Basic 35 mm photo guide:for beginning photographers Don't take my picture:how to take fantastic photos of family and friends and have fun Technical communication : a reader-centered approach A handbook of costume drawing:a guide to drawing the period figure for costume design student Baker, , Georgia O'Danel Mass communtcation theory : foundations, ferment and future The video demo tape:how to save money making a tape that gets you work Practical videography:field systems and trouble shooting Media impact : an introduction to mass media New demensions in photo imaging:a step-by-step manal Brcaking tradition the story of louise nevelson Set Lighting technician's Handbook:film lighting equipmint practice and electrical distribrution Make money with your camcorder:a complete guide The book of cuttings for acting and directing Principles of digital and analog communication Acting professionally raw facts about careers in acting Mass communication and eveyday life : a perspective on theory effects Corporate television:a procucer's handbook The Art of Technique : An Aesthetic Approacm to Film and Viceo Production How we survived communism and Evon Lacghed Parallel processing with communicating process architecture Wording with archival data : stubying lives Business data communications : Basic concepts, security and design Conemporary newspaper design:a struc-structura approach Introduction to random processes with application to signals and systems Designing with light :an introduction to stage lighting Motion picture marketing and distribution getting movies into a theatre near you A viewer's guide to film:arts,artifices,and issues The international world of electronic media The performer in mass media in media professions and in the commnity An Introduction to analog and digital communications Brodacasting in America:a survey of television, radio, and new technologies Data communications:a beginner's geiole to concepts and technology Communication in action : teaching literature-based language arts On television:a survival guide for media interviews Television today 6nd tomorrow : it won't be what you think Introduction to optical fiber communication systems The musical:a look at the american musical theater Modern digital and analog:communication systems Visual communication : images with messages The Renaissance:cambridge introduction to the history of art How to make your advertising twice as effective at half the cost Two centuries of shadow catchers a history of photography Macromedia-mission, message, and morality Public relations compaigns and techniques : building bridges into the 21st century Tracing file for interior and architectural rendering Telecommunications Mass Media and Democracy The wildlife photographer's field manual:capturing widlife in photography The screenplay:a blund of film and content The technique of radio production:a manual for broadcasters Organizational communication : approaches and processes The technique of lighting for television and film Concert lighting:techiques,art,and business Perspectives on development communication This Is PR : the realities of public relations Public relations writing : form and style Audio control handbook : for radio and television broadeasting The art of infrared photography:a comprehensive guide to the use of balck & white infrared film Paduano , Joseph Sources of the western tradition from the scientific revolution to the present volume II Sources of the western tradition from ancient times to the enlightenment valume I Screen adaptation:a scriptwriting handbook Ethnic minority media:an international perspective Audio - Visual equipment : a technician's and use's handbook Almost midnight:reforming the late-night news Communication network : Taward a new paradigm for Research Advertising communications & promotion management Talk show and entertainment program processes and procedures Information transmission modutation and noise Interpersonal communication:a guestion of needs Communication theories : origins,methods and uses in the mass media Getting and Writing the news:a guide to Reporting Examining newpapers:what research reveals about America' s newspapers Communications medid in the information society On communication:listening, reading, speaking and writing Thinking through communication : an introduction to the study of human communication Lighting for film and electronic cinematography The technique of special effects in television Creating special effects for TV and video Strangers next door:ethnic relations in American communities Relational commuatcation : continuity and change in personal relation ships Communication theories in action : an introduction Adver tising and marketing to the new majority The complete book of 8 mm super-8,single-8,standard-8 movie making Script planning:positioning and developing scripts for TV and film Introduction to artificial neural systems Visual communication : Images with messages Making Television Programs : A Professional Apprpach Telecommunication networks:protocols, modeling and analysis Screening the male:exploring masculinities in hollywood cinema Mcgraw- Hill dictionary of computing and communications

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UN ALGORITHME DE PRÉVENTION CARDIOVASCULAIRE EN MÉDECINE GÉNÉRALE UN ALGORITHME DE PRÉVENTION CARDIOVASCULAIRE EN MÉDECINE GÉNÉRALE R. DE MUYLDER 1 M. JEANJEAN 1 , D. PAULUS 2 O. DESCAMPS 3 , PH. SELVAIS 3 Mots-clefs : prévention cardiovasculaire, dépistage, cibles thérapeutiques, P. CHENU 3 , B. BOLAND 1, 3 Correspondance : Prof. B. Boland, Ecole de Santé Publiqu

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Submission to Committee on Children and Young People Inquiry into prescription and use of drugs and medications in children and young people This submission focuses on issues particular to children and young people living in out-of-home care for reasons of care and protection or living in residential care services for people with a disability. September 2001 Contents

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