curriculum vitae

Curriculum Vitae
Date of birth
New York State Licensed Physician 1980MD Liverpool Student clinical
1969 Surgical externship, Harrisburg PA1970 Psychiatry in Stockholm, Sweden Appointments
September 1971 - August 1972
House physician and house surgeon
Whiston Hospital, Prescott
September 1972 - September 1973
SHO in psychiatry
Hackney and St Bartholomew's Hospital
October 1973 - September 1974
Research registrar
St Bartholomew's Hospital
Conducting drug trials and developing models for the
assessment of psychopharmacological agents in vivo
October 1974 - April 1975
SHO in general medicine
St Leonard's Hospital
May 1975 - September 1975
Locum assistant psychiatrist
Central Lassarettet, Boden, Sweden
October 1975 - March 1977
Bethlem Royal and Maudsley Hospitals
Psychiatric rotation at the joint hospitals
April 1977 - September 1979
Research assistant and lecturer
Institute of Psychiatry
Honorary senior registrar
Maudsley Hospital, London
under Professor Malcolm Lader in the department of
pharmacology. Work related to a series of studies
mainly on benzodiazepines and their long-term effects
November 1979 - June 1981
Psychiatrist II
Rockland Psychiatric Centre
Research psychiatrist
Rockland Research Institute,
Orangeburg, New York, with Dr Nathan Kline
Clinical duties and clinical research
October 1980 - 1981
Clinical assistant professor
Department of Psychiatry,
New York University Medical Centre
July 1981 - May 1982
Senior registrar
Bethlem Royal and the Maudsley Hospitals
Working in the Emergency Clinic
June 1982 - 1995
Consultant psychiatrist
Charing Cross Hospital (Riverside Mental Health)
Adult General Psychiatry
Senior lecturer
Charing Cross & Westminster Medical School
University of London
1995 - 2003
Consultant psychiatrist/
Medical Director
(Jan 1998-2003)
Charter Clinic Chelsea
7 Radnor Walk London SW3 4BP
2003 – 2005
Independent Practice
Consultant Psychiatrist
15 Basil Mansions
Basil Street
London SW3 1AP
2005 – 2006
Independent Practice
Consultant Psychiatrist
Keats House
24-26 St. Thomas Street
2007 – present
Independent Practice
Consultant Psychiatrist
11 Sloane Court West
Consultant to Feighner Research Institute
1999 - 2000
Director of Research for Feighner Research
Institute UK

Locum consultant psychiatrist experience
Guernsey, Channel Islands
1977 - 1979
Regular general practice sessions
Membership of
Ex-Council Member of the British Association Societies
Member of CINPWorshipful Society of Apothecaries of London Lecturing
On average one lecture per week in the past, mainly to postgraduate audiences and mainly on the treatment of mood disorders. Organiser of several scientific symposia The Royal College
Public Education Committee, dealing with the of Psychiatrists
media on behalf of The Royal College. Thisinvolves about three contacts per weekand frequent media appearances Medicolegal
Mental Health ActWide experience in the assessment of criminal and civil matters, preparationof expert reports, most recently in childcare proceedings Charitable work
Broadway Housing
Providing supported accommodation for
mentally ill patients
Founding Member of
The Homeless Fund
an initiative on homelessness
Advisor to The Hamlet Trust,
a self-help initiative providing
resources to the old 'iron curtain'
Recommended in the Good Housekeeping Magazine Guide as one of Britain's top specialists in 1992 Reviewer of scientific papers for numerous psychiatric journals Languages
Fluent in German and SwedishSome knowledge of French Publications
Original papers
A clinical pharmacological study of the effect of clomipramine and
protriptyline on the uptake of tritiated 5HT and DA in platelets from
depressed patients
Hallström C, Pare M, Rees W, Trenchard A & Turner P
