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Press Release

OMNINET and OmniWay Draw up the Results of a Three-year Cooperation

The Russian division of OMNINET, the leading European software solutions provider for IT services
automation, and the consulting company OmniWay celebrate the triennial of their partnership. During
this time more than 100 projects were completed based on the OMNITRACKER product, the universal
platform, designed for the automation of different business processes.
OmniWay became one of the first OMNINET partners to achieve the status of a Project Partner. It
means that OmniWay can delegate the use right, implement, conduct trainings and provide a technical
support for OMNITRACKER.
OmniWay is the leader in implementation of solutions based on the OMNITRACKER platform in Russia
and CIS. In cooperation with OMNINET the company performed more than 100 projects for 35
customers, among which are AlfaStrakhovanie, Lenenergo, Sportmaster, Yandex.Money, ROLF
Group, MICEX, RDK, Bank Forum, VTB Ukraine, UPC. Some significant projects are: the first
migration in the CIS from the HP OV Service Desk to the OMNITRACKER for the AlfaStrakhovanie
company, the first optimization of access control with the help of the OMNITRACKER platform for
Yandex.Money, the first implementation of OMNITRACKER in the energy sector for Lenenergo, and
the comprehensive usage of the OMNITRACKER platform not only for the automation of IT services,
but also for the optimization of business processes for the Bank Forum.
OmniWay also conducts public and in-company trainings for the OMNITRACKER platform usage in
Russia and Ukraine. Over the last three years OmniWay conducted about 60 public trainings, which
were visited by more than 300 professionals from different companies.
"All our projects completed during these three years differ in size, tasks, industries, business types and
business processes patterns. An evident proof of the quality, flexibility and power of the
OMNITRACKER platform, designed by our partner, is that all of these projects were successful. We are
absolutely satisfied with these results of our cooperation and are not going to stop − we have further
plans to develop cooperation further, but we'd better tell you about the results»,
says Ilya Savichev,
CEO of OmniWay.
"We highly appreciate the significant role of OmniWay in the development of our business in Russia
and CIS. OmniWay employees are highly professional in ITSM-consulting − in designing management
processes, the implementation of information systems and integration, the development of analytical
reporting, and also in specific trainings. It is due to such experts that the OMNITRACKER platform
features are revealed,"
says Michael Dobner, CEO of OMNINET Russia and CIS. "Moreover the
OmniWay employees created a special application called
on the basis of OMNITRACKER.
This application will help our companies open up new markets. For example we plan to strengthen our
positions in the different business spheres in Russia and CIS, as well as to expand our work in

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About the Companies

is a Russian subsidiary of the leading provider of software solutions
for automated IT services based on the recommendations of ITIL in Europe. The company was
founded in 1993 in Germany; it has offices in Vienna, Brussels, the Hague and Bern. Since 2007,
OMNINET has been actively developing its business in Russia and CIS countries. OMNINET
customers include Siemens, Union Investment, Deutsche Telekom, T-Systems, Mercedes-Benz,
MICEX, ROLF Group, AvtoSpetsCentre Group of Companies, Yandex.Money, Bank Saint-
Petersburg, and Sportmaster.

is a professional management system for technical support and other services.
OMNITRACKER is useful in different areas; it can be adapted to the customer's requirements and
business processes quickly, easily and cost-effectively. The strategy of OMNITRACKER focuses on
understanding and optimizing systems and corresponding business processes.

is a consulting company, specializing in design, automation and
implementation of different business processes. The company's offices are located in Moscow and
Kiev. The main area of business interest is ITSM-consulting. OmniWay consultants have ITIL Expert, IT
Service Manager, and ISO 20000 Manager Certificates and have extensive experience in projects
aimed at improving the quality of information technology management. Among OmniWay customers
are financial institutions, energy, retail, industrial and telecommunications companies and government
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