Dg estat (directorate for social statistics)

Publication of a vacancy for a Director function (Grade AD14)
Directorate for Social statistics – in Luxemburg
(Article 29(2) of the Staff Regulations)
COM/2011/10315 - Official Journal n0 C 258 A of 02/09/2011
Eurostat is a Directorate-General of the European Commission, based in Luxembourg. Its mission is to provide the European Union with a high quality statistical information service. Its clients are the EU institutions, the European Central Bank, the Member States, the financial markets, the business community, the media and the general public. Eurostat coordinates the European Statistical System (ESS) with the objective of providing comparable statistics at EU level. It is responsible for proposing all EU statistical legislation. Eurostat also coordinates the improvement of statistical systems in candidate countries and in the wider international community. DG Eurostat is envisaging a reorganization following which the Directorate for Social statistics will comprise 5 units with around 110 staff (permanent and non-permanent) and has an operating budget of more than 7 million euros. - Demography and migration statistics - Labour Market Statistics, Labour Force survey and labour cost - Living conditions and social protection statistics, Social Inclusion and Living Conditions (EU-SICL), Household Budget Survey (HBS) and Consumer protection - Education and culture - Statistics on crime and criminal justice, food safety, health and safety We propose
The challenging and high-profile position of Director for Social Statistics in Eurostat comprises the following main responsibilities • Leadership in the social statistics area directing a continuous development process and leading the modernization process of social statistics • The strategic management of all key statistical processes and outputs in the • Management of the legal-political decision-making process for this area of • Management of and representation in key relationships with external stakeholders such as the relevant bodies of the ESS, the national statistical institutes, national ministries and international bodies such as the ECB, UN and OECD • Management and representation of the Directorate in key relationship with other Commission departments such as DG EMPL, ECFIN, EAC and SANCO and other EU bodies The position entails a serious intellectual investment in complex methodological issues and some travel activity. The Director will be responsible for supervising the financial operations organized by the units in the Directorate. We look for (selection criteria)
• an in-depth knowledge of the European Statistical System, including statistical data production and methodology as well as, more in particular, a very good knowledge of social statistics methodology and production methods • a very good knowledge of EU policies in the areas covered by the activities of • an acute and sharp sense of judgment in politically sensitive issues; • excellent analytical skills and the ability to solve organizational and operational problems via a results-oriented approach; • strong ability to manage and direct an administrative body both from the strategic and internal management perspective; • capacity to lead and develop the Directorate’s operations; • proven success in a management position, involving the management of large • very sound judgment and a demonstrable drive to generate and implement new ideas, being able to lead the absolutely essential modernization process of social statistics; • good interpersonal and networking skills; • strong communication skills, enabling the candidate to lead discussions, communicate clearly and act effectively to represent the Commission internally and in external fora; • excellent command of English and a very good command of French. Candidates must (eligibility criteria)
Be a citizen of one of the Member States of the European Union. i) either a level of education which corresponds to completed university studies attested by a diploma when the normal period of university education is four years or more; ii) a level of education which corresponds to completed university studies attested by a diploma and appropriate professional experience of at least one year when the normal period of university education is at least three years; 3. Have at least 15 years' postgraduate professional experience at a level to which the qualifications referred to above give admission. At least 5 years of that professional experience must have been gained in a management function at high level1 and should be in direct relation to a field relevant for this position; Have a thorough knowledge of one of the official languages of the European Union and an adequate knowledge of another of these official languages. 5. Not yet have reached regular retirement age, which for officials of the European Union, is defined as being the end of the month in which the person reaches the age of 65 years (see Art. 52 lit (a) of the Staff Regulations). Independence and declaration of interests:
Candidates are required to confirm their willingness to make a declaration of their commitment to act independently in the public interest and a declaration of any interests which might be considered prejudicial to their independence. Appointment and conditions of employment:
The Director will be selected and appointed by the Commission according to its selection and recruitment on procedure, candidates who have been called for an interview by the Commission's Consultative Committee on 1 In their CVs applicants should indicate at least for these 5 years during which high level management experience has been acquired: (1) title and role of management positions held, (2) numbers of staff overseen in these positions, (3) the size of budgets managed, and (4) numbers of hierarchical layers above and below and number of peers Appointments will have to pass, beforehand, an assessment centre ran by external recruitment consultants. Candidates should note that the selection procedures will be carried out in English and/or French2 only; Salaries and conditions of employment are those laid down in the Staff Regulations for AD14 grade officials of the European Union. Applicants should note the requirement under the Staff Regulations for all new staff to complete successfully a nine-month probationary period. Equal opportunities:
The European Union applies an equal opportunities policy. Application procedure:
Before submitting your application, you should carefully check whether
you meet all the eligibility criteria ("Candidates must"), particularly
concerning the types of diploma and professional experience required.
Failure to meet any of the eligibility requirements means an automatic
exclusion from the selection procedure.

If you want to apply, you must register via the Internet by going to the website:
and follow the instructions there concerning the various stages of the procedure. It is your responsibility to complete your online registration in time3. We strongly advise you not to wait until the last few days before applying, since heavy Internet traffic or a fault with your Internet connection could lead to the online registration being terminated before you complete it, thereby obliging you to repeat the whole process. Once the deadline for the submission of registrations has passed, you will not longer able to introduce any data. As a general rule, late registrations via normal e-mail will not be accepted. You must have a valid e-mail address. This will be used to identify your registration as well as to inform you about the outcome of the procedure. Therefore, you will be required to inform the European Commission about any change in your e-mail address. To complete your application, you will need to upload a CV in WORD or PDF format and to fill out, online, a letter of motivation (maximum 8000 characters). Both the CV and letter must be written in English, French or German. 2 The selection panels will ensure that no undue advantage is given to native speakers of 3 No later than 12.00 noon, Brussels time, on 30/09/2011 Once your have finished your online registration, you will receive on screen a
registration number that you must write down and remember - this will be your
reference number in all matters concerning your application. When you receive
this number, the registration process is finished - it is confirmation that we have
registered the data you entered. If you do not receive a number, your
application has not been registered!

Please note that it is not possible to monitor the progress of your application on-
line. You will be contacted directly by the recruiting DG regarding the status of
your application.
If you have a disability that prevents you from registering online, you may submit your application (CV and letter of motivation) on paper by registered mail4, postmarked no later than the closing date for registration. All subsequent communication between the Commission and you will be by post. In this case, you must enclose with your application a certificate attesting your disability, issued by a recognized body. You should also set out on a separate sheet of paper any special arrangements you think are needed to make it easier for you to take part in the selection. If you require more information and/or encounter technical problems, please Closing date:
The closing date for registration is 30/09/2011. On-line registration will not be possible after 12.00 noon Brussels time. 4 European Commission, Directorate-General Human Resources and Security, Unit for Executive Staff and CCA Secretariat (COM/2011/10315), SC11 08/030, B-1049 Brussels.

Source: http://www.jobs-io.de/stream/joboffers/26816/attachment/comm2011_10315_en.pdf

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