MONDAY JUNE 24th Registration
Richard Parish Welcome
John Wyn Owen - Royal Society for Public Health Address
Shona McCarthy & Dr Eddie Rooney - UK City of Culture 2013 – An Opportunity to Improve the Health & Wellbeing of the Population
David Leventhal - Dance for Parkinson’s: Access and transformation through movement, music, and community
1C Promoting synergies in arts, health, and
economics: a report on the Public
Engagement Foundation, CASE-funded
1B Culture and the Social Determinants of programme networking three arts for health
1A Dance and Parkinson's Disease
Wellbeing Debate
research initiatives
Chair: David Leventhal; Speakers: Daphne
Chair: Richard Parish Speakers: John Wyn
Chair: Stephen Clift; Speakers: Josie Billington,
1D Creativity Works: Journaling for Creative Reflection and
Cushnie, Amanda Fogg, Anna Gillespie, Sara Owen, Shona McCarthy, Eddie Rooney, Clive Gavin Clayton, Nick de Viggiani, David McDaid, Wellbeing
Workshop Leader: Helen Moore
1E National and
1L Arts in Healthcare
Regional Arts and
1F Arts and work
1H Moving, being and
1K Participatory
settings Patient
Health Policy in
based health and
being moved: an
practice with people participation and the
1M The arts and
Australia, Norway and leadership
1I Research: Arts
1J Tiny Monuments – with learning
women in prison in
Chair: Paul Camic;
and mental health
d s and Art
South Africa, USA, UK
Chair:Deborah Munt;
Speakers: Robin
1G 'Handling
Chair: Mike White;
Connecting People
Chair: Sue Isherwood; Chair: Alex Coulter;
Chair: Persephone
Speakers: Margunn
Speakers: Jenny
Workshop Leader:
Speakers: Stephen
Speakers: Meroë
Sextou Speakers:
Workshop Leader:
Workshop Leader:
Clarke, Simone Flavelle, Candy, Victoria Jones, 1N City of Culture,
1U The use of the arts
Derry Londonderry;
1T Mental Health,
in cancer care
Arts and Health in
1O Museums and
Chair: Jane
1V Participitory arts
1S ‘More Poetry than Performance and
Willis;Speakers: Ruth and older people
Chair:Deborah Munt;
Chair: Paul Camic;
1P Ethical issues in
1R Understanding
Prozac, More Fiction Participant Voice
Chair: Clive Parkinson;
Speakers: Brendan
Speakers:Liz Ellis, &
Arts based health
participatory arts and than Therapy’
Chair: Gavin Clayton;
Speakers: Veronica
1Q Knittifi
health practice, Chair: Workshop Leader:
Speakers: Tony
Wendy Gallagher, Carol Workshop Leader:
Workshop Leader: Ali Mike White; Speakers: Casi Dylan & Josie
1W Drinks reception Bristol Museum and Art Gallery - Welcome by Mayor of Bristol - viewing Pharaoh: King of Egypt exhibition
TUESDAY JUNE 25th Registration
Professor Gabriel Scally Welcome
Sizzle Ohtaka performs 'Tin Saguna Hana'
The Right Honourable Lord Howarth of Newport
Dr Kate Wells - “The umpundulu bird kicked her” Rural craftswomen of the Siyazama Project reveal a range of pervasive and often perilous behaviours in Zulu culture in 2013
Performance of 'Bewitched' by Ian Wilson
2A Japan - Creative Approaches to the Care
of Older People 'A Paradigm Shift from the Era 2B Wellbeing - Research and Practice in the
UK and New Zealand
Global Health Inequalities and Culture - Participatory Practice in 2D Shadow into Light: Creative Intervention
Chair: Alex Coulter; Speakers:Karin Diamond; Chair: Gabriel Scally; Speakers: Gabriel Scally,
Research and Public Health Chair: Mike White; Speakers: Ally-Kebby
in Bereavement Workshop Leaders: Gillian
Oonagh Corrigan, Lucy D'Aeth & Sue Turner Lunch - Viewing posters - Re-Live Experiential workshops 2E Japan - Creative
Approaches to the

