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GAKIC (glycine-l-arginine-·-ketoisocaproate) GAKIC (glicina-l-arginina-alfa-ketoisocaproato) Bioflavonoids/Bioflavonoidi
Citrus bioflavonoids (40-80% in hesperidin) Bioflavonoidi da agrumi (40-80% in esperidina) Creatines/Creatine
Alfa-Amylase (per la dig. dei carboidrati) Aminogen™ (digestion of lactose and milk proteins) Aminogen™ (dig.ione del lattosio e protei Lipasi (promote the digestion of the fats) Protease (per la digestione delle proteine) Fibers and prebiotics/Fibre e prebiotici
PHGG AG (granulare) Galattomannano idr.
PHGG R (polvere) Galattomannano idr.
Deodorized fish oil (lemon, orange, flavours) Olio di pesce deodor.(al sapore di limone o Fish oil powder > 65% fatty acids (EP A+DHA) Probiotic strains/Probiotici
Whey protein isolate (Ultra-micro-filtration) Raw Materials/Principi attivi
Astaxanthin 1,8% micropellets hydrodisp. Astaxantina 1,8% micropellets idrodisp.
Betasitosteroli >75% da pino Phytopin® Trigliceridi media catena in polvere(MCT) Melograno e.s. 40% punicosidi Polygranate® Melograno semi, olio 80% acido punicico.
Cartilagine di squalo (4% condroitin solfato) Tocotrienols from palm, oil and powder(20-50%) Tocotrienoli da palma , olio e polvere (20-50%) Seaweeds/Alghe
Alga spirulina “Platensis” cer t. biologica Dried Extracts
Andrographis Pan>=6% Andrographolides Apple >50% poliphenols, >5% phloridzin Bilberry leaves >50% polyph.>15% NEW! Mirtillo nero
Black Cohosh >=2.5% triterpenglicosides Black Elder >30% polyphenols NEW!
Boehmeria nipononivea 10-30% fatty acids NEW! Boemeria
Boswellia Ser.(Olibanum) >=65% Boswellia Ser.(Olibanum) >=90% Cacao beans 6% theobromine, 1,5% caf feine Cacao Cat's Claw >=0.5% tot. oxindole alka. Centella >=20-40% tot. triterpene der. Cherry white >50% polyphenols Cherrex-50™ NEW! Ciliega bianca
Chrysanthellum americanum Chrysanthellum americanum Citrus aurantium> 36% PMF's NEW!
Common White birch >=1.0% Hyperosides Common White birch >=2.5% Hyperosides Cystoseira >50% sulphopolysaccharides NEW!
Devil's claw >=1.5% tot. Harpagosides Devil's claw >=2.5% tot. Harpagosides Echinacea Purp.>=4.0% tot.phenolic comp. Flax seed lignans >10-20-30-40% SDG NEW!
Garcinia Cambogia >=60% Hydroxycitric acid Garcinia Mangostana 10-50% mangosteen NEW! Garcinia mangostana
Ginkgo Biloba >=3% tot.ginkgoflavonoids Ginkgo Biloba >=24% ginkfla.6% terp.< Ginkgo biloba Grape seed >=95% polyphenols-13% catechins Grape seed Grapefruit seed >=50%Bioflavonoids (GSE) Griffonia >98% 5-HTTP (pick X absent) Guggul >=10% guggulipids, 2,5% A&Z isomers Guggul Lagerstroemia speciosa >=1% Corosolic acid Mango leaves > 80% mangiferin NEW!
Milk thistle 70-80% sylimarin, 10-30% sylibin Olive fruit >45% polyph.> 1% tyrosol >6%hydroxityrosol Olivo Passion Herb >=0.5% tot. flav. as Vitexin Passion Herb >=3.5% tot. flav. as Vitexin Pau d'Arco >=3% Lapachol Pistacia lentiscus 25-35% masticonic ac. NEW!
Pomgranate >40% punicosides NEW!
Pomgranate seed >80% punigic acid NEW!
Propolis 2.5-12% tot.flavonoids. as Galangine Propoli Prune >50% polyphenols NEW!
Prune >7% sorbithol NEW!
Rhododendron caucasicum>50% polyphenols Rodiola >=3-5% Rosavins water soluble Russian origin Rhodiola rosea Saffron >=2% safranal Saffr'Active® NEW!
St. John' s Wort >=0.1-0,3% Hypericin Tribulus Terrestris >20-40% protodioscin Vine 92% polyphenols, OPC's 15% resveratrol 100ppm Vite rossa Watermelon >=10% citrulline NEW!
Wheat germ > 2,5% Vit. B group NEW!


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