As a trainer, I search for ways to help clients stay
fit and motivated between our sessions. Many female clients ask about the workout value from dance classes. So off I went to Zumba and belly dancing classes for a first hand experience. Each represents different dance styles, both provide cardiovascular and strengthening with a high fun factor. Requirements: like to dance and have fun.
Being a triathlete, I have high expectations, but in this arena I am outside of my comfort zone.
Group class benefits
• Regular schedules hold you accountable to attend • Classes provide instructor energy, variety of • More economical than one-on-one personal training; Bottom line: I had a great
often offered at health clubs and private studios I was prepared for Zumba to feel like an aerobics class, but off the top it was a sizzling hot Latin dance party.
Described as ‘exercise in disguise’ it’s the next genera- tion of aerobics: combining interval-based training and Latin dance steps in a cool new way. Movements work the whole body, great for weight loss.
Instructor energy is key. Ashley Seaman enthusi- astically led us through a blend of salsa, merengue and hip-hop moves to groovy music that keeps you moving. The all-ladies class had women of all ages and varying fitness levels. Start with a basic class.
I was prepared for
Zumba to feel like
Chemagne (left) teaches Cherilee (right) intricate belly dancing moves.
an aerobics class,
but off the top it was
a sizzling hot Latin
dance party.
Belly dancing
RIB CAGE SLIDE: works abdominals, particularly
Bottom line: Moves are
HIP THRUST: works abductors (outer thighs),
Increase your breast size—without surgery,risk, recovery time or going into debt.
Wishing your breasts were just a little fuller,firmer, or that you had just a little morecleavage, but don’t want to undergosurgery, then NutriBreast—The Physician’s PELVIC LOCK: works pelvic floor
born small-chested or have lost breastvolume from having children, losing weightor simply the natural aging process,NutriBreast will increase breast size.
HOW IT WORKS• NutriBreast is a plant phyto-estrogen andenzyme breast enlargement system thatworks by naturally stimulating the hormonallevels of estrogen, progesterone andprostaglandins in your body, allowingexisting breast cells to expand and createhealthy new breast tissue.
• The pituitary gland sends a signal to theestrogen receptor sites in the breast and HAND WAVE: works arms – triceps,
just as in puberty the breasts will start toreproduce new healthy tissue.
• The formula contains a blend of enzymes that allows the phyto-estrogens to absorbrapidly into the bloodstream.
RESULTS• For the system to be most efficient, yousimply take two capsules twice a day andmassage the phyto-estrogen lotion into thebreast tissue once a day while the skin ismoist. Most women feel an increase infirmness within weeks and by the thirdmonth, they see an increase of about oneinch. After six months, you’ll go up anaverage of half a cup size, and by ninemonths, most women are at least an entirecup size larger.
ADDED BENEFITS• NutriBreast’s other benefits includeclearer skin, stronger hair and nails, and animprovement in menstrual and menopausal BODY WAVE: works spine, including core.
contact their all-female consultant team at 1-888-940-6887


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