rs10490924 in ARMS2 had a 10-fold Age-Related Macular Degeneration
and Variations in the ARMS2 Gene
hakravarthy et al. demonstrated
Retinoblastoma and Simulating Lesions were most likely to have Coats disease
rhage (5 percent); those 2 to 5 years of susceptibility 2 (ARMS2) gene. They Shields et al. investigated the
cent), or persistent fetal vasculature (7 identify a possible retinoblastoma case, Myopic Eyes Less Likely to Have AMD
thalmitis. The authors pointed out that and Diabetic Retinopathy
Pan et al. investigated the relation-
AMD. Compared with persons with no lesions. In the pseudoretinoblastoma Journal Highlights
rior subcapsular cataract, and POAG.
growth and no major collateral effects.
pacting rank lists were resident–faculty relationships, clinical and surgical vol- AMD Treatment With Ranibizumab and
Reasons for Discontinuation
chart review, Falk et al. evalu-
research and a program’s prestige.
American Journal of Ophthalmology
identified within the first two years of Capillary Hemangioma of the Eyelid
Treated With Systemic Propranolol
Of those, 456 patients were still receiv- Vassallo et al. assessed the efficacy
and safety of systemic propranolol ing treatment at the end of the period, Factors Impacting Selection of
Ophthalmology Residency Program
of disease activity, whereas 113 patients by Yousuf et al., educational and inter-
within the first two years of treatment, Tumor Necrosis Factor a Antagonists
and the Risk of Optic Neuritis
study, Winthrop et al. evaluated the
Journal Highlights
eyes had multifocal “onion signs” in sitive to ciprofloxacin; 30 percent were tients, the “onion sign” correlated with drug exposure and then calculated and files, even though the strains were the first report of lipid detected in the sub- lar rates of antibiotic resistance as else- Continuous Monitoring of IOP
Patterns With Contact Lens Sensors
As part of an FDA trial, Mansouri
et al. evaluated the safety, toler-
considering current or past anti-TNF Archives of Ophthalmology
OCT Imaging of Subretinal Pigment
among DMARD users. Crude ON rates Epithelium Lipid
Antibiotic Resistance in Patients
Undergoing Cataract Surgery
case series, Mukkamala et al. de-
scribed the “onion sign,” an optical su et al. investigated the antibi-
susceptibility. A surprisingly large pro- the “onion sign” colocalizes to areas of Journal Highlights
the two sessions, the authors computed temporal fossa. Savar et al. reported on the photo-
correlation of 0.59, which indicates fair after disease onset (morbid) is a useful left eye, respectively; coefficients for Grading Eyebrow Expansion Associated means to identify and characterize the the morbid photographs were 0.921
With Thyroid-Associated Orbitopathy
the investigators reviewed photographs Ophthalmology summaries are written by Lori Baker Schena, EdD, and edited by John Kerrison, MD. American Journal of Ophthal- mology summaries are edited by Thomas J. Liesegang, MD. Archives of Ophthalmology summaries are written by the lead authors. Low Vision App for Patients With AMD
LASIK With Femtosecond Laser Not
Photoactivated Riboflavin Treatment
Detrimental to Endothelial Health
of Infectious Keratitis
Journal of Cataract and Refractive Surgery n the letters section, Walker de-
scribes a new iPad app designed to
function as a low vision aid for in-
Klinger et al. compared the differ-
Price et al. evaluated corneal col-
treatment for infectious keratitis. They infection depth was limited; it was also text on the iPad one line at a time right ferent type of radiation might result in cell density or coefficient of variation Roundup of Other Journals is written by Lori Baker Schena, EdD, and edited by Deepak P.


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