Sweden packing suggestions

River Drybag Packing Suggestions
1. One drybag: for sleeping bag, pad and pillow, sheet (optional for hot nights), small tarp (optional), a roll-a-cot is the best! Roll-a-cot won’t fit in a dry bag. 2. One small day drybag cold weather gear bag (I don’t usually bring this for hot rivers like the Grand)- easily accessible during the day, splash jacket, splash pants, long underwear pants, fleece jacket, wetsuit booties, wetsuit socks, fleece hat, liner gloves, wetsuit gloves, neck warmer, wetsuit 3. One dry bag for clothes and personal items: see list below  NOTE: Separate traveling bag for the car- clean clothes for the ride to and back from the river
Personal Drybag (clothes/stuff) suggestions:
 Rainjacket (windbreaker) – 1  Fleece jacket – 1 or 1 polypro long sleeve shirt  River shorts – 3- quick drying with mesh liner- I like Cabela’s brand with zippered pockets  T-shirts – 2 to 4  Long sleeved cotton men’s shirts with collar – 4, easy to pick up at Goodwill or Walmart  Cotton river pants – scrubs 1  Cotton camp shorts – 1  Camp cotton pants - 1  Towel – 1 full size  Bathing suits - 2  Hat with visor and hatclip – 2 (one is a backup)  Cotton socks to wear under Chaco’s and in camp – 6-8 of my crummiest pair- often throw them in the trash during the trip when they get holes  Underwear – 4 to 6  Sports bra - 2  Chaco River Sandals – 2 – includes backup pair  Shoes for camp – 1 (crocs, hiking boots or tennis shoes)  Note pad/pen/calculator – for trip journal and calculating trip expenses  River map  Camera and extra memory cards  Camera battery – several spare-is nice also  Spare pair of glasses, if you wear glasses– 1  Croakies for your glasses – 2  Sunglasses - 2  Watch – waterproof with alarm  Personal Address list- for mailing postcards- postage stamps for mailing cards  Wallet- with a credit card, photo ID (Driver’s License), checkbook and cash  Car keys – extra set should have gone to your shuttler  Headlamp with extra set of batteries  Cotton Bandana – 2 at least, nice to dip- on the river and put around your neck to cool off  Light synthetic rowing gloves for 50 UPF sun protection – Wide mouth water bottles – at least 2, usually 4  Gatorade – powder mix- I use one for myself in ~ two weeks, store it in a dry box or rodents will chew  Personal eating utensils; coffee cup, juice cup, bowl, plate, knife, fork, spoon  Off Bug Spray
 Shampoo/crème rinse- (leave in conditioner works great on tangles)  Hair Brush  Lotion- a lot!  Toothbrush/Toothpaste/Dental floss  Body soap- liquid  Antibacterial hand soap to wash feet- Vagisil cream- Body scrubby  Ivory dish soap – for laundry  Small Collapsible bucket- to soak your daily laundry  Toenail clipper/ Nail file  Clear polish  Chapstick/Carmex – 4, be prepared to “lose” several  Sunscreen- a lot!, some recommend the type with “new” % zinc oxide in it  Personal Medications transferred to a watertight bottle  Advil  Midol  Vaseline- travel size  Gold bond- travel size  Razor  Deodorant  Bandaids  Earswabs  Seabreeze/cotton balls  Tampons/multiple small Ziplocs/small personal liquid handsoap/hand sanitizer (travel size)  1 day Monistat- for women  Athletes Foot Spray (Lamisil)– preventive- use it every night once I have clean dry feet in socks-  Moleskin  Ponytail holders  Wet Ones wipes  Crown cement- look for it at drugstore  Superglue  Neosporin
Additional Items For Cold Rivers:
 Warmer jacket - 1  Fleece jacket – 2  Fleece pants – 2  Long underwear bottoms and tops – 2 sets- great for sleeping in at night  Wool or fleece socks - 3  Fleece hat - 1  Gloves – 1  Rain/Spray pants – 1
How I do laundry on the river:
I bring along a small collapsible bucket and Ivory dish soap (clear dishwashing liquid). I wet dirty clothes in
the river. Then I fill the bucket with river water and soak the clothes in Ivory dish soap for ~15 minutes. No
more than one pair of shorts, bathing suit and shirt at one time. Don’t put too much dish soap in the bucket, a
little bit goes a long way. I have noticed that other brands of colored dish soap will stain lighter clothing. After
soaking, I rinse the clothes with river water until soap is gone. In Idaho I do this above high water line, in the
Grand (desert rivers) I rinse directly in the river current. The clothes dry quickly in the hot desert early evening
sun (much slower on the Idaho clothes line). The Ivory scent smells great when you put your dry clothes on
the next day.

Source: http://www.pprr.org/Drybag_Packing_Suggestions.pdf

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