Purim is a Jewish holiday observed in celebration of God’s supernatural deliverance of the Jew- ish people from Haman’s genocidal plot to destroy them in the time of Persia’s King Artaxerxes. The holiday was held the 14th of Adar (according to the Jewish calendar) in the unwalled cities and the 15th of Adar in the cities that were walled in the time of Joshua.
Esther called for a nationwide three-day fast preceding her intervention on behalf of the Jewish people. She entered the royal throne room on the third day (see Esther 4:16—5:1). This is the same fast we call for the Church, the spiritual Esther, to intercede once again on behalf of the Jewish people for deliverance from Haman’s plot.
1. During the days of the fast, from sundown on the third day of Passover to sundown on the sixth day, eat or drink absolutely nothing. The only exception is the taking of the 2. If you are not experienced with fasting, it is a good idea to start with one-day fasts the month before you attempt the Esther Fast.
3. You should not fast if you are pregnant or suffering from illness or some other 4. When you complete your fast, come off it gradually. Do not eat meat for the first day and a half after your fast. When you begin to eat, consume light foods such as juices, soup, bread and crackers. Gradually add more protein foods until you are eating normally again at the 5. Be sure to spend extra time praying and reading the Scriptures. This is the purpose of fasting: so that you can devote yourself without reservation to seeking God in prayer. Study the verses given at the end of chapter 5 that deal with Israel’s return to the Land.
6. Be specific in your prayers. You can refer to the Prayer for the Oppressed Jews found in chapter 3 and the list of items for prayer given in the Esther Fast Mandate in chapter 8. You could also contact your Christian friends who are fasting and exchange prayer requests with them. The following is a brief outline of some categories in which to pray: Pray for forgiveness for yourself and also for the sins of your nation as Daniel did Pray for God’s direction in your life and ministry.
Pray for reconciliation in your own personal relationships as well as among groups, Pray specifically about your own ministry in the Body of Christ. Ask God to direct and empower you so that you may be a blessing using the gifts He has given you in ministry Pray so as to deepen your commitment as you yield yourself to the Lord in every area of Genesis 12:1-3; 35:11-12; Jeremiah 23:3-7; 30:10; Ezekiel 20:33-35; 36:17-28 & Isaiah 49:22; 59:21; Jeremiah 31:37; Ezekiel 36; Romans 11:11,12;17,18,25-31; 15:27 & Ephesians 3:6.
General References for Further Study: Deuteronomy 4:27; 28:64a; 30:1-4; 32:26.
Psalm 105:37,42,43; 106:44-47; 122:6; 137:4-6; 147:1,2.
Isaiah 11:10-12; 14:1,2; 27:12,13; 36:8-10; 40:1-5; 41:8-11; 42:22; 43:1,2,6,8,13; 44:3-6; 45:2- 6; 46:3,4; 49:8-10; 51:14; 57: 18;41; 60:4,8,9; 62:4-7,10-12.
Jeremiah 13:16-18; 16:14-16, 23:3,7,8; 30:16,17; 31:7-11,31-34.
Ezekiel 34:11-13,16; 36:8,24-28; 37:12-14; 39:27,28.

Source: http://www.encountersnetwork.com/pdf/dates_of_purim.pdf

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