This can be repeated every six months (as can the in-practice whitening, although most clients fi nd they can leave it three or four years before needing a boost).
whitened for their wedding are advised to do so about a week before the big day, as sometimes the teeth can be a little sensitive for a few days after bleaching. It’s also important to avoid potentially staining foods for a couple of days.
costs from £450, and Home Kits from £250. For further information or to arrange a free consultation, call 01296 624 163 or A TEETH WHITENING SESSION AND HOME KIT COURTESY OF SMILE DESIGN DENTAL PRACTICE The Prize:
A bright, confident smile makes a world of smile and is a quick and painless procedure.” difference to a couple’s wedding photographs The colour of our teeth is actually genetically – particularly those all-important romantic determined, but teeth also naturally darken close-up shots. That confidence comes not as we age and can become further stained whitening and a home kit with a specially- only from within, but also from having a set by tea, coffee, red wine and smoking. Not many people realise that fizzy drinks can also discolour teeth by wearing down the outer popular cosmetic treatments in the UK but, enamel layer allowing the underlying yellow as with any medical procedure, it’s always best to have the this popular procedure carried following question: What is the outer
out by an expert – preferably by a dental layer of the tooth called?
practitioner who can check if the patient’s The whitening treatment takes about an hour. A protective gel is placed on the gums and Dr Komal Suri, of Wendover’s Smile Design a layer of bleach (35% hydrogen peroxide) is Dental Practice explains: “Tooth whitening spread over the teeth and left to develop under uses bleaching products, which alter the supervision. Immediately afterwards, the teeth tooth’s natural colour. Teeth stained by are dehydrated, and thereafter appear even tetracycline antibiotics, teeth of children aged whiter than they truly are (they settle to their under 12, pregnant ladies; teeth stained by fluoride; loss of enamel; decay or gum disease, At Smile Design Dental Practice, Dr. Suri would not be suitable. Teeth with crowns or also provides home kits which come with