and parents/family visiting them

Trip Dates: 4 day/3 night trips, Tuesday through Friday
Price of Amazon Rainfore
$520 package + $175 airfare = $695 USD
All visitors, family or otherwise (including past volunteers), wishing to visit OSSO’s program (even
if they don’t want to stay in OSSO’s house) must have prior permission/approval (before making flight
arrangements) from OSSO’s office in Rexburg. (For the safety of the children we serve, as well as the
volunteers, we screen all visitors.)

Description of lodging
Travelers with OSSO get a significant discount from what most people pay. In order to get this discount,
there is one thing that you must do that the regular visitors don’t do: you must stay in the bunkhouse if
there is not room in the lodge. The bunkhouse is a nice, clean, safe building that has indoor plumbing,
but all the girls in our group would likely stay in the same room up, to eight per room. Guys would be in
a separate room. The lodge has individual cabins that you would share with others from our group,
usually 2-4 to a room. The rooms include private bathrooms with hot showers, and the solar-powered
electricity is adequate but is shut off each night at a certain time to preserve it.
Note: No alcohol will be served to anyone in an OSSO group.
What is included in trip price
- 4 day/3 night Amazon rainforest trip
- roundtrip transportation from our Quito house to the airport
- roundtrip ticket to fly from Quito to Coca
- roundtrip transportation by motorized canoe (or bus, depending on # of participants) from Coca to
- staying in the Quito house on return night as well as lunch/dinner in the house that day
- tips for the guides, which OSSO will pay to them out of the price you paid us
Deadline to make your decision
We’d prefer to know ASAP, but if you make your decision after we have purchased your ticket to
Ecuador, it may cost you around $250-$350 USD extra, because we’ll need to change the return date on
your airline ticket. (If you apply for the program later than 2 months before your departure date, you’ll
need to make your decision ASAP.) If we haven’t heard from you by this time, we’ll automatically
assume you’re not going on the Amazon rainforest trip.
At three months before departure to Ecuador, $1,500 is due for the total program. By this deadline,
$150.00 USD of the total Amazon rainforest trip cost is not refundable. By the two-month payment
deadline (payment in full), none of the Amazon rainforest trip is refundable.

Full Payment
The total cost of the Amazon rainforest trip is due two months before your departure (at the same time
full payment is due for the OSSO program fee).

Method of Payment
You can either send a separate check for this or lump it together with your OSSO program fee balance.
Checks, money orders or cashier’s checks should be made payable to OSSO.
Mail to
P.O. Box 345
Rexburg, ID 83440
Vaccination/medicine needed for going to the jungle?
Yellow fever
: a yellow fever vaccination is definitely recommended by the CDC for anyone going to the
jungle, however, Yachana says on their website that you’re not at risk there, so this is your decision
whether to get this vaccination or not; please talk to your doctor about this. If you get vaccinated, you
should be given an International Certificate of Vaccination that you should bring with you, just in case,
to prove that you were vaccinated against yellow fever.
Malaria: malaria medication is recommended by the CDC for anyone going to the jungle. Yachana says
on their website that there have been a small number of reported cases of malaria in the surrounding
region around where Yachana Lodge is located but that none of their staff take anti-malaria medicine.
With the thousands of tourists who have recently visited there, few, if any, have had a problem with
malaria. It’s a personal decision whether you want to take malaria pills or not; we recommend you talk
to your doctor about this. Lariam, which is very expensive, is the most commonly recommended
medication by U.S. doctors. Other medications are options and some can be found pretty cheap and
available over the counter in Ecuador.

Source: http://www.orphanagesupport.org/information/Long-termVolunteers(andparents)DatesandPrices.pdf


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