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ambulance got to me in eight minutes and that was from Tully 28 kilometers away. The guys put me on oxygen set to 28L a minute to force my airways open. Normally people will go on 14L a minute but I needed more because I was blacking out and my breathing was packing up……I woke This paper is adapted from articles placed in the up in intensive care two days later….it was a North American Society of Homeopaths Journal in acknowledgments to them. It also comes form The Box jellyfish is one of the most venomous creatures on the earth. It has killed over 70 In the 18 provings I have coordinated or people in northern Australia since 1900. It looks participated in over the years, this remedy like a plastic bag with strings hanging off it but stands out as being the most dramatic; the most can grow as large as a two gallon bucket and colorful. At a time when, for what ever reason, all weigh up to 6kg. It has four bundles of tentacles sorts of bland substances are being proven in the with up to 60 tentacles in total. Each tentacle is homeopathic world, this medicine just begged for covered in millions of stinging capsules which a Hahnemannian trial. Firstly, there is the sheer inject venom through a tiny thread that pierces toxicology of it. It kills. And in record time. Then the skin. First the venom attacks the heart, there is the bizarre signature. It’s a bag that sending some victims into cardiac arrest. It then floats, hunts and propels itself through the paralyses the breathing. Finally it destroys red density of water. Then from the heroism of the blood cells resulting in skin necrosis which causes proving we find it gives you an erection that lasts severe scarring. Each box jellyfish contains for a week. Throw away you Cialis, burn your enough venom to kill three men. If more than Viagra. Try some Box Jellyfish before a big night 10% of the victim’s skin is stung they will die within half an hour from respiratory failure. A child will die in minutes. Survive the sting without What follows is an introduction to the remedy and anti-venom and the skin will ulcerate and look like it has been lashed with a burning whip. electronically, or alternatively purchased in “The box jellyfish is the most deadly Clinical Manuals in Homeopathic Medicine Vol One bastard in the world. It kills twice as many along with the provings of White Tailed Spider people per year as bastard sharks” Placed end to end, the tentacles of a Box Jellyfish would stretch 60 metres A gang of Jellyfish is called a ‘smack’. 1 ‘The pain can only be described as Male, 21 swallowed a Box Jellyfish tentacle stored in a coke bottle in a fridge. ‘Then the pain hit I ….these are nothing compared to the delicate and dropped the bottle and fell to the floor, grabbing diaphanous box jellyfish, the most poisonous my throat and screaming in agony. Imagine the creature on earth. In 1992 a young man in pain from a broken arm but a million times Cairns, ignoring all the warning signs, went worse. It felt as if someone had forced red hot swimming … at Holloway’s Beach. He swam and razor blades down my throat. I was shitting dived, taunting his friends on the beach for their myself. All I could think was I was going to die….I prudent cowardice, and then began to scream was struggling to breathe. Normally your airway with an inhuman sound. It is said there is no pain is the size of a 20 cent piece, mine was 5 cents. to compare with it. The young man staggered First my chest went numb then my whole from the water, covered in livid whip like stripes body….No body knew what to do with me. Some wherever the jellyfish’s tentacles had brushed people thought I should drink vinegar, others thought I should have oxygen. Problem was no- one had ever swallowed a tentacle before….the 2 Greg Follas, New Zealand Homeopath across him, and collapsed in quivering shock. white ones and the larger the dark shape, the Soon afterwards emergency crews arrived, further and faster they swam away. The box inflated him with morphine, and took him away jellyfish most likely avoid larger black shapes to for treatment. And here’s the thing. Even escape from predators such as turtles or fish or to unconscious and sedated he was still screaming.3 navigate around obstructions. As the box jellyfish consists of delicate tissue that is easily damaged by abrasion and prone to bacterial infections, it is assumed the box jellyfish manage to avoid people Imagine diving into the sea to cool off in the most of the time but those that are stung are tropical waters of northern Australia, swimming in usually running or jumping wildly into the water the sun, and then, 4 minutes later, not only are straight into a box jellyfish (Dupont:1999). 