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Suggestions for what to bring

• At least 2 sets of shorts, T-shirts, socks and underwear that you would not mind abandoning at the end of the dig. (Cotton items wash better than polyester items as they release the dirt easier.) Mark the labels with your initials. • A wide-brimmed hat (preferably with venting) and head sweat band. • Work gloves (light weight leather pair from Bunnings is recommended), kneeling pad (foam rubber mat), sock protectors, and utility belt (with rings) to hold tools. • At least one set of fairly nice but casual clothes (Khaki slacks, nice shirt, perhaps a skirt and blouse, and/or shawl), as 1) there may be an opportunity to share in the Sabbath socials with the Kibbutzniks, 2) there will be other social events you might want to participate in, and 3) you will want to be appropriately dressed for visiting holy places during our sightseeing tours. • Finally, bring a pair of rugged boots for the dig site, a pair of sandals for the beach, hotel pool, etc., and a sturdy but comfortable pair of walking shoes for climbing during the sightseeing tours. • Beach towel and your swimsuit!
• The Israeli unit of currency is the shekel (NIS), but US dollars are accepted nearly • Major credit cards are widely accepted, but a dedicated travel debit card is highly • Be sure to advise your bank of your travel plans and get your credit card authorized • Plan to exchange money at the airport as soon as you get through border control. When arriving by land transfer via Jordan get some US dollars before leaving home. • The hotel at the kibbutz has an ATM that will provide you with Shekels, and staff can exchange money at a slightly higher rate. Phone cards can be purchased at the kibbutz office, or at the hotel. Shop smart for souvenirs. Stuff is generally expensive, but bargains are easily found. • A local SIM card is recommended if you wish to use your mobile phone. • Free WIFI is available at the Museum coffee shop and is available even when the Museum is closed. There are lots of internet cafes in Jerusalem and around Israel. OTHER STUFF:
• Sun Block with SPF 30 to 45 (for prolonged exposure) • Personal toiletries, essential first aid supplies, bug repellant. (Soap, towels, toilet paper, and daily bed linens are provided by the kibbutz.) • Bandaids, plus some asprin and Imodium (or equivalent) medication for diarrhoea symptoms. Letter from your doctor if any special medication is carried. • Alarm clock, camera (with extra memory cards), flash light. • Adaptors for Israeli power outlets (types C & H) • A container for water on the dig site is a must. You can either bring a large, sturdy canteen, or wait until you arrive to purchase a 2 litre bottle and refill as necessary. • A small backpack for holding personal items is highly recommended. This can keep camera, phone, first aid supplies, sun screen, water bottle, etc all in one handy place while on the dig. • Clothes pegs for hanging out washing to dry. • Multi size plastic plugs for hand basin in bathroom and sink in kitchen. • Bottle opener and can opener, perhaps as part of a utility pocket knife set. (Pack in main baggage and do not carry in your hand luggage.) • Marker pens, super glue, spare batteries, safety pins. • Laundry at Kibbutz Ginosar has been provided in the past, but is limited to one community washing per week. Some people bring laundry powder to wash clothing items in between times, and especially their work clothes.
These are the basics. Please call/email me with any questions that might arise.
Greg Jenks
0408 767 344 (Australia)
0543 916 115 (Israel)
(00 972 543916115 for calls/SMS from outside Israel)


29th iarp national conference

29th IARP NATIONAL CONFERENCE RECENT ADVANCES IN RADIATION DOSIMETRY (IARPNC – 2010) 3 – 5 FEBRUARY, 2010 MULTIPURPOSE HALL, BARC GUEST HOUSE, ANUSHAKTINAGAR, MUMBAI – 400 094 PROGRAMME Wednesday, February 3, 2010 08.30 – 09.30 Registration 09.30 – 10.45 Inaugural Function Welcome: Dr. D.N. Sharma, President, IARP Presidential Address: Shri H.S. Kushwaha


Potassium permanganate–glyoxal chemiluminescence system for flowinjection analysis of cephalosporin antibiotics: cefalexin, cefadroxil,and cefazolin sodium in pharmaceutical preparationsYuanyuan Sun, Yuhai Tang, Hong Yao, Xiaohui Zheng Department of Chemistry, College of Science, Xi’an Jiaotong University, Xi’an 710061, PR China Received 27 October 2003; received in revised form 2 Febru

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