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CASE #1070: Application of the FirstLine Therapy™ Therapeutic
Lifestyle Changes Program on a Patient with Altered Body Composition
1, 4, and 6 Weeks after Starting the FirstLine
Therapy Program
The purpose of this case study was to show how a therapeutic lifestyle changes program known as First In the first week, the patient lost 4.5 lb, and was
Line Therapy—which includes a dietary program, regular advised to alternate her breakfast with other meal exercise, and targeted nutritional support—can be options, or mix 1 scoop UltraGlycemX with 1 scoop beneficial in a patient with altered body composition and After 4 weeks, the patient reported doing well and had
been following the program without any problems. During the previous 4 weeks, she had switched from PATIENT'S PRESENTATION AND HISTORY
UltraGlycemX to UltraMeal beverage mix. Her weight had decreased to 186.5 lb, her body fat had decreased A 25-year-old Caucasian female presented with concerns to 39.6%, and her lean mass increased to 60.4%. Her about her weight. Additionally, she was looking for a BP was 145/110. Two weeks later, she had lost an natural therapeutic approach to address her PCOS. Two years earlier, she had presented to her primary care physician with complaints of irregular menstrual periods 2.9% Decrease
and hirsutism, and was diagnosed with PCOS. Based on in Body Fat in 4 Weeks
laboratory results, she was diagnosed with borderline insulin resistance. She was placed on desogestrel/ethinyl estradiol tablets (OCP), to be taken cyclically. She was taking no other prescriptive medications or supplements. The patient’s past medical history, as well as her family HT: 62”; WT: 198 lb; BMI†: 36.2 kg/m2; body fat: Physical exam was unremarkable, except for mild Figure 1. After 4 weeks, the patient's body fat decreased from 42.5% to 39.6%. This result suggests a notable ASSESSMENT AND PLAN
improvement in the patient's body fat mass with the Assessment: Altered body composition, PCOS, and 2.9% Increase in
Lean Body Mass in 4 Weeks
The patient was placed on the First Line Therapy program, along with supplements to support underlying issues associated with PCOS, and instructed to begin: UltraGlycemX Medical Food beverage mix to nutritionally support healthy blood sugar levels, Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) in triglyceride form to promote healthy body composition, EPA-DHA 300:200 to support overall health, 1 Figure 2. The patient's lean body mass increased from UltraMeal Bar Medical Food to promote healthy 57.5% to 60.4% after 4 weeks. This result suggests a body composition, 1/day (in the afternoon) noteworthy improvement in the patient's body A 1300 Cal/day, low-glycemic-index diet, composition with the FirstLine Therapy program. 8, 10, and 15 Weeks after Starting the FirstLine
Therapy Program
The patient continued a steady weight loss at the 8, 10, The information provided in this case study describes the results and 13 week visits. After 13 weeks she weighed 172 lb,
of one patient under the care of a licensed healthcare and her BMI had decreased to 31.5 kg/m2. She reported practitioner and may not be a typical response. Patients treated with medications should be carefully monitored by their no new hair growth on her chest, and was anxious to healthcare practitioner during any changes to their medication discontinue her OCP. She was advised to discontinue the Financial support for this study was provided by Metagenics, Inc. After 15 weeks, the patient's BMI was reduced to 30.5
This study was provided by M onique Class, MS, APRN, BC, and kg/m2 and she had lost an additional 5 lb, for a total conducted at the Center for Women's Health, Darien, CT. weight loss of 31 lb. Her fasting insulin was normal at FirstLine Therapy is a trademark of Metagenics, Inc. 11.9 µIU/mL (reference range: 6 - 27 µIU/mL), and fasting glucose was also normal at 80 mg/dL (reference †Body Mass Index (BMI) is computed by the weight (kg) divided range: 65-109 mg/dL). The patient's BP had normalized to 122/80. She was scheduled for a follow-up visit to assess whether she resumed normal cycling after 2004 Functional Medicine Research Center Case #1070: Application of the First Line Therapy™ Therapuetic Lifestyle Changes Program on a Patient with Altered Body Composition and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). Metagenics, Inc; FLT3-1104. 19% Decrease
in Body Mass Index in 15 Weeks
Figure 3. After 15 weeks, the patient’s body mass index (BMI) decreased from 36.2 to 30.5 kg/m2. This result indicates the patient’s BMI considerably improved with This case study demonstrated dramatic improvements of BMI, body weight, and insulin control in a female with altered body composition and PCOS with the application of the FirstLine Therapy program.


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