4 you dead but your manner of death the most gruesomely painful imaginable. Death by jellyfish. This Jellyfish is Chironex Fleckeri or Box Jellyfish. jellyfish is the most venomous animal on earth as The order is Cubomedusae. The species is no other animal’s venom can kill a human in four Chironex Fleckeri. The common names are Fire minutes or less. The box jellyfish has killed at least 65 people in the past century but it wasn’t until 1956 that the species was described and The box jellyfish are very difficult to see in ocean identified as the creature that inflicted such waters as they are pale blue and transparent. excruciating pain often followed by death. They are shaped like a bell or cuboid with four According the Australian Institue of Marine distinct sides and can measure up to 20cm along Science (2001), it was first thought to have been each side. Pedaliums are projected from each of the Portuguese man-of-war but as sightings the four corners of the cube or bell and may usually accompanied these stings, it became contain up to as many as 15 tentacles each and be three metres in length (Australian Institute of Marine Science:2001). Box jellyfish are strong The box jellyfish possess batteries of stinging and nimble swimmers and can zip along in bursts cells, or nematocysts, that are a double-walled of up to five feet per second by alternatively structure containing a spirally folded hollow filling the bell with water and expelling it (Hamner thread with a tiny barb at the end. Projecting from the outside of the nematocyst is a minute sensor which acts like a contact point. When this According to Dupont (1999), the box jellyfish has is stimulated by physical or chemical sensation, eight eyes which consist of a compound pair of the cell explodes. The tiny thread is ejected with primitive eyes on each side of its cube like bell - great speed and force of up to two metres a one looking up, one looking down and looking second and the barb penetrates the prey’s or inwards through its own transparent tissue and predator’s skin, injecting a poison. One cell may out the other side. But there is no brain to have little effect but usually hundreds or organise or interpret visual signals. There is no thought involved nor a central nervous system (Queensland Department of Environment and but there is a nerve net in their tissue which is a simple feedback loop, a reflex action. It is believed that swimming behaviour is changed The Box Jellyfish is restricted to the warm waters when a shadow crosses the eye as the muscles of the indo-Pacific region and can be found in the on the particular side or the opposite start to waters off northern Australia from November to contract and pulsate, causing the animal to turn. April as well as other territories north of Australia including Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, the Experiments of isolated groups of up to twelve Philippines and Malaysia (Edmonds, 1989:82). box-jellyfish in tanks under controlled lighting conditions have taken place with various sized The box jellyfish prey on small crustaceans and black or white shapes at either end and outside small fish and appear to travel towards the shore the tanks. In every case the box jellyfish quickly in calm weather on a rising tide and congregate retreated from the dark shapes and ignored the Massive thanks to principal researcher Sharon Walters. near the mouths of creeks and rivers following hours. Amnesia occurs for most of the incident rain. It is thought that food is washed down following the sting and if death occurs, it usually these watercourses to the waiting box jellyfish does so within the first ten minutes. Survival is after rain (Australian Institute of Marine likely if spontaneous cardio-respiratory activity is At the end of summer, the mature box jellyfish The victim may develop cardiac shock, appear reproduce sexually by shedding eggs and sperm cold and clammy with a rapid pulse and a into the water which combine to form a larval disturbance of consciousness. It is also possible stage called planula. The planula then swims into that the cardiac state may oscillate within estuarine waters and attach themselves to the underside of scoured out rocks, and once settled, tachycardia, rapid respirations and normal venous develop into a polyp. The polyp state lasts all pressure to hypotension, bradycardia, apnoea winter during which the polyp may bud asexually and elevated venous pressure. The oscillation to form new polyps. During spring polyps detach may give a false impression of improvement just and develop into a free-swimming medusoid stage to begin their adult life (Great Barrier Reef Respiratory distress, pulmonary congestion, oedema and cyanosis may be due to the cardia Although highly venomous, sea turtles such as effects or to a direct mid-brain depression. the green leatherback and hawksbill have been Paralysis and abdominal pains may occur and observed eating box jellyfish. Scientists believe it malaise and restlessness may pe r s i s t w i t h could be due to the turtle’s skin being too tough physical convalescence required up to a week. for the stinging cells to pierce and that the lining Irritability and difficulty with psychological of their digestive system offers some protection According to Hanmer (1994:127), an antivenom jellyfish is not seen before the incident and the was developed in 1970 by scientists at Australia’s Commonwealth Serum Laboratories. Sheep were excruciating pain which occurs immediately on injected with nonfatal doses of venom and contact. The victim claws at the adherent produced antibodies that are used to manufacture antivenom. When injected into a Box Jellyfish irrationally or lose consciousness and drown. victim, normal breathing often begins almost immediately, pain relief usually occurs within Local Symptoms. Red, purple or brown multiple minutes and later scarring is frequently reduced. interlacing whiplash lines about 5mm wide develop within seconds. These characteristic According to Marine Medic.com (2001), first aid markings last for some hours and are a beaded or treatment of box jellyfish stings should be as ladder pattern and may develop into large weals, fading if the victim dies. After 7-10 days, necrosis and ulceration develop over the area of contact and often