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Chai Latte is already becoming the ‘next big thing’ in Australian beverages, And Bondi Chai® is leading the charge. Wholly Australian-owned and manufactured, Bondi Chai® is now sold around the country. Its success relies on three key features: ‘almost addictive’ taste that wins repeat business; outstanding profitability, and;
With our help, Bondi Chai
® can add 10%-15% to your gross takings, year round.
If you’re not seeing those returns with chai latte or want to find out what all the fuss is about and why, just like good coffee, “not all chai is created equal” - try these samples, then give us a call. We’ll show you what Bondi

Bondi Chai
® is available in two superb varieties

Vanilla Honey
Club Cinnamon
‘addict’ looking for the crisp, heady richness of vanilla bean and natural sweet Particularly suited to cold drinks – frappes,
Why Bondi Chai
® Latte?
Read what others have to say…

…I am very happy with the product and since changing to Bondi Chai our sales have increased. Customers recognise the
brand and they really enjoy it. Thank you for a great product.
- Bianca, University of Tasmania, Hobart.
Sales have been booming since we changed to Bondi Chai. It's great to have a yummy alternative for
non-coffee drinkers.
- Emily, Deakin University, Melbourne.
…we have already tried both varieties which are absolutely wonderful… we plan to open our small coffee bar in October
and your chai will certainly be on the menu. Thanks. - Sandra, Mt Isa.

Ž Costs around 28c/serve (a 1kg pack makes 100 Ž With more people becoming caffeine conscious, serves) and sells for at least the same price as a latte Bondi Chai® makes a great low-caffeine alternative. As a tea-based drink, a 180ml Bondi Chai® has just 25mg of caffeine (about half that of brewed tea and QUICK AND EASY
Ž Two heaped teaspoons of powder into a latte glass or cup, pour on steamed milk and stir. Simple! No LOCALLY PRODUCED WITH NATURAL INGREDIENTS
grinding or steeping, so you get the orders out fast. Ž 100% Australian owned and produced using Specifical y formulated as a powder to make it quick and easy with no waste and a shelf life of at least PROFESSIONAL SALES SUPPORT
Ž Bondi Chai® is supported by a great range of VERSATILE
professionally-produced POS material, all supplied Ž Sells all year round – hot or cold. Try a Bondi-on-Ice, in FOC. We back that up with worthwhile advice and a fruit smoothie or frappe, or sprinkle it on ice cream. co-operative promotions (eg free client tastings).
For more information contact: Satisfine Foods, Ph. 9666 1044
or visit: w w w . b o n d i c h a i . c o m . a u


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