HS140-3 perform mathematical calculations related to medication administration Set-up / Introduction Description Preparation: 1) Gather supplies. 2) Fill each medication bottle with beads. Each bottle needs to have a different color or shape of bead to help differentiate the "medication" when placed in the medicine cup 3) Prepare a physician's medication order to be dispensed and administered. Use multiple different medications. 4) Prepare answer sheet to the medication order by having the correct color, shape and number of beads that should be in the medicine cup once student has completed the challenge Activity Introduction: Students will create a "drug cocktail" as ordered by a physician. The instructor will write on the board a drug order for multiple medications to be given to a patient. These orders need to be written in the form of a physician script: EX: Nitro 0.4 mg SL Acetaminophen 1000 mg PO Nexium 40 mg PO Avandia 4 mg PO Activity: 1) Students are instructed to dispense the ordered medication into a medicine cup to be administered to the patient as ordered. 2) Students approach the table at the front of the room that contains multiple bottles of various medications. Within each bottle are colored beads to represent the pills. Each medication bottle contains a different color bead to differentiate between medications dispensed in the medication cup. Students must look at each bottle to find the correct medications ordered, then calculate the dosage available and the correct number of pills to give in order to meet the ordered dose. EX: Acetaminophen bottle contains blue beads. The label reads 500 mg per tablet. The order states 1000 mg, therefore the student needs to calculate that this patient needs to receive 2- 500 mg tablets to meet the desired dose of 1000 mg. Student then places 2 blue beads in his/her medicine cup. Debrief: Once the students have completed their medication "cocktail" as ordered, they return to their seats and the instructor then informs them of what color and how many of each pill (bead) should be in their cups to be administered. For a variation in difficulty- 1) Instructor can use generic or brand names and provide the students with a drug book to determine what medication is available for what is ordered EX: Ordered: Hydromorphone HCL 4 mg PO Available: Dilaudid 4 mg PO (This is the same medication but one is labeled by the Brand name and one by the Generic name) 2) The instructor can order medications that need to be converted from one metric to another. EX: Order: Levoxyl 0.1 mg PO Available: Levoxyl 50 mcg PO Student needs to convert the order from mg to mcg. In this instance, students would find that 0.1 mg = 100 mcg, therefore one available tablet = 1/2 the ordered dose. The student would need to give 2 of the available tablets to fulfill the order appropriately. *This can also be used for parenteral medications as well with slight variations made using syringes, needles and vials of colored fluids Multiple empty medication bottles (can obtain from a pharmacy, drug rep or physicians office) Different colored/shaped small beads to place into empty medication bottles (one color/shape per medication) Medication cups Drug book if using Brand and Generic drug names Scratch paper, pen, calculator for metric conversions if used

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Scleroderma Education Program Chapter 4 Gastrointestinal Tract This fourth chapter usually takes about 15 minutes. Introduction Almost everyone with either limited or diffuse Scleroderma will develop some Gastrointestinal (GI) tract problems. About 85% of people with Scleroderma will have some changes in their GI tract. These changes range from mild to severe. This chapte


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