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CYCLE GUIDELINES: IVF (In Vitro Fertilization)
Previous Month
Call Day 1 of cycle for appointment by Day 3 Schedule an appointment with Dr. Schmidt Appointment
• Do STD blood and cervical cultures on female and uterine sound (measurement of • Do STD blood check (or get lab slip) for male partner • Learn how to do injections • Get medication pharmacy slip (to begin day 3 of stimulation cycle) STIMULATION MONTH
Call DAY 1 to schedule an appointment by Day 3 of cycle • Vaginal ultrasound • FSH/Estradiol blood draw • Review injections ** Remember to bring in all medications and this Cycle Guideline sheet** Evening of Day 3
Call Dr. Schmidt at am/pm to get lab results and stimulation medication (i.e.,Follistim) dosage for your evening injections Your calendar has now been changed to day of stimulation (day 1) and no longer your period (cycle day 3=stimulation day 1) Stimulation
• Ultrasound • Estradiol blood draw (possibly) Bring your Ganirelix (Antagon) and Repronex *You might begin your Ganirelix (Antagon) this morning at the appointment with Dr. Schmidt and Repronex in the evening. The medications will both start (or be added) on the same day.* Cycle Guidelines: IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) Stimulation
• Ultrasound • Estradiol blood draw (possibly) *You may be starting daily appointments with Dr. Schmidt until Estradiol blood level, ovarian follicles and uterine lining are ready.* Plan on having sex (coitus) or have your partner ejaculate approximately 72 hours prior to TVA (TransVaginal Egg Aspiration). Day after last
• HCG = Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (or equivalent) injection
• You or your partner will give this injection at am/pm Midnight before
Stop eating/drinking until after the TVA Day of TVA
Arrive to OR at am/pm (one hour prior to procedure) Bring medications • Doxycycline • Solu-medrol • Estradiol (i.e. Estradiol Valerate injection) • Progesterone (i.e., Prometrium suppository, Progesterone in oil injection) • Heparin (if you are on it) No sex (coitus) until OKed by Dr. Schmidt Day after TVA
Call Dr. Schmidt at am/pm to get fertilization results Day 2 after TVA
Call Dr. Schmidt at am/pm to get cell division of embryos Day 3-5 after TVA
Arrive to OR at am/pm for embryo transfer • Bring Valium (20mg) pill(s) • Bring signed patient consent forms 2 weeks after
Get your blood pregnancy and progesterone test embryo transfer
• If pregnancy test is positive, repeat tests in 48 hours • DO NOT STOP any meds unless directed by Dr. Schmidt. Goal: pregnancy (HCG quant) to increase 70% in this 48 hour period 1 week after
• Ultrasound (to ensure pregnancy is in the uterus) pregnancy test
NOTE: bleeding is common even if you are pregnant. Do not stop any meds. Call Dr. Schmidt immediately. Please feel free to call us with any questions or concerns during this cycle. We are here to help you. Cycle Guidelines: IVF (In Vitro Fertilization)


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