Journal de Pharmacologie, Supp No. 2 1975
Platelet uptake of 5HT and dopamine in depression
Hallström C, Pare M, Linford-Rees M, Trenchard A & Turner P
Postgraduate Medical Journal 1976 52, 40-44
Antidepressant blood levels in acute overdose
Hallström C & Gifford L
Postgraduate Medical Journal 1976 52, 687-688
ECG changes on butriptyline
Hallström C & Brooks N
Communication in Psychopharmacology 1979 3, 55-59
Diazepam and its metabolite nordiazepam, in saliva, plasma and CSF
Hallström C, Lader M & Curry S
British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology 1980 9, 333-339
A stable isotope dilution assay for the antiparkinsonian drug benzotropine
in biological fluids
Jindal S, Lutz T, Hallström C & Vestergaard P
Clinical Chimica Acta 1981 112, 267-273
The effects of propranolol and diazepam alone and in combination, on the
effects of chronic anxiety
Hallström C, Treasaden I, Edwards G & Lader M
British Journal of Psychiatry 1981 139, 417-421
Protection of patients on MAOIs against hypertensive crises
Kline N, Cooper T, Suckow R, Hallström C & Brebbia R
Journal of Clinical Psychopharmacology 1981 1, 410-411
Benzodiazepine withdrawal phenomena
Hallström C & Lader M
International Pharmacopsychiatry 1981 16, 235-244
The effects of ginseng on physiological, biochemical and psychological
measure, after sleep deprivation
Hallström C, Fulder S & Carruthers M
American Journal of Chinese Medicine 1982 6, 277-282
The incidence of benzodiazepine dependence
Hallström C & Lader M
Journal of Psychiatric Treatment and Evaluation June 1982 4,293-296
Will amitriptyline prevent the "cheese" reaction of monoamine oxidase
Pare M, Kline N, Hallström C & Cooper T
Lancet 1982, 183-186
Steady state plasma levels of lofepramine and desipramine monitored
during a clinical double-blind comparison: a preliminary report
Hallström C
Chapter in ‘Lofepramine in the treatment of depressive disorders’ 1988
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Benzodiazepine dependent patients and their psychological treatment
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Rapid response to buspirone: assessment in a general practice setting
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Self-help and benzodiazepine withdrawal
Tattersall ML and Hallström C
Journal of Affective Disorders 24 (1992) 193-198
Inadequate treatment response to des-enkephalin-gamma-endorphin
compared with thioridazine and placebo in schizophrenia
Montgomery SA, Hallström C et al
Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavica (86) 1992, 97-103
An open study of remoxipride in the long-term treatment of schizophrenia
T Ashwood, C Hallström et al
Journal of Psychopharmacology 6(4) 1992 519-525
The role of coping strategies in protecting individuals against long-term
tranquilliser use
Bish A, Golombok S, Hallström C, Fawcett S
(submitted for publication)
A controlled trial of dothiepin and placebo in treating benzodiazepine
withdrawal symptoms
Tyrer P, Ferguson B, Hallstrm C, Mitchie M, Tyrer S, Cooper S, Caplan R,
Barczak PBritish Journal of Psychiatry (1996) vol 168, page 457-461 Pharmacist’ Mental Health Role Questioned
Hallström CProgress in Neurology and Psychiatry Vol.2 Issue 2 March/April 1998 Books/Chapters/Reviews
Family Health Encyclopaedia, Editor
Good Housekeeping 1983
Benzodiazepines: clinical practice and central mechanisms (in)
Recent Advances in Clinical Psychiatry (5) 1985
Granville-Grossman K (ed), Livingstone
Efficacy and problems of MAO inhibitor antidepressants
Cody D & Hallström C
Chapter in Antidepressants for elderly people, 1989
Ghose K (ed), Chapman & Hall
Hallström C: Coping with anxiety; the patient's predicament (in)
The anxiolytic Jungle; Where next?
