Change realpro plus batteries

The Batteries are readily available at most KMart, Target, Staples, Office Depot, Radio
Shack Stores. They are not expensive. You need 2 batteries - CR 2032 or equivalent.
The life of your computer’s lithium batteries is unpredictable. There are many variables that come into play - use of the computer, lack of use of the computer, age of batteries at the time of purchase, quality of batteries, etc. As you can see, it is better to be prepared so that when the batteries die, you are ready to easily replace them. Sometime in the future your computer’s batteries will lose power and the screen will dim. If you cannot DARKEN the screen with the contrast wheel located on the right side of the computer, near the
ON-OFF switch, replacing the batteries will be necessary. Follow these instructions
to ensure that you change the batteries correctly. You need to have the batteries, a
paper clip and a small screwdriver on hand. Keep these supplies in your REALPRO
carrying case. The batteries are readily available in most stores such as office
supply stores, KMarts, drug stores, Radio Shack, etc.
1. Turn the computer power switch to OFF
2. Slide the computer off of the printer. (Your computer
may look a little different than this one but the concept
is the same.)
3. Remove
the REALPRO PLUS card by sliding the
card eject lock to the right and carefully
4. Remove the two screws on the back of the computer, using a Phillips-head
5. Press the latch lightly, and move the battery pressure plate in
the direction of the arrow to remove it. 6. Substitute the new batteries for the
Use two new lithium batteries
(CR-2032 or equivalent).
7. Replace the battery pressure plate and
cover by reversing the removal
procedure. Be sure that you insert
the tabs into the corresponding holes
in the side of the computer. If you do
not, your computer will not slide onto the printer
8. Insert the
For the most reliable power supply:
1. Both batteries should be the same type.
2. When replacing the batteries, always change both at the same time.
3. Correctly insert the batteries by referring to the + and - marks on the battery. (Another
way to know + or - is that the + means the words are facing up and - means the words are facing down 4. Never use an old battery with a new one. Now, you need to reset the REALPRO PLUS computer.
See “RESET your REALPRO PLUS computer”
1. Turn the computer power to ON.
2. Turn the computer over. You will see a hole
that says, "ALL RESET".
3. Using an open paper
clip, press and release the
4. Look at the screen now and you should see ** **. Press [ENTER]. If you
do not see the "stars" on the screen, you need to poke the hole again. Be sure your pointed object can reach the button inside and be sure that you are not continuing to press the button. 5. You will see one * "star".
6. Turn the computer off, turn the computer on, press the FINANCING button.
7. Wait a few moments while the defaults are loaded. This takes about 30
seconds. The program will begin DISPLAY SPEED 1,2,3 <1>. Choose your
speed at this time. 1 is the slowest, 3 is the fastest.
8. You are now back in business.
9. Slide your computer back on to the printer. Be sure that the computer is flat
to the printer. When you look from the side, there should be no gap between the computer and the printer. 10. If you made changes to your SETUP, you will need to re-enter this
information. If your Disclaimer was burned in, you will not need to re-enter it. Check to see if it is still there by printing the Disclaimer. This process may be a bit confusing the first time through. REALPRO Innovations, Inc.
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