- Position update rate: 1 Hz, 5Hz optional - Re-acquisition time: <1 second typical - 32 MB Flash Memory non-volatile data storage - 2 Serial input/output ports (configurable, - Rechargeable Lithium-ion Polymer battery, 10 - Internal battery charger accepts 10 to 28 VDC GeoMapper and GeoID Software:
- Displays information in multiple datums - Designed to meet IP65 Ingress Protection - Automatic and advanced post-processing - Operating temperature: -20°C to 60°C - Dimensions 20 cm x 8.5 cm x 3.5 cm (7" 7/8 x Optional Upgrades:
Typical Post-Processing Accuracy:
- Static 10 cm CEP without initialization Note: Al specifications subject to change. 2004 DataGrid, Inc. Al rights reserved. DataGrid, GeoID, GeoAssist, GeoMapper, and the DataGrid Globe logo are trademarks of DataGrid, Inc. Al other product and brand names are trademarks of their respective holders.
Mk1 Data Col ector: The optimal choice for professional GPS The heart of the Mk1 GPS/Datacol ector system by DataGrid is an optimized L1 carrierphase GPS receiver/antenna/postprocessing software combination able to deliver positions to better than 2 cm accuracy at one measurement per second while in motion. Accuracy of better than 1 mm can be achieved after 10 minutes of data col ection when static. DataGrid managed to achieve this state-of-the-art performance using a single frequency receiver which in combination with a “smart” Lithium battery is the secret behind the handheld Mk1’s smal dimensions, light weight, and long battery life. These advances have also al owed DataGrid to of er the Mk1 system at a competitive price.
The Mk1 system can be configured as your own base station making you independent of any third party provider of reference station data. This system also al ows you to make “on the spot” postprocessing without the need to wait for the reference data. This “on the spot” processing al ows you to check the quality of the In addition to the high GPS accuracy and convenience of your own base station, you get the ability to col ect data from two external analog ports and one serial port and store the data in the Mk1’s 32 MB internal flash memory. This is ideal for col ection of GIS data and you also get what we believe is the easiest to use and most rugged high precision GPS on the market. This is a optimal choice for many GIS applications that do not require the cm-range high precision of carrierphase GPS. The Mk1 of ers unrivaled versatility and ease of use in the most rugged high The Mk1 has proven itself while measuring the motion of glaciers in Terra del Fuego at some of the lowest temperatures on Earth near the Antarctic and in the harsh environment on snow-scooters above the artic circle. It performed equal y wel at some of the Earth's highest temperatures in the jungles of Central America, high and low in the Mojave Desert, its native Florida, and at sea.



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