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BGA Newsletter
July 2005
GASIL. The latest (June 2005) edition of GASIL is now available for download
from the CAA web site -
International Competition. The international gliding season has now begun. First
off the mark are the men who are competing in the European Championships in
Finland and Slovakia. Defending champion, Russel Cheetham is joined by Pete
Harvey and Kim Tipple in the Open Class in Finland, together with Patrick Naegeli
and Leigh Wel s in the 15m class. In Slovakia, twin world champions Andy Davis
and Jez Hood fly in the Standard Class along with Steve and Phil Jones in the 18m
and Jay Rebbeck and Owain Walters in the Club Class. At the end of the month,
the women’s team of Rose Johnson, Sarah Kelman, Liz Sparrow, Gil Spreckley,
and Lucy Withall start in the Women’s World Championships in Germany. Daily
updates are available at
GPS Jamming Trials. GPS jamming trials are due to take place in Wales from 30
August to 16 September, and may affect reception over a considerable area. An
AIC will be issued giving more details and pilots who intend using a GPS receiver
during that period are advised to consult that AIC, which will be available on the
AIS web site,
FAI/IGC Gliding Week. A reminder that as part of the FAI Centenary celebrations,
all pilots worldwide are being invited to log the kilometers that they fly (no matter
how few) during the period 9-24 July (northern hemisphere). You can find ful
details at
Ted Lysakowski Awards 2006. The Ted Lysakowski Memorial Trust will be
making two awards for 2006 – a place on a one week cross country course at
Lasham and a mountain flying course. The awards are designed to provide a
stepping stone to another level of gliding experience that the recipient might not
otherwise achieve, whether because of financial reasons, confidence issues or
family commitments. Applications should be submitted by 31 October. For more
information and an application form, see your club CFI. Alternatively contact
George Metcalfe –
New SRE for North East. Bruce Tapson has taken over as the new Senior
Regional Examiner for the North East. Contact details for Bruce are on the BGA
web site at
Bogus Parts. We have had reports of the elevator drive pins on the top of the fin
in a Mini Nimbus bending. On investigation the parts were found to be counterfeit.
Counterfeit parts are a recurring theme and a potential problem for everyone.
Extra vigilance is required to spot counterfeit parts. It may be tempting to use
these if genuine parts are not immediately available. However, this is potentially
dangerous. The message is – use genuine parts. Don’t risk suffering an in flight
Accident Report Forms. We are stil receiving a fair number of accident/incident
report forms which do not show the glider’s BGA number. This is causing both the
office and volunteers with significant extra work, trying to identify the glider from the
other ‘clues’ provided. In some cases, this is almost impossible due to the lack of
information provided by clubs. This extra effort, of course, takes up time that could
be more usefully spent – renewing CofAs, etc. Clubs are asked again to ensure
that they use the latest version of the form and that they complete it fully.
Hay Fever Remedies. Now that the hay fever season is in full swing, a reminder
that some anti-histamines can cause drowsiness. If you need treatment, seek
advice from an Aviation Medicine Specialist so that modern drugs, which do not
degrade human performance, can be prescribed. Some anti-histamines, such as
diphenhydramine, are marketed as ‘over the counter’ medications, specifical y to
aid sleep. They have been implicated as a contributory cause in several aircraft
accidents. These drugs should not be used by flight crew. AIC 99 of 2004 (Pink
72) contains advice on ‘Medication, alcohol and flying’, and Safety Sense leaflet 24,
available in LASORS 2005 and the CAA website (link through “publications” and
“general aviation”) - - contains advice on pilot health.
CAA Safety Evenings. The first details of CAA Safety Evenings for this winter are
now available. You can see dates and venues in the latest edition of GASIL.
Metcheck. Metcheck have upgraded their website with a new aviation page
including gliding related info. The aviation page is at
ATC Service Review. The CAA is carrying out a review of Air Traffic Control
services outside of controlled airspace. The BGA will be contributing to this via the
BGA Airspace Committee. In parallel, the CAA is running a poster campaign
related to this subject: “Tell us what you want – your view counts”. This is,
presumably, designed to gauge the general opinion of the GA community prior to
formal responses. At this stage, however, the BGA is not asking for individuals to
make representation to the CAA.

Met Training for Glider Pilots.
Could you benefit from aviation met training?
What topics would you like to see covered? The Met Office is considering
introducing short training courses aimed specifical y at glider pilots and bal oonists,
to be launched in 2006 given sufficient demand. They are currently seeking
feedback to help them gauge demand and identify the most appropriate content.
You can get more information and air your views at

Dynafoam Seat Cushions. It appears that mice like Dynafoam! A seat cushion
was extensively eaten by mice when a glider was left outside one night. Our
advice - if you must leave a glider out overnight, remove Dynafoam seat cushions.
Flying Club Fund Scam. Flying clubs (including the BGA) are currently being
targeted in an Email scam. The Email, which appears to originate from South
Africa, suggests that funds are available for flying clubs and their members. If you
receive an Email about this, you are advised not to respond.


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