Edited by Wheatley D John Wiley & Sons, Chichester, 1990
Certificate of educational merit in the British Medical Association's Film and
Video Competition, for a video called Stress and distress, 1990
Monographs on chlordiazepoxide, lorazepam and meprobamate (in)
Therapeutic Drugs, a clinical pharmacopoeia, 1991
Mind and body Hallström C (in)
A History of Medicine
Edited by N Duin and J Sutcliffe
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Benzodiazepine dependence - Editor Hallström C
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Chapter 10: Benzodiazepine discontinuation phenomena
in Nutt & Mendelson (ed) ‘Hypnotics and Anxiolytics’
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Balliere Tindall, London, August 1995
The psychopharmacology of mood disorders in primary care
Proceedings of the autumn meeting of The British Association of
Psychopharmacology Supplement in
Primary Care Psychology
(Editor) Hallström C
Anxiety & depression: your questions answered
Hallström & McClure
Publishers Churchill Livingstone, August 1998
Benzodiazepine dependence and withdrawal - an update
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Primary Care Psychiatry
Dangers of Community Psychiatry
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Mania: Hallström in Clinical General Practice Vol. 1
Ed: Mary Selby – Butterworth, 2004
Depression Your Questions Answered
Hallström & McClure
Elsever, 2005
(translated into Polish in 2006)
Chapter On Anxiety in: The Mind: A User’s Guide
Ed: Raj Persaud, Transworld Publishers (2007)
The future of psychiatry
Eds Creed F & Hallström C
Geigy Publications, 1979
Prediction of response to anti-anxiety agents
Hallström C & Lader M
Proceedings of the 11th CINP, Pergammon Press, 1979
Benzodiazepine withdrawal phenomena
Hallström C & Lader M
Abstracts of the 12th CINP Congress 1980, Progress in
Neuropsychopharmacology (sup), 186
The use and abuse of tranquillisers
Hallström C
Update July 1982 4, 43-50
Which hypnotic - if any?
Hallström C
British Journal of Hospital Medicine 1983 30, 188-192
The current view on minor tranquillisers and new developments
Hallström C
Postgraduate Doctor 1984 7, 366-372
Practical aspects of the use of beta-blockers in anxiety states: morbid
Hallström C
Postgraduate Medical Journal 1984 60 (supp 2), 26-30
Thyroid abnormalities and violent suicide
Drummond L, Lodrick M & Hallström C
British Journal of Psychiatry 1984 144, 213 (Letter)
Specific benzodiazepine receptors: What is the latest thinking?
Hallström C
Medical Dialogue 1985 58, 2-4
Patients' attitudes to depot neuroleptics
Hallström C, Halstead S, Hays H
Schizophrenia Research 1988 May, 209-210
Anxiolytic drugs; past, present and future
Hallström C
Holistic Medicine 1989 4, 157-163
Uses and abuses of benzodiazepines
Hallström CBritish Journal of Hospital Medicine 1989 41, 115 Benzodiazepines and medical negligence - the issues
Abstracts of Autumn Quarterly Meeting of The Royal College of Psychiatrists,
Uses and misuses of benzodiazepines
Hallström C, Hawley C
Postgraduate Doctor 13: 316-320 (1990)
Medical aspects of benzodiazepine abuse
Hallström C
Practical reviews in Psychiatry, 2: 9, 3-5 (1990)
Benzodiazepine and medical negligence
Hallström C
Update 40: 1139-1140 (1990)
GBR 12909: a dose response relationship of the selective dopamine uptake
inhibitor in major depression
Fensbo C, Montgomery S, Andersen J, Hallström C, Schonbeck G, de Zwann
M, Moller Neilsen E, Olafsen K, Ingwersen S:
17th Congress of the Collegium Internationale Neuro-Psychopharmacologicum
1990 (Tokyo)
Buspirone in British general practice
Hallström C
17th Congress of the Collegium Internationale Neuro-Psychopharmacologicum
1990 (Tokyo)
Desenkephalin gamma endorphin and thioridazine in the treatment of
schizophrenia; a placebo controlled study
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17th Congress of the Collegium Internationale Neuro-Psychopharmacologicum
1990 (Tokyo)
Benzodiazepine dependent patients in different clinical settings
Hawley C, Crouch G, Tattersall M, Hallström C:British Association for PsychopharmacologySummer Meeting 1990 (Cambridge) Tranquilliser addiction; medicolegal aspects
Hallström C
The Royal College of Psychiatrists Annual General Meeting 1990
Benzodiazepine dependence; an incomplete picture
The Royal College of Psychiatrists Annual Meeting 1990 (Birmingham)
Current views on treating patients with anxiety: factors that affect the
choice of drug
Hallström C
Prescriber Issue 28 34-38 (1991)
The comparison of anxiety rating scales in a training situation
Proceedings of the British Association of Psychopharmacology's Summer
Meeting 1991
Bradford L, Hallström C, Gerristen van der Hoop, Stevens G
Benzodiazepine dependence; who is responsible?
Hallström C (Editorial)
The Journal of Forensic Medicine 2: 5-7 (1991)
Appropriate prescribing of the benzodiazepines
Pulse 51: Page 58 (1991)
Anxiety disorders and their management
Hallström C
Prescriber Vol 3, Issue 19 31-38 (1992)
Buspirone - different mode of action reduces anxiety treatment
Hallström C
Pulse Vol 50: No 21 75
Watch out for depression in sleep disorder cases
Hallström CMims Magazine Vol 19 No 21 55 (1992) Prophylactic therapy in depression
Mims Magazine (1992)
Guidelines for the management of patients with generalised anxiety
(Consensus Panel)
Psychiatric Bulletin, 1992 16, 560-565
Guidelines for the management of patients withdrawing from
Mental Health Foundation 1993
Guidelines for the treatment of depressive illness with antidepressants
Montgomery S, Hallström, et al
Journal of Psychopharmacology 1993 7: 19-23
Guidelines for the investigation of anti-anxiety drugs (Consensus Panel)
British Association for Psychopharmacology
(In press)
Antidepressants in the treatment of anxiety disorder
Tyrer P & Hallström C
Psychiatric Bulletin 1993 Vol 17 75-76
ECT causes an increase in urinary output of the monoamine oxidase An
inhibitory component of Tribulin
Clow A, Kimber S, Sandler M, Hallström C, Hawley C, Glover V
(Abstract) British Association of Psychopharmacology Meeting, 1993
Reading list for MRCGP examination on depression
MIMS Magazine, October 5th 1993
Drugs in focus: Zopiclone.
Prescriber Journal. 34. 115-119: 1994
Reshaping mental health services. (Review)
The Psychiatric Bulletin.
Waving a goodbye to mother's little helper
Focus on drug dependency, featuring Dr HallströmHospital Doctor 29 May 1993 Mental health care is worsening by the day
(Letter to the Editor) Evening Standard 13 1 1995
Hallström C, Hirsch S
What are the options for GPs when prescribing hypnotics?
MIMS Weekly 4 10 94
Hallström C
Rational choices in CNS prescribing: the cost of depression
Prescriber 5:15 1994 24 - 29
MIMS Weekly 1995
Hallström C
Costs of clozapine
Bulletin of The Royal College of Psychiatrists 1995
Bottomley C, Hallström C
The rating of depression
Perspectives in Depression 4: 3 1996 1-5
Hallström C
More ECT needed not less (Opinion)
Care of the Elderly 7 No 3 1995
Hallström C
Can GPs manage without benzodiazepines
Tranquillisers are good for you?
Proceedings of The Medical Society of London
Managing minor psychiatric conditions in adolescents
Prescriber 19 January 1997
Hill-Smith A, Hallström C
Medico-legal Aspects of Occupational Stress
Journal of the Medico-legal Society 1997
Hallström C
Hyperkinetic Disorder
Progress in Neurology and Psychiatry Nov/Dec 1997
Hill-Smith A & Hallström C
Mania, Schizophrenia and the Mental Health Act
Pocket Guide to Insomnia 1997
Advisory Panel
The Drug Management of Schizophrenia
The Practitioner 1998
The Pharmacotherapy of Schizophrenia
The Practitioner January 1998 Vol.242
Hallström C, Magnes R
Stress and Mental Health Nursing
Mental Health Care
Hallström C, 1988
Benzodiazepine Dependence 20 Years On
Progress in Neurology and Psychiatry
Hallström C
Differentiating anxiety from physical disorder in primary care
Psychiatry Reviews, Vol 2, No 3 Autumn 1997
Hallström C, Galloway C
Royal College of Psychiatrists
Statement on Benzodiazepines 1997
Stigma of Anxiety
A Primary-care Guide to Insomnia Management
Prescriber 5 April 2002
Hallström C
Contributors to Drugs and Therapeutic Bulletin Tranquilliser independence (Self-help audio cassette for patients)
Clinical Trials
Amitriptyline vs butriptyline in depressed outpatients Phase 3
Clomipramine vs protriptyline in depressed outpatients, monitoring
platelet uptake of 5-HT and dopamine.
Clinical pharmacological study.
Diazepam, propranolol and their combination for the treatment of chronic
Clinical pharmacological study
A clinical pharmacological study of benzodiazepine withdrawal
Desenkephalin gamma endorphin and thioridazine in the treatment of
schizophrenia; a placebo controlled study
Phase 2
GRB 11909: A dose response relationship of selective dopamine uptake
inhibitor in major depression
Phase 2
BRG 21909: A double blind placebo controlled study versus Imipramine
for the treatment of major depression. A multicentre multinational study

Phase 3
Lofepramine vs desipramine in depressed outpatients
Propranolol vs placebo in benzodiazepine withdrawal
Clopixol concentrate vs Haldol decanoate in the maintenance treatment of

Principal investigator Phase 4
Remoxipride in the longterm treatment of schizophrenia
A multicentre study Investigator Long-term safety study
Zacopride: a dose finding study of 5HT3 agonist in anxiety
Multicentre study Investigator Phase 2
Investigator in A study of a DA antagonist antidepressant in depressed
Phase 2
Investigator in A multicentre study of Prothiaden vs placebo in the
treatment of benzodiazepine withdrawal
Phase 4
UKMAS study of calcium homotaurinate in the prevention of relapse in
Investigator Phase 4
Buspirone: assessment in a general practice setting; A study of 670
patients in general practice
Principal investigator Phase 4.
Buspirone ER vs Buspirone IR. A multicentre, multinational study in primary
care. Principal investigator. Phase 4.
Flesinoxan vs placebo in anxiety A multicentre, multinational study in
primary care; Trainer; Phase 3
Nefazodone vs fluoxetine in depressed patients in primary care
A multinational study; Principal investigator; Phase 3
Nefazodone vs sertraline in depressed hospital outpatients
Investigator; Phase 3
Ondansetron in the prevention of relapse in chronic anxiety
Long-term relapse prevention of fluvoxamine in depression
Trainer in a study of amisulpiride in schizophrenia
Sertraline vs imipramine in panic disorder
Trainer in a study of an antidepressant
A multidimensional study
CLZ-20 499 - 006 -GBR
A study of an anxiolytic in generalised anxiety disorder
Relapse prevention in depression of ORG 4428 in outpatients
Paroxetine -v- Placebo in Social Phobia
Investigator in a Study of Antidepressants. ASTRA phase 2.
Paroxetine -v- Placebo in GAD. Phase 3.
Several other studies since – as coordinator/principal investigator
To several pharmaceutical companies in relation to marketing, product development and clinical research developmentMajor commitments include ICR Ltd, Glaxo and BristolMyers Squibb Family, country weekends, skiing, travel, wine Referees:
Dr. Anne CremonaConsultant PsychiatristCapio NightingaleEdward House7 Lisson GroveLondon NW1 6SH Dr. William ShanahanExecutive Medical DirectorCapio Nightingale11-19 Lisson GroveLondon NW1 6SH


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