2F Research - Health, 2G The Cancer
2J Culture and Health
2L The Arts and
Care of Older People senses and the
Journey: a Cross-
- Access, Engagement, 2K Evaluation
vulnerable children
Chair:Alex Coulter;
cultural object
2I Singing and
demystified: How to and young people
Speakers: Bernardo
Chair:Paul Camic;
Chair:Deborah Munt;
be confident, credible Chair:Sue Isherwood; 2M Healthy and
Speakers: Lynn
2H Bringing
Chair: Gavin Clayton;
Speakers: Rachel
and creative
Speakers:; Nick de
Creative Ageing
Creativity to Life
Speakers: Evan
Chair:Jane Willis;
Chair:Clive Parkinson;
Workshop Leader:
Workshop Leader:
Dawson, Ian Morrison, Alastair Roy, Julie Speakers: Elaine
Speakers: Susan
2O The arts and
residential care for

2P Discussing Death
2N Arts and Health in older people in the
and Dying Creatively
Australia and China - UK and Finland
2Q Music for Life, A
2R The arts and
2S Artist led research 2T Arts and children 2U Creativity in arts 2V The arts and
with a focus on chronic Chair: Alex Coulter
workshop is not suitable creative music
medical practitioners
Chair:Norma Daykin
in hospital
and health provision dementia
disease Chair:Mike Speakers: Mari
Chair: Bill Boa
Speakers: Sheelagh
Chair:Sue Isherwood
Chair: Jane Willis
Chair: Clive Parkinson
White Speakers: ;
Workshop Leader:
Speakers: Susan Cox, Broderick, Bonnie
Speakers: Yvonne
Speakers: Elaine
Speakers: Victoria
Workshop Leader:
Fiona Hamilton, Anne
Helen Nikolas, Jing Sun Casey, Pia Strandman Olwen Minford 2X1 Waterside 3 18.00 - 19.30 'Provocations' - Chair: Gavin Clayton
2Y Waterside 2 18.00 - 19.00 Re-Live present 'Age'
Speakers: Jo Broadwood; Lisa Dowler and Cath Hawkins; Caroline Ellis-
An exciting and thought-provoking theatre performance by a dynamic and Hil & Catherine Lamont-Robinson; William House; Susan Oman; Fionagh daring group of older people. Come and bear witness to the pioneers of our 2W City Hall 18.30 - 21.30 Arts & Health South West Awards
dinner; Presentations by shortlisted organisations, Performance by poet
Karen Hayes and dance performance by Inner Ground Dance Company, 2X2 Waterside 3 20.00 - 21.00 Performance of Delirium by Victoria
2Z Waterside 2 19.30 - 21.00 Film Showing 'Blood Makes Noise'
Cornwall Cost £35 for AHSW members; £45 for non-members
intro and Q&A with film maker Peter Snelling WEDNESDAY JUNE 26th Registration - Bristol Wellbeing Choir
Jane Willis Welcome
Margret Meagher - The Future of Arts and Health is in Our Hands
Mike White - Arts Development in Community Health – a small-scale global phenomenon
World Café ‘What needs to happen in the next five years to build a
3A Research workshop - Museums and Health - the Age Collective - World Café ‘What needs to happen in the next five years to build a
thriving international arts and health sector? Workshop Leader: Harvinder Bahra
thriving international arts and health sector? World Café ‘What needs to happen in the next five years to build a
3B Research Workshop: Artlines
World Café ‘What needs to happen in the next five years to build a
thriving international arts and health sector? Workshop Leader: Langley Brown
thriving international arts and health sector? 3C International Panel - Chair: Jane Willis - Susan Cox, Canada; Helen Currier, USA; Herbeth Fondevilla, Japan; Margret Meagher, Australia; Clive Parkinson, UK; Jill Sonke, East Africa; Pia Strandman, Europe;



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C Viboud, P Boëlle, S Cauchemez, et al Risk factors of influenza transmission in households Cécile Viboud, Pierre-Yves Boëlle, Simon Cauchemez, Audrey Lavenu, Alain-Jacques Valleron, Introduction Background: Influenza transmission in households is a subject of renewed interest, as the vaccination of children is currently under debate and antiviral treatments have been approved fo

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