Know Before You Go:
If you are planning to visit us and will be involved with the conference or any type of ministry while here, you must read the following and agree with each point. These requirements have come out of problems with people visiting and causing issues due to dress, conduct, etc. Most of those visiting us go out of their way to make sure nothing is offensive and there is never one issue with conduct. However, just one problem can cause many questions here and damage what we are building with the leaders. Please respect our need to make sure we are above reproach in those who are representing CMM while in Kenya. 1. You MUST be born again, actively serving the Lord and a member of good standing in a local church. If this is your first visit to Kenya, you must bring a letter with you from your pastor that you are blessed by him in 2. You must be in agreement with and have a “partnership” spirit with Mission Barnabas or the church you attend does. We can only provide ministry opportunities and all the arrangements necessary for those who are part of our vision. (If friends hear you are coming to Kenya, they may want to be a part. They must follow all the steps and agreements before they can come.) 3. All ladies must agree to the following: To wear dresses to all services at CMM conferences. To wear appropriate attire while on the premises of CMM. No halter tops, no midriff showing, no low cut blouses or shirts, no high split skirts, no cleavage, If working at the Center, work clothes must be modest. We reserve the right to have you change if we feel your clothing would not be in the best taste while working 5. No single men and women in the same group pairing off alone. No pairing off alone with any of our staff 6. All tattoos must be covered up.
7. If you will be attending but not with a group, then you must contact Travis Matheny and let him know of your
planned visit. He will ask if you have read these items and will chat with you about your visit. Email him at
and he will arrange to speak with you by phone. Thank you so much for working
with us on things that can cause issues for us in Kenya. The culture here is very different and we must work within the perimeters and boundaries of where the church and leaders are in the field we are working in.
Thank you
Ronnie & Debbie Matheny

Practical Travel Information:
Below is some general information for those planning a trip to Kenya. This is intended to answer some questions and help in your planning. Some things may change but general y it should be close to this. • Make sure your passport is valid…also make a copy of the page with your picture and info and • You do not need to send off for your visa…you can get it upon arrival. very easy…must have • The departure tax has been included in your ticket and so there is no cost when leaving the • When checking in at the airport in the States be sure and check your luggage al the way to Nairobi. Also, they do not al ow you to lock your luggage. (You can lock them if you use the TSA approved locks…a little expensive.) Keep that in mind. If you have to change airports in London you will get your luggage and check in again at the other airport. You can put locks on your luggage at that time if you wish (if you are not using TSA locks). Be sure to stay within the weight • If you pack most of your clothes and items in one large suitcase and then have the other one to bring things over for the conference or for us or some of the other missionaries, that would be • If you will be having handout materials that will need to be copied here, if you can email them • If you have any special needs please let us know…i.e. diet, medicines, etc. We are about 10 minutes from the Nairobi Hospital which has good medical care if needed. We will make sure • Concerning malaria….the mosquitoes are not very bad in this area of Kenya. There are several choices to make sure your room stays free and we will give you this info upon arriving. You may want to take malaria medicine for this trip and you would need to see your doctor and have the doctor prescribe it to you as you start it before you come. The doctors here are well trained and experienced in anything about malaria if needed. You may also want to ask your doctor for Bactrim…this will make your stomach like a tank while you are here…fights the “Revenge”. • Eat apples while you have the "Revenge" the pectin in the apple leaches the bateria out of your • The weather is one of the best things about Kenya. You never need a heater nor an air conditioner. It ranges from the low 80’s during the day to the upper 60’s in the evenings. It is like spring time all year round. You may want to bring a light jacket if you are cold natured. • During the conference you will need to wear a tie when ministering and a coat is optional. For the Sunday services. coat and tie. When we are around Nairobi, casual wear is fine. Shorts are ok as well. Be sure and bring shorts and tennis shoes or hiking boots for the safari. • Be sure and pack binoculars, sunscreen, flashlight, alarm clock and any camera and video equipment you will need. Other suggestions are: small umbrella, anti-bacterial hand gel, wide • The voltage here is 220V. If you are bringing a hair dryer it will need to run on both 110V or 220V or bring a small transformer to operate it.

Source: http://www.missionbarnabas.us/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/MB+Visitor+Info.pdf

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