for all sorts of things or a couple of 6ft straps ___ Head lamp with extra batteries and bulb ___ Sewing kit ___ Phrasebook ___ 1 gallon-size zip-loc freezer bags to pack clothes, money, etc. ___ Sunglasses, 100% UV blocking ___ Leave expensive jewelry, watches, etc. at home ___ Sunscreen and lip protection with at least SPF 15 ___ Bandana ___ Watch with alarm ___ Toilet paper in a zip-loc bag ___ Small towel ___ Purell ___ Toiletry items (soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, sanitary supplies) ___ Headlamp or flashlight with extra batteries and bulb (just in case you forgot the first time) ___ Money belt ___ Passport and International Student ID Card ___ 2 photocopies of the above – one to keep separate from your passport and one for the trip leader ___ Plane Ticket ___ Travel Insurance ___ Tampons – they are not common outside major cities ___ Small calculator for converting money ___ Spending money for food, souvenirs, etc. (Cash is easier than travelers checks for where we’l be.) SECURITY RESTRICTIONS AT AIRPORTS – DO NOT travel with pocket knives, lighters, or any sharp objects! Make getting through security checkpoints quicker and easier by not carrying any metal objects on your person. FIRST-AID KIT ___ Aspirin or Ibuprofen ___ Antihistamine (Benadryl) ___ Antibiotics (make sure to carry the prescription with you) ___ Pepto-Bismol ___ Imodium or Lomotil ___ Rehydration solution (for severe diarrhea) ___ Calamine lotion (for irritation from bites and stings) ___ Bandages and band-aids ___ Double Antibiotic Ointment ___ Gold Bond Medicated Powder ___ Hydrocortisone Topical ___ Scissors, tweezers and alcohol thermometer ___ Insect repellent ___ Sunblock (15+) ___ Bag Balm for cracked heels ___ Contraceptives ___ Moleskin (for blisters) ___ Personal Medication (with prescription) ___ Cold and Flu tablets (Sudafed) OVERNIGHT TREKS ___ Food and Snacks ___ Cooking, eating and drinking utensils (Lightweight spoon, fork, and cup) ___ Matched, fire striker or lighter ___ Portable stove (will buy fuel in country) ___ Sewing/repair kit ___ Sleeping bag ___ Sleeping pad ___ Tent (pair up with someone) ___ Water purification tablets, iodine or filter OPTIONAL ITEMS ___ Altimeter ___ Backpack cover (waterproof, slip-on) ___ Binoculars ___ Camera, film and batteries ___ GPS ___ Groundsheet (lightweight) ___ Travel alarm clock ___ Trekking poles


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