Tick-proofing clothes using .5% permethrin
Use a .5% permethrin solution for soaking your clothes.
NOTE: that is "point five percent" (one half percent) NOT "five percent"!
Recipes to make 1 gallon (or 4 liters) of .5% solution.
Using 36.8% permethrin concentrate
Note: it may say "Permethrin SFR" on the bottle.
1 gallon = 4 quarts = 128 ounces
1 gallon water + 2 ounces 36.8% permethrin = 130 ounces of .51% concentration
COST $.85 per ounce x 2 = $1.70
4 liters water + 20 ml 36.8% permethrin = 4 liters of .5% permethrin (1/2%
Using 10% permethrin concentrate

1 gallon water + 6.75 oz 10% Permethrin = 124.75 oz at .5% concentration
COST $.75 per ounce x 6.75 = $5.06
4 liters water + 200 ml 10% permethrin = 4.2 liters at 5% concentration
Where to buy permethrin
At my website I have links to where to get the best deal on permethrin. These are the
same places where I bought permethrin for myself.
Obviously 36.8% permethrin is the way to go…it costs 3 times as much if you use 10%
permethrin concentrate, but they will both work.
Instructions for use
Mix it up (as per the above recipes). Soak your clothes for two hours in a ziploc bag, a
plastic bin or a 5 gallon bucket. Your choice.
Wring out the clothes. Leave them wet but not dripping.
Hang them on the line and let them dry.
Supposedly this will remain effective through 6 washings and for 6 weeks. Hand
washing is recommended. Machine washing and drying should be on the gentle
settings. You can always re-apply the 5% permethrin after washing if you are in any
Cats and fish
Permethrin is toxic for cats and fish. So don't let your cats near it when it's wet (it can be
fatal for cats). Your clothes are safe once they're dry.
Do not pour out the leftover in a pond or near any waterway (it kills fish). If you can, just
let the extra evaporate or store it in a bottle or put it in a spray bottle for later use.
Sunlight deteriorates permethrin, so store the bottle in a dark place such as in a
Another idea: tick tubes
You can also soak cotton balls in it, dry them out, put them in tubes (paper towel or
toilet paper tubes) and leave them out in the woods or high grass for mice to bring
back to their nests. It won't harm the mice, but it will kill any deer ticks on them. Deer
ticks have to feed on mice and other small rodents for one stage of their life, and if you
keep the mice tick free, then you can reduce tick populations up to 90%.
Please read the cautions on the bottle and follow them. I am just describing what I did
for myself. Use your brains and make up your own mind what you want to do. Nuff


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