takes on a whitish, frost-like appearance. The skin lesions may take many itching may also constantly reoccur. Pigmentation and scarring at the site of these If resuscitation not needed, pour vinegar General Symptoms. Excruciating pain dominates the clinical picture while impairment of seconds to inactivate remaining stinging consciousness leads to coma and death. The pain increases in intensity over the first 15 minutes, often coming in waves and diminishing in 4-12 After vinegar application, apply compression bandages directly over major Of course we have another very underused jellyfish already in our materia medica; Medusa.5 If available, use CSL Chironex antivenom Some clear themes emerged from the Proving of Apart from checking with local authorities for advice before swimming in areas that the box jellyfish is found, it is important to not run or dive into the water. Apart from walking into the water slowly, overalls, wetsuits, body stockings made of pantyhose, lycra suits or any other adequate projective clothing should be worn so as to provide a physical barrier (Edwards, 1989:86) In a superficial comparison with some other seas creatures used in homeopathic medicine B o x v Mucous tenacious, clear,astac, lim, hom, v Flushing of face, astac, aster, lim, ch-fl v Pain, stinging, hom, aster, astac, ch-fl v Burning sensations, astac, hom, lim, pect, v Urticaria, astac, hom, lim, medus, elat, ch- v has overwhelming powerful sexual drive v Male and female sexual desire increased, v Female organs affinity, aster, sep, salmon, v Sensitive to noise and music, ambr, ch-fl v Nausea and constipation, aq- mar, sep, ch- v Affections of the breast, murx, medus, v Approaching misfortune, elat, aster, ambr, v Melancholy, aster, astac, ambr, gad, lim, v Sexual desire resembling an irresitable 5 The information we have of it comes from a poisoning in 1842 and is listed in Allen. Known power, giving rise to ideas of violence, for its use in the treatment of nettle rash, and urine difficulties, toxicologically it affects the speech, and creates anxiety, and there is an affect on the urinary tract and the breasts. There is also an indication for prickling on the skin, numbness and burning sensations and odema. Close remedies are listed as astac, homar, murex, sepia and apis. It is not listed in Herring. lightheadedness, floating and very pleasant body FACE; provers experienced warmth, heat and redness in the face, then spreading throughout the body, as if a fever, burning sensations. MOUTH; as if acid on it, tingling and burning, as if It is often even more revealing what is not present more than what is present. In this bloating and then undigested stools. perspiration, chill symptoms, only two back a n d one respiration s y m p t o m . There are strong ABDOMEN; provers experienced a strong blow to mental, vertigo, throat, stomach, chest, a n d the abdomen, and anxiety, a stab, rumbling, burning symptoms. The trial itself was thoroughly gurgling, burning in abdomen and explosive CHEST; provers developed sensations around chest/heart of heaviness and oppression, and the Creating Order; provers woke in the middle of the need to take a deep, long breath to breathe it night and furiously cleaned the house or bathroom, often with a strong accompanying nausea. There was compulsive need to clean. These were the most dramatic of literally hundreds of other specific symptoms. For the Compulsive and unrestrained sexuality; provers provers exact words then please look to the especially male felt strong compulsive sexual desire, any woman would do, difficulty in restraining themselves, sudden bewildering To those students of Nature Care College of 2001, sexual desire that had to be consummated. a heartfelt thanks. It’s quite a constellation of symptoms. Unrestrained animal sexuality. S t r o n g s udden and potentially violent anger Vertigo, nausea, and the desire to clean. Amelioration from deep breathes. Early clinical There were also mistakes of concentration and complete profile will emerge over time as more proprioception, guilt, the inability to focus, the clinical results are reported and collated. Any desire to go to the beach and beach amel, the clinical information please send to Alastair Gray 9 indecision/inability to concentrate, heavy foggy Numa St Birchgrove Sydney NSW 2041 Australia. overwhelmed feelings, frustrated, failure, alone, house/home/family/livelihood /children. For some there was an immediate primary symptom - Life 1. Australian Institute of Marine Science easy/lightness, the ability to focus and VERTIGO; provers experienced powerful vertigo on standing still, or a sensation of being pulled 6 The substance which was prepared by the good folks at Simillimum Homeopathic Pharmacy, (call them for details +64 4 4999242) and for the methodology of the proving, see the proving document. When it came to the Nature Care College proving for 2001 there were three choices 2. Dupont, J. (1999) Eight Eyes But No Brain. of new remedy; MDMA, Blatta and Box Jellyfish. Box Jellyfish was eventually and blindly Marine Creatures. Reed Books, Frenches Forest. 4. Great Barrier Reef Marine Park (2000) Reef Understanding. Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Manual. Jellyfish. A Killer Down Under. National Geographic. August. 6. Marine-Medic.com (20 0 1 ) Chironex Box Chironex fleckeri. Marine Parks Reef Notes, February. and Heritage (1995) Tropical Topics. Department of Environment and Heritage. No.32, December.

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