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Typical EMI Trip Packing List

Note: For all of these items, check with your project leader for specifics about your trip. This list is
meant to be generic – keep in mind the climate you will be traveling to and the type of work you will
be doing. You may need to bring additional items and some of these items may not be needed.
Information contained in your trip packet including a copy of your travel medical insurance card
On most trips casual wear is acceptable. Modesty is always important for both genders in developing
countries. You will need lightweight, loose fitting clothing. Typically conservative dress is the best bet.
o T-Shirts

Ask your project leader if you need to bring sheets, a pillow case, sleeping bag, air mattress, or mosquito
netting. Earplugs can also be helpful.
Although your project leader will carry a first aid kit for emergencies, you should bring your own supply of
useful medicines. Warning Imodium type diarrhea medicine can be very harmful in some places.

Design Equipment
You should bring whatever you will need to complete your field study.
Coordinate w/ project leader and team members.

Miscellaneous Equipment
o Small

There are often times when food is unavailable. The following are suggested snack items to bring along:
granola bars, jerky, raisins, fig newtons, Gatorade mix (good for hydration), etc.
Packing Tips

1. Pack Light: Travel in developing countries is very stressful with a lot of luggage.
You should try to be as flexible and mobile as possible since you will be carrying your bags and survey equipment everywhere. The list above should be honed down to the things you know you’ll need. You can also cut bulk and weight by using travel sized toiletries. Find out from your trip leader if laundry services are available or bring some detergent and plan to do some laundry by hand. 2. Dress Modestly: In many developing nations, men and women cover much more
of their skin and don’t wear form fitting clothing. Also, although clothing like shorts are listed in our packing list, in many countries men don’t wear shorts and women wear only skirts. Please verify with your project leader the dress codes of the country you are visiting. 3. Pack a change of clothes in your carry on: It is possible that luggage could be
delayed or not arrive in country during a stay. With a change of clothes it will be much easier to get by. 4. Bring as little of value as possible: Granted, a laptop might be needed for the
trip. Items of value should always be carried on and kept close. The items in checked baggage could more easily be damaged, lost or stolen… or given to fill a need. Use wisdom in what you bring. 5. Pack smart: Make sure that shampoo bottles aren’t going to open on clothes
(store in separate compartments and/or keep in Ziploc bags). Leave some room if you plan to bring back any souvenirs.


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