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Fix Ur Cat
Low-Cost Cat Spay/Neuter Program Application
Date of Service: ______________
Application & payment must be received 1 week prior to service to confirm
Name: ___________________________________________________________________
Address: __________________________________________________________________
City, State, Zip: _____________________________________________________________
Email: ____________________________________________________________________
Phone where you can be reached during the day in case of questions or emergencies:
Complete all questions below for each cat that you are applying to spay/neuter Sex: … Male … Female Lifestyle of cat: … Indoor … Indoor/Outdoor … Outdoor … Feral …Easy to handle … Difficult to handle Name of Cat: ________________________ Age: ________ Weight: ________ Breed: _________________ Coat: … long …short _____ Color: _________________ Date of Last heat: _________ … Pregnant … Has had a litter If so, when? _________ … On medication If so, type/dose ___________________________ Has your cat been vaccinated? Rabies: … yes … no Distemper: … yes … no When? __________________ Where? ____________________ Other vaccinations and/or tests previously received: _______________________________ Who is your regular vet? :_____________________________________________________ Complete and return your application and check to:
Pat Sphar – 2460 Old Washington Rd. – Pittsburgh, PA 15241
Money orders/checks should be made to: Michelle Bruce/Fix ur Cat
Price list on back
Vaccination records must be brought to the clinic when you bring your cat.
One Cat per secure carrier please. We cannot accept multiple cats in carrier for
their own safety.
Fix ur Cat

This Low-Cost Spay/Neuter Mobile Resource Cat Clinic is sponsored by Animal
Friends. The following costs are subsidized through their program.
Cat Neuter / Spay Surgery package: $35*
(Spay/Neuter, Rabies Vaccination, Flea and Ear Mite treatment where indicated,
Pregnancy Termination, In-Heat Spay, and Eartip if indicated)
Other Vaccinations / Services:
Distemper (FVRCP)
Booster will be required via your own vet Booster will be required via your own vet Transportation Charge if being ferried by Fix ur Cat to Animal Friends: $5 *Clients should be financially prepared for extra services that may be needed. Please make us aware of any concerns you have about your pet when you make your appointment. Vaccinations If owners do not want a rabies vaccine to be administered to their pet, they must provide a current copy of the animal’s rabies vaccine certificate. Animals considered for surgery Animals not considered for surgery Nasal Pre-Surgery Fasting Instructions

Cats 5 months of age and older should have food and water pulled at
midnight the night prior to surgery.

Kittens 4 months of age and younger should eat a small meal and drink
water at 5:30 a.m. the morning of surgery. Food and water should be pulled at
6 a.m.

Trapped cats should receive food and water in the trap as per the above
schedule. Trapped animals should be kept in a cool, dry, quiet location until
delivered for surgery.


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