General information

General Information

PASSPORT - The Haitian authorities require that
Americans entering Haiti have a passport. Previously, your birth certificate would suffice but this is no longer acceptable. DO NOT allow anyone to convince you that a passport is not needed. You will not be allowed into Haiti without one! Check with your post office for a passport application. IMMUNIZATIONS - Everyone is encouraged to update their tetanus and
influenza immunizations. Normally, that is all that you will need. If you want you can also receive a gamma globulin (immune globulin) injection for hepatitis prophylaxis as close to departure as possible. Hepatitis A and B vaccines, which provide long-term protection, are available through your physician or health department. (Hepatitis A replaces the need for a gamma globulin injection). Please consult your physician or local health department regarding these or any other recommended immunizations since these are subject to change over time. These are not required. Most people only update their tetanus shots, but please do whatever you feel is necessary.
MALARIA PROPHYLAXIS - It is mandatory that everyone secure 8 weeks worth of chloroquine from
their personal physician. A 500mg dosage (2 tablets of 250mg each) should be taken 1-2 weeks prior
to departure and weekly thereafter until four weeks after returning from the trip. Pills should be taken on a full stomach. They should also be taken on the same day of every week. Please remember that it is very important to finish your pills after you return from Haiti. Not taking them could result in Malaria. (On request we will supply the malaria pills.) PHYSICAL CONDITION and MEDICATIONS - It is recommended that a thorough physical
examination as well as a dental checkup be obtained before departure. Also, medical identification
(tags, bracelet, card, etc.) must be carried by all who have a chronic illness such as diabetes or heart condition . If you are on medications, take enough to last the entire trip. Please have a list of all medication, listing dosage and directions as well as a letter from your physician.
YOU SHOULD BE AWARE that the trip is at least moderately stressful and sometimes greatly so. Nonetheless, there is a place for anyone who feels led by God to go on one of our trips if he or she is in reasonably good health.
MEDICAL PERSONNEL - Anyone forming part of the medical staff (doctors, nurses, dental hygienists
etc.) will need to provide a copy of each of the following:
Any specialized license within their medical field Mission Trips Opportunities
Northwest Haiti Christian mission trips offer a wide variety of opportunities, Construction - Every trip will have some type of construction project. This
will include laying block, shoveling, pouring cement, laying foundation, etc.
Carpenters and plumbers are greatly needed!
Evangelism - You will have the opportunity to visit the huts of people who
are in our programs as well as those who aren’t. Mountain trips may be
offered so that you can share God’s Word with people from afar. We have a
Jesus film in Creole, their language, which can be shown at night.
Medical - We have a clinic that sees patients daily. We can always use
doctors and nurses as well as those who are just interested in medical work.
This is a great opportunity for teenagers as well as college students to get hands on experience especially if they are considering this as a career. We also have an eye clinic. You can help us sort out glasses, etc.
Elderly Program - We have two programs for our elderly people. We have
feeding program and need help serving them food in the afternoons as well as
people to just sit and talk with them! Many of them are very lonely and would love for you to just sit with them. Some people may want to lead praise and worship or give a short devotion each day. You can visit their homes as well. We also have a residential facility on campus and the residents love American Paint - We paint everything from buildings to trees to dogs!! We always have
things that needed to be painted!
Preach/Seminars - We have several churches throughout our villages that
would love to have you preach for them! You can even hold a revival with
praise and worship! We’ve had a couple of seminars taught to our teachers as
well as our preachers about finances, etc. If you would like to hold a conference or seminar we would love to have! Your topic can be anything that Nutritional - We have 50 babies and preschoolers who come to us each day
with a family member to be fed. We need help bathing, feeding and playing
VBS/Camp program - These can be taught at our nutritional, orphanage, or
school programs, downtown or in another village!
Teach Mothers - While a VBS program may be going on with the nutritional
kids, we also like to do something special for the mothers! We teach them
basic concepts about parenting and being a strong Christian leader in their
household! You name it and you can teach it to them! Cook - We always need cooks for our groups! This is a pretty important part!
If you just want to cook for a couple of meals or for the whole trip, just let us
know! We’ll set you up with what you need! Devotions - We have devotionals every morning and every night. The ones
in the morning are normally very short. - This can be sharing a favorite
scripture or telling about how something on this trip has already changed you
in some way. We will have a sign-up sheet in Haiti and you can sign up for any night or day you want. We also need people to help with devotions for our Haitian men’s group in the mornings as well as for the medical staff! Please feel free to help us lead those! - If you haven’t seen a baby being born, here is your chance! You can help us deliver and dress up these little precious babies! You may be able to name one too! Preschool - We have a preschool that meets 5 days a week! If you have any
small crafts or would just like to help them with colors and numbers and
letters, please let us know! They would love to have share with them!
Deaf School - We have a deaf school as well! If you know sign language,
please let us know! We would love to have you help us teach or hold a special
program for them!
Teach English - Many of our workers, orphans, mothers in the nutritional
programs, children in our schools, etc. would love to learn English so that
they can better communicate with the Americans that visit each month!
Surgical - We have surgical teams that travel to Haiti every year. If you have
any experience, please let us know and we will let you know the dates that
the surgical teams will be in Haiti. Surgeries are not going on every trip.
Denistry - If you have experience in this area, please let us know! You may
be a real asset.
Pharmacy - We are always in need of people to help us in the pharmacy. We
do have an American and Haitian pharmacist who will assist anyone who
would like to help! We need help sorting out pills and labeling bottles! Orphanage - We have groups that go down to the orphanage almost every
trip! You can take the kids swimming at the beach, play games with them,
Sports Camp - The children love to play soccer and basketball! You can
teach them how to be a team player!
Miriam Center - Our Miriam Center has three parts to it including:
Heaven’s Waiting Room - a place for children who have no hope and are not expected to live very long due to physical/mental conditions A Physical Therapy/Occupational Therapy (PT/OT) room - for children wanting to learn how to manage with their disability Feeding the Thousand - This program was designed for children who do not
fit into any of the other programs we have and yet are struggling to live every
Special Talent? - Let us know about it! We will find a way to plug you in!
Everyone is permitted two large bags weighing no more than 50 pounds (unless otherwise instructed), one carry-on that can fit under your seat or in an over-head compartment, and a purse or backpack. We recommend wrapping things in plastic grocery bags, Ziplock, etc. inside your suitcase. This helps for easy access and it avoids messes with shampoos and bottled water. We recommend rolling your clothes instead of folding them. It saves more space when you roll them! Don’t bring travelers checks! A list may be sent to each group with a few items to bring in for your group! Do NOT go out and buy a bunch of new clothes! Due to travel conditions, expensive clothes aren’t needed. Most people shop at Goodwill and the Salvation Army! There is no beauty contest in Haiti. Please use your best judgment when packing! If you have any questions about the list, please feel free to call us.
__ Twin bed sheets, pillow, vinyl mattress cover (optional) __ Watch __ Toiletries - soap, shampoo, deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc. __ Rain poncho __ Wet ones/hand sanitizer __ Money (small bills) __ Boys - 2 days worth of shorts/shirts __ Girls - 2 days worth of skirts/shirts __ Girls - female items __ Shower shoes (flip flops) __ Deck of cards/book/puzzles/something to do at airport __ Copy of passport to be given to leader __ Leaders (keep copies of medical release forms) Your Suitcase
__ Girls - 3 skirts/shirts or Jumper/shirts __ Girls - modest shorts to wear underneath skirts only __ Guys -3 pairs of shorts/pants with shirts __ One nice pair of Sunday clothes (boys need to wear pants with shirts/ties) __ More bottles of water __ Underclothes & socks __ Swimsuit (girls - one piece) __ Comfortable shoes __ Snack food __ Sandals/hiking boots (optional) __ Lightweight blanket (winter months) __ Hat (girls - bring stuff to put your hair up) __ Towels/wash cloths __ Extra film & batteries __ 1 pack of plastic plates (for group to eat on) __ Extra rolls of toilet paper __ Paper towels or napkins __ Plastic bags for dirty clothes (Haitian women will wash your clothes) Optional
__ Accompaniment tapes if singing
__ Balls/Frisbees, etc. to play with kids __ Peanut butter for the children __ Baby food/formula for nutritional kids __ Whatever you thought of Raising Money:
The following are suggestions for helping you raise money for your trip: Tell your church - If you go to your elders or ministers and tell them what you are doing, a lot of the time they will offer to pay half of your trip. Many people go to Haiti and their church helps them financially and when they return they give a little testimony and show slides about their trip! Write Letters - Even if your friends and family are not believers of Christ, many still believe in good causes and will help you financially. It is very rare for anyone in our groups to write letters and not get enough money raised! Send letters to your friends, your parents’ friends, colleagues, neighbors, etc. You will be surprised to find out how many people are willing to help you. All donations payable to Northwest Haiti Christian Mission are tax deductible.
Get your community involved - Make it a project with your youth group, friends, family, or neighbors. Hold a large garage sale, wash cars, sell cookies or cakes, or hold an auction! We had one group auction off dates in order to raise money! It turned out to be a fun Christian gathering! Holidays - Instead of asking for gifts for birthdays and Christmas, ask them for help for you to go on a mission trip! You will find that the sacrifice for not receiving that new keyboard, CD player, skateboard, bike, jewelry, etc. will not even come close to the enjoyment you will receive by helping God’s Don’t let money be the main source of why you don’t go! If it is God’s will, the These rules and regulations will be discussed more in detail when you are in Haiti, and you will receive additional information your first night. The rules will be given just like if you were at a camp. Common sense will keep you from breaking these! Begging - We have had a hard time with Haitians begging and expecting Americans
to give beyond what we were called to do. It is because of all of these problems that these new rules have been formed. Believe us when we say there is a reason for why we do this. If one person decides to break them than the other Haitians will hear about it and they will begin this unhealthy behavior all over again. More rules may be The only thing that you can carry to a Haitian’s home is God’s Word. Please feel free to collect items to give away while you are in Haiti! We have a new process for doing this. We will collect all items to be given away at the beginning of the trip. Then after you are there for a few days, we will pass out cards to those Haitians who are in great need or friends that you have met. We will have one big Give-a-Way day that Please do not give out money until you have talked with one of the leaders! We will not be paying rent or building houses while we are in Haiti. We do not invite our Haitian friends up on the roof, as this is the missionaries’ living quarters. We have had several things “walk” off the mission. So please help us out! We do not allow for Haitians to be supported outside of our programs. We can’t guarantee that the money you give them is being used correctly. Several Haitians that you meet on the street will ask you to send them to school. Most of these Haitians already have people sending them to school or they may take the money and not go to school at all. There are several children who need support that are in our programs. We can guarantee that all money goes directly to the program.
If a child speaks English than you can assume that several people have already given to these children. You have to imagine that there are several needy children who never get anything because they are shy or don’t speak English. It isn’t fair for only a few to get things from every single group. This is another reason why these rules are being placed. The people in our programs are not allowed to beg. If someone approaches you for something in our programs, please let one of the leaders know.
Clothing - Wear comfortable clothing. Whatever type of footwear you would
normally use for hiking or walking long distances is the most appropriate. Rain gear, such as a plastic poncho that folds up compactly, can be a valuable asset.
Customs and Behavior - Haitian customs of dress and social behavior are very
important to the Haitian people. For this reason, compliance with the following code
1. Use of alcohol and tobacco is prohibited on all trips. 2. Ladies will need to wear dresses, skirts and blouses, or culottes. Sun dresses and slacks are permitted only after sundown and are restricted to the compound grounds. Shorts are not allowed except to be worn under a dress 3. Public display of affection between sexes is offensive to Haitians and is not 4. Fellowship between sexes is restricted to public rooms and areas. 5. Ties are required for men taking an active part in a church service. Dress clothes are required for church attendance (no shorts)! Modest swim wear is required of everyone. One-piece bathing suits are required of the ladies. Devotions and Prayer - We will meet as a group every day for devotions. You can
sign up to lead a devotion or give a personal testimony once you are in Haiti! We always need song leaders as well! We hope this will be an opportunity for you to expand the talents that God has blessed you with! We also have a Prayer Tower available for round the clock prayer coverage. Most groups set up various rotations of individual one hour shifts while their team is in Haiti.
Food and Water - While in Haiti it is best to eat only food prepared by our group.
When eating in public places, avoid eating salads or fresh fruit, and eat only food that has been thoroughly cooked. Carry a small day pack containing personal items on any expedition that involves you being separated from the primary meal preparation area. It is suggested that you have in your pack such things as granola bars, dried fruit, etc. as emergency rations. Usually picnic meals will be provided for teams away from the main group, but it is always best to be prepared for the Note: The breakfast meal in Miami may be your last one until you reach the mission campus. We suggest that you bring enough snack food in your carry-on as your evening meal during the bus or plane ride to St, Louis du Nord. Fill your water container(s) in Miami and make sure you have enough water to get you to the North coast, which is normally an 8 hour bus ride (sometimes longer in the event of a break-down or high water in the rivers). Containers can be refilled at the mission campus in St. Louis du Nord where the water is potable. Do not drink or even brush your teeth with any water elsewhere in Haiti (not even at the hotels)!! Your drinking container should never be shared with anyone. This increases the risk for spreading any illness contracted by one person to another in the group.
Insects - Extra strength insect repellent and insecticide spray are useful for
repelling mosquitoes, spraying sleeping quarters and spraying the basket saddles on Haitian horses and donkeys. Mosquito coils can also be used for inside sleeping Laundry - Haitian women will provide laundry. This allows them to make a small
living helping us out. This service is not included as part of our package. Laundry normally averages from $1-$3 depending on the size of the load.
Money - The amount of money you take will depend on your desire to buy
souvenirs. Carry your passport in a money pack or fanny pack. Carry only essentials
in your wallet or handbag: Drivers License and Hospital Card. Leave your credit cards at home! Travelers checks may or may not be accepted in parts of Haiti. We recommend bringing $50 - $100 in cash for souvenirs and emergency situations. (Money exchangers do not like accepting $1 bills.) Photography - Haiti and its people are very photogenic. There are countless
beautiful scenes to photograph throughout Haiti and interesting shots of people to be taken. There are also opportunities to photograph scenes of poverty and despair but one must be careful. The Haitians are proud people and they are conscious of their living conditions. Often, they don’t want to have their picture taken. Always ask permission when taking pictures of individuals. You defeat your purpose in going to Haiti by making people angry. Let common sense be your guide. Airport x-ray equipment may or may not damage your film. If you have concerns about your film, then have it hand-checked through the security gates, particularly if it is 1000 speed Soft drinks - There is a little store in Port-de-Paix that has a lot of American drinks
and food. You will have the opportunity to buy things there. These are not included in the price.
Telephone/E-mail - There is a telephone/e-mail, which can be used only for
emergencies. The costs of these items are a lot higher in Haiti than in the states.
There are other phones downtown where you can call home collect.


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