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Weight Management Report
Weight Management
Matraville Medical Complex
The weight management report includes your actual measurements compared with predicted values based on your age and gender and your energy balance containing the recommended daily caloric intake. Simply…you can’t manage what you don’t measure
The obesity crisis in today’s society is The Energy Balance…
Your Energy Balance (calories)
the result of simple math, it’s a calories- in calories-out calculation. Anything you Developing your ideal weight management program ENERGY EXPENDITURE
means understanding the balance between the calories that you burn and the calories you intake daily. To know your daily energy expenditure we need to measure your individual metabolism (RMR), and estimate the energy required by your body to sustain your lifestyle and physical increase in your weight of approximately activity. Once we know these three variables, we are able to provide you with a scientifically recommended daily food intake based upon your individual metabolism. A diet of just 350Kcal/day less than your typical daily energy Your Metabolism
expenditure allows you to loose up to 3kg (6 pounds) per The amount of energy required (calories per day) by each individual can be very diverse. Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) is the daily amount of calories burned at
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rest to maintain vital body functions. The majority of the calories your body burns each day are those just to remain alive. In a sedentary person, RMR accounts for Resting Metabolic Rate, how can you measure it?
The day of your assessment…
up to 80% of the total daily energy expenditure. Measuring your metabolism is easy and fast. Just breathe Like most health assessments, such as getting normally inside a disposable/single use mask for 15 your cholesterol checked, there are certain minutes and that’s it. You will get the actual amount of guidelines you need to follow. To get an accurate resting metabolism measurement, the day of your testing be sure to comply with the following guidelines: Do not eat or drink anything other than water for at least 4 hours prior to the measurement. Other measurements
Do not smoke, use nicotine, consume caffeine, There are additional measurements to receive a full body nutritional supplements, drugs containing ephedra (Ma Huang) or pseudoephedrine for at Body Measurements
least 4 hours prior to the measurement. Anthropometrics, Body Mass Index, Body Circumferences, Waist-Hip Ratio, Do not exercise (aerobic or strength training) Resting Heart Rate, Blood Pressure etc. for at least 8 hours before your scheduled Each metabolism is unique…
Body Composition
5 more minutes to measure your body My scheduled visit:
fat mass and percentage with skin-fold calliper or Body Impedance Analysis.


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Oxidized cellulose as the cause of an acute ischemic event after coronary Jose Rubio Alvarez , Juan Sierra Quiroga , Jose Martinez Cereijo , Laura Reija Lopez Cardiovascular Department . Universitary Hospital of Santiago de Compostela . Spain . Publicado : Interactive Cardio Vascular Thoracic Surgery 2010 ; 11 : 488. Absorbable topical hemostatic agents are commonly used in cardiac surgery .

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