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Democrat Harasses Black Woman
Medical Journal. However, researchers said
Democrat Legislator for Voting Pro-Life
drospirenone's overall risk remains low, at 30.8 per May 4, 2011 After debating in favor of a bill that 100,000 women years, compared with 12.5 for the would require ultrasounds before abortions, Democrat leaders openly harassed, threatened and belittled Breast-feeding influences care-giving behaviors, Democratic Rep. Daphnee Campbell, a freshman from study says: Researchers found, using functional Miami, her first legislative session last week.
magnetic resonance imaging, that breast-feeding Campbell is a wife and mother of five children who women had higher activation in brain regions involved works as a nurse. As she rose in passionate support for in care giving and empathy compared with those who the pro-life bill, Rep. Scott Randolph, from Orlando, mainly fed their children with formula milk. The study whose assigned seat is right next to Campbell, started in the Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry
tossing papers on her desk and threw her pen in the also found that the brain regions that had activation trash apparently incensed that a fellow Democrat one month after delivery continued to have high acti- vity up to three or four months postpartum and corres- Randolph, who has been endorsed by Planned ponded to sensitive behaviors among breast-feeding Parenthood and Equality Florida, told Campbell, “You mothers. United Press International (4/21) are a traitor…I swear, you will not be re-elected. I will Unusual Sources of Truly Ethical Research
get an opponent.” Campbell’s quick retort was, “You Beacon Equity, touting companies working with stem cells, reported Karolinska University Hospital in Gems Found on the ANA Website Last Spring
Sweden successfully replaced a patient’s trachea with Newer contraceptives increase risk of blood clot, 2 synthetic scaffolds in combination with the patient’s studies find: Women using Bayer's Yasmin and other own stem cells. “This means patients will not have to oral contraceptives containing drospirenone have as wait for a suitable organ donor.” A preferred much as a threefold greater risk of venous subscriber discount offer from The Economist has a thromboembolism compared with users of pills that graphic of an issue headlined “Gendercide: What contain levonorgestrel, an older synthetic hormone, happened to 100 million Baby Girls?” a question according to two studies published in the British
prolifers have been asking for some time.


Macular degeneration, amd, and aspirin use

Does Aspirin Cause Macular Degeneration? By Dr. Michael Richie, MD Richie Eye Clinic – Faribault, MN Remember when “food scientists” agreed that butter was bad for your health, artificial sweeteners were better for us than sugar, and vegetable oil was good for your heart? It seems that not all “science” is created equally and rash, all- or-nothing conclusions rarely st

Medco prescription plan summary 2012

PLAN IS EFFECTIVE AS OF JANUARY 1, 2012 There are two prescription drug benefit plans: the Standard Plan and the Premium Plan. Your prescription plan is determinedby your diocese or group and was noted on your personalized open enrollment form. If you are in the Premium Plan, it is alsonoted on your ID card. The High Deductible Health Plan has its own prescription drug plan. Standard RETAI

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