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k Hotel, Cnr Bun da & Sp ence Str eets, Ca irns. Please bring partners along for great food. Atherton meeting. The old “B.V.” has lost Although the turn out was reasonable we do Remember brunch at International on Sun 7th – 11am need to make more of an effort to get to Members – From club funds - Guests – pay cost at function. these meetings. After all Robert Spiller managed to get up from Townsville. Speaking of Townsville, Robert informs us that interest in the club is almost non-existant a : Bruce Allen Ph: 40351301 Fax: 40351780 Mob: 0419675556 A merry Christmas & Happy New Year to all. Great atmosphere – great food – great speaker Harry Kunz from Eagles Nest Wildlife Rescue outlined his operation at Ravenshoe. Of all the charitable causes people Hoo Hoo has donated to, Harry would have to be by far the most committed. One could only admire and appreciate his John R – grandfather again (daughter to Rudd and dedication & ------ efforts with the possum gliders, ---- etc. Of all causes worthy of our community support – his must be near the top. Bruce A – back from another jaunt to England. Terry G – your never too old?? Check out the left Dale F – plumbers have started on his house site – to some insignificants, but to Lindy its like a The largest private buyer of viagra in the world is General Motors – as part of their health support plan for employees and ex-employees! N B. This is a gossip column – so we NE has had a baby, a vasectomy, holidays etc. The Timber community likes this social communication!!! Hard to believe that it is that time of the year again – with the weather the way it has been I’m looking forward to the winter in Europe. Although Last month tip – SRL @ 1.14 Now .86 This Month tip – Cash or Scotch Whiskey booking fares just before the credit & currency crisis and then agreeing to travel with the grandkids is a cause of personal worry. While the small membership is still a major cause for concern I hope that reflection on the years activities is as satisfying and enjoyable for the other Men are like mascara – They usually run at the At this time I’d like to acknowledge and denote my appreciation to Jenny Men are like Government Bonds – They take Miller & Cherie Champion who have suffered my scrawl and in-distinct soooo long to mature. Men are like chocolate bars – Sweet, smooth & directions to produce the newsletters this year. In case I don’t manage to catch up, I hope everyone has a thoroughly enjoyable and relaxing Christmas and hope that the New Year turns out so Thursday 1st January 2009 – New Years Day Monday 26th January – Australia Day holiday PO Box 32 Stratford 4870 Ph: (w) 0740551031 Fax: 0740552599Mobile: 0419721938 Wed 18th February – 1st meeting of year Fri 3,4,5 April 2009 – Canberra Convention The trial where proceedings were bought by Engineered Wood Products Association (the old P.A.A.) against JAC Ply concerning marketing of Sat 13th June 2009 – Relay For Life Wed 20th May 2009 – General Meeting “structural ply” has now been settled out of court. Housing starts in USA have declined from 2.07 million in 2005 to Wed 22nd July – General Meeting Wed 19th August – General Meeting Approximately 940,000 in 2008 with anticipated decline further in 2009. D:\data\Websites\Hoo Hoo\Newsletters\Far North Qld\Tally Wacker Ne -Inaugural Hoo Hoo member – One of the Kidner dynasty from Ravenshoe –



Publications list She co-authored more than 40 scientific publications including papers in peer-reviewed journals and book chapters. 1. F.Bordi, C.Cametti, T.Gili, D.Gaudino, S.Sennato Time evolution of the formation of different size cationic liposome-polyelectrolyte complexes. Bioelectrochemistry ( 2003), 59 , 99-106. 2. F.Bordi, C.Cametti, F. De Luca, T.Gili, D.Gaudino, S.Sennat

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