Coil Fitting and what to expect
Please make a normal 10 minute appointment with Dr Lindsay or Dr Decker to discuss having a coil
fitted or changed. At this appointment they will discuss the different coil options with you and do a
routine Chlamydia test, then book the coil fitting appointment at a mutually convenient time.
Ideally the coil is fitted when you are having your period. As this is not always possible, you need to use some form of contraception from your last period to the coil fitting and sometimes continue for 1 week after. If you are having a coil changed, please use a condom or abstain from intercourse for 1 week before the fitting appointment. The fitting:
A coil fitting can cause slight crampy abdominal pain. This pain can be reduced by taking
nurofen/ibuprofen 1 hour before hand.
You may get some bleeding/spotting after the fitting so please come prepared.
What you should know about coils:
Mode of action of a Copper-IUD is to primarily prevent fertilisation and the Mirena Coil is to
Failure rates at 5 years’ use are low: less than 2% for Copper Coils and less than 1% for the
Uterine perforation is uncommon (up to 2 per 1000 insertions).
Expulsion occurs in around 1 in 20 women, is most common in the first year of use and
particularly within 3 months of insertion.  Risk of ectopic pregnancy is reduced when using intrauterine contraception when compared to
 There is no delay in return to fertility after removal of intrauterine contraception.
 There is a six-fold increase in risk of pelvic infection in the 20 days following insertion of
intrauterine contraception but risk is the same as in the non-coil using population thereafter.  Bleeding and pain are common reasons for people having the coil removed. Spotting, light
bleeding, heavy or prolonged bleeding is common in the first 3–6 months of Copper Coil use. Irregular bleeding and spotting is common in the first 6 months after insertion of the Mirena.  Hormonal side effects can be due to systemic absorption of progestogen but few women
discontinue use of the Mirena Coil for this reason and discontinuation rates are not significantly different from the Copper Coil users. After the fitting:
Please don’t use tampons or have sexual intercourse for 3 days after the fitting.
The womb can occasionally expel the coil so we like to see you for a follow up appointment 4-6 weeks after inserting the coil. If the coil is inserted in the first 7 days of your cycle it will be effective immediately. If it is inserted after day 7 of your cycle you will need additional contraception (condoms) for 7 days after the fitting. If you experience any of these symptoms after the coil fitting, please see a doctor:  Worsening pain or pain which is not settling with simple painkillers. July 2011 (Review July 2012)

Source: http://www.oakleyandovertonsurgery.co.uk/website/J82046/files/Coil_fitting.pdf

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