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P I A D E H N E __________________________________________________ Born in Düsseldorf , Germany, Pia Dehne received her Master of Fine Arts from and studied 1988 -1994 under Professor Markus Lüpertz at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf in Germany.
Dehne later lived in Berlin, and after her second solo exhibition at Gallery Achim Kubinski there in 1999 she moved to New York.
She currently lives and works in the Catskills, NY.
2008 New Jersey Museum " Why Paint ? " Artist Talk with Pia Dehne and Billy Miller discussing the commitment to painting in the age of the internet, multimedia, and instant image making.
2004 - 2009 Guest Artist for St.Olaf's New York Interim Program.
2001 Sam Samore and Pia Dehne discussed the relationship of photography and painting in the 20. Century, at the International Center of Photography (ICP) , NY 2011 November NY Art Beat, Pick off the day ( Dec. 10 ) 2011 November Standart Culture ( http://standardculture.com/posts/5497-Pia-Dehne-Shows-Tonight-standard-staff ) 2010 Hunt & Chase Catalog, July 2010, Salomon Contemporary, NY 2010 Watermill Summer Benefit, Paradiso, July 2010, South Hampton, NY 2010 July Top Magazine Issue Nr.2 , Interview / Feature 2010 June 24 - July 1 Rende - Vouz at webSNYradio ( http://droitdecites.org/2009/10/02/pia-dehne-sur-websynradio-24-juin-1-juillet/ ) 2010 July Top Magazine Issue Nr.2 , Interview / Feature 2010 June Artslant, Review / Critic Pick ( www.artslant.com/ny/articles/picklist#p17063 ) 2010 Eve of Destruction Catalog, June 2010, NY 2010 For Your Eyes Only Catalog, April 2010, Brussels, Belgium 2009 April NY Art Beat, Artist Interview ( www.nyartbeat.com/nyablog/2008/04/country-love/ ) 2008 June Visionaries Magazine ( V ), Feature the project " I want to ride my bicycle".
2006 Oct. Flesh Records, a CD/Audio with fifteen tracks from artists 2004 May Paper Magazine, Feature of the project " Naked City " 2003 Jan. Art Berlin Book Publishing " Im so happy I could die " SOLO EXHIBITIONS 2011 Vanishing Act, Charles Bank Gallery, NY 2005 Bed Bad Beyond, Haswellediger & Co.Gallery, NY 2003 I ’m so Happy I could die, Laura Mars Group, Berlin, Germany 2003 I’m so happy I could die, Book launch and one day show, John Connelly Presents, NY 2002 Nancy , Galerie Achim Kubinski, Berlin, Germany 1999 Malerei, Galerie Achim Kubinski, Berlin, Germany 2011 Die Like You Really Mean It, curated by Frank Webster and Paul Brainard, Allegra LaViola Gallery, NY 2011 View of Outer Space from an Aquarium, curated by Billy Miller, Famous Accountants, Brooklyn, NY 2010 Lost Horizon, curated by Billy Miller, Exile Art, Berlin. Germany 2010 Plank Road, Salomon Contemporary, NY 2010 Hunt and Chase, curated by James Salomon and Beth Rudin DeWoody, Salomon Contemporary Warehouse, East Hampton, NY 2010 For Your Eyes Only, curated by Hans Theys, DeMarkten, Brussels, Belgium 2009 I want some sugar in my bowl, curated by Jenny Schlenzka, Anat Egbi and Terence Koh, ASS Gallery, NY 2008 Skin, Autoversion LTD, NY 2007 I like to watch, The Canal Chapter, curated by C.Lee &C.McCormick, NY 2006 Flesh Records, Haswellediger & Co Gallery, NY 2005 Manhattan, Papermag, curated by Carol Lee, NY 2005 Art Parade, Deitch Projects, NY 2005 Red, White, Blue, Spencer Brownstone, NY 2004 Draw, Galerie du jour Agnes b, Paris, France 2004 Catholic No1, Gallery Claska,Tokyo, Japan 2004 Phiiliip devided by lightning, Deitch Projects ,Brooklyn 2004 subversiv,sexy,und stilvoll, Galerie im Stadtmuseum, Jena, Germany 2003 December Group Exhibition, Patrick Heide Art Projects, London 2003 Catholic No.1, Guild & Greyshkul, NY 2003 What about New York, Galerie du jour Agnes b, Paris, France 2003 Subversiv, sexy und stilvoll, Galerie M.Wewerka, Berlin, Germany

Source: http://daysonearth.net/Pia_Dehne_CV.pdf


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