Allgemeine geschäftsbedingungen (agb) campingpark gitzenweiler hof ohg

General Terms and Conditions (AGB) Campingpark Gitzenweiler Hof OHG 1) Scope of regulations
These terms and conditions regulate the mutual rights and responsibilities of the guest and the Campingpark
Gitzenweiler Hof OHG in Lindau-Gitzenweiler. The contractual services of the Camping Park are performed based on
the current valid offers, descriptions and price information contained in the price lists valid for the period of travel.
Telephone information, additional agreements or other assurances of whatever kind must be confirmed in writing to be
valid and can only form part of the contract on written confirmation by the Campingpark Gitzenweiler Hof OHG.

2) Booking
Bookings can as a rule be made by telephone in the period from Monday to Sunday, 9.00 a.m. to 12.00 noon and 2.30
p.m. to 6.00 p.m., or by fax or email or during reception opening hours.
On registration or booking, the guest is making a binding offer to agree a camping contract. This contract does not
become legally enforceable until its acceptance in writing by Campingpark Gitzenweiler Hof OHG for the period and
for the number of persons given. There is no claim to assignment of a particular pitch or a particular area, although
requests may be made.

3) Group travel
Groups of 10 or more persons are accepted only after prior registration. Groups that are not part of a camping club or
association cannot be accommodated. For groups, one member of the group is to be available as the authorised
responsible contact person on site for the Campingpark Gitzenweiler Hof OHG.

4) Young people
Stays by young people under the age of 18 years are permitted only if accompanied by a guardian to whom the
parents of the accompanying young people have transferred parental rights and duties and responsibility. A
corresponding written document from the parents must be presented.

5) Duration of hire
For Season A (the months of July and August, as well as public holidays and long weekends), a booking with an
advance deposit paid immediately should be made in good time. This also applies to the comfort class spaces for the
rest of the year. For the months of July and August, a minimum booked period of five nights with a flexible day of
arrival applies to standard spaces and a minimum booked period of seven nights with arrival day on Saturday to
comfort class spaces. The minimum booked period at Easter, Whitsun, Corpus Christi and Ascension Day is three

6) Confirmation of booking
A binding confirmation of the booking will be dispatched within four to five days. This must be checked with regard to
the number of persons and the guest's information. On receipt of this confirmation of booking, an advance payment of
100.00 € (50.00 € for less than five nights) is to be made, giving the name and the date of arrival, to the account no.
412150854 at the Postbank Nürnberg, Sort Code 760 100 85 (IBAN: DE 04 76 01 00 85 04 12 15 08 54, BIC/Swift:
PB NKD EFF 760). Once the advance payment has been received, the payment will be confirmed and the pitch will be
reserved from 3.00 p.m. and kept free until the end of reception opening hours, or 6.00 p.m. at the latest. It is the
guest's responsibility to inform the Camping Park immediately of any changes to or of a later arrival. Entry between
12.00 noon and 2.00 p.m. is not possible due to the closed entry barrier.

7) Departure
The booked pitch must be cleared by 11.00 a.m. and left in a clean condition. A later departure can be approved,
after discussion with the Camping Park and an extra payment, except in the high season, Season A. The
Campingpark Gitzenweiler Hof must be informed immediately of any premature departure.

8) Use of the pitch
The pitch assigned may be used only by at maximum the number of people registered and only with one car. The
guest who made the booking is personally liable for the persons he/she has registered for all the duties arising from
the agreed contract.

9) Duty to report
It is the responsibility of the guest, on discovering any defects, to report the defect immediately to the Campingpark
Gitzenweiler Hof. If no such report is made, the guest has no claim on any legal grounds whatsoever.

10) Price list
The fees payable by the guest are based solely on the current valid price list of the Campingpark Gitzenweiler Hof
OHG. This also applies to special offers such as "GITZ Hits." On entering the Camping Park, the guest accepts the
current price list, which is also displayed in the notice display case opposite reception. Payment may be made in cash
or by Maestro debit card and pin. No credit cards are accepted.
A DiBa cash machine is available.

11) Visitor's tax
The Campingpark Gitzenweiler Hof is obliged by the Visitor's Tax Regulations of the city of Lindau to collect visitor's tax in accordance
with the valid visitor's tax rates. The amount of visitor's tax to be paid is shown separately in the bill. No refund of visitor's tax is possible
in cases of early departure.

12) Cancellation
Guests can withdraw at any time from the agreed camping contract by making a corresponding declaration in writing to the
Campingpark Gitzenweiler Hof. This does not apply to property - caravans or apartment - hired. The decisive date for cancellation is the
receipt of the declaration at the Campingpark Gitzenweiler Hof.
If the guest withdraws from the contract for hiring a particular property, the Campingpark Gitzenweiler Hof is entitled to demand the
following compensation:
Cancellation up to 60 days before the start of hire 10 % of hire price
Cancellation up to 45 days before the start of hire 25 % of hire price
Cancellation up to 30 days before the start of hire 50 % of hire price
Cancellation up to 7 days before the start of hire 75 % of hire price
For cancellations at a later date or premature departure, the guest is obliged to pay the full amount of the hire price. The Campingpark
Gitzenweiler Hof OHG is entitled to withdraw from the camping contract if the object of hire cannot be made available after agreement of
the contract due to force majeure. In such cases the amounts paid will be refunded. Any further additional claims are excluded. In such
cases the Campingpark Gitzenweiler Hof OHG is obliged to inform the guest immediately.
For guests using their own recreational vehicle on a standard pitch, there are no fees payable for cancellation or in cases of early departure.

13) Termination
The Campingpark Gitzenweiler Hof OHG is entitled to terminate the contract for cause without notice if the guest behaves in a manner
that seriously breaches the Camping Park Rules, endangers others, causes sustained disturbance, uses the pitch or property hired in a
manner that breaches the contract or otherwise behaves in a manner grossly in breach of the contract. In these cases the guest has no
claim to a refund of the hire price.

14) Liability
The Campingpark Gitzenweiler Hof OHG is liable solely for damage caused maliciously or by gross negligence. In particular, it will not
be liable for damage caused by failure or disruption of water, electricity or gas supplies or for noise nuisance caused by third parties or
for negligent breaches of duty that cause damage arising from the use of the facilities or equipment on site - including those that have
been taken out of use - or items provided. This also applies to breaches of duty by the legal representatives or auxiliaries of the
Campingpark Gitzenweiler Hof OHG.
In particular, the Campingpark Gitzenweiler Hof OHG will accept no liability for damage, accidents, loss or other irregularities in
connection with the use of the site.
Insofar as it is not legally permitted to exclude liability, liability will be in accordance with statutory provisions in cases of death, bodily
injury or injury to health.
Swimming in the lake is not permitted. The use of the unheated open-air swimming pool is at own risk.
The guest is obliged to treat all indoor facilities, hired property, the pitch and the inventory with care.

15) Camping Park Rules
The Camping Park Rules, which are on display and will be handed out on request, are binding for all campers.

16) Visitors
The guest is obliged to register visitors at the Camping Park reception before they enter the Camping Park, and the guest is responsible
for fees according to the current price list being paid at reception before departure.

17) Entry to the site
On arrival, the guest is obliged to register his/her vehicle number. This is required for the camera-operated barrier at the entry to the
Camping Park. On registration, the guest will receive his/her personal guest number for operating the barrier, which may be necessary
for manual opening of the barrier if the vehicle number has not been recorded or not been recorded properly. This guest number only
entitles the registered vehicle to pass the barrier. It is prohibited to pass this guest number on to third parties.

18) Parking
Visitors' vehicles and campers' own second cars must be parked outside the Camping Park (in front of the barrier, in the car park
assigned) and are subject to parking fees.

19) General
The guest is only entitled to set-off rights for claims that are undisputed or legally established.
The law of the Federal Republic of Germany applies between the guest and the Campingpark Gitzenweiler Hof OHG.
The sole place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising from the contract is Lindau am Bodensee, if the guest has no general place of
jurisdiction within Germany or the guest's domicile or place of residence is not known at the time of bringing an action.
In all other matters, the general statutory place of jurisdiction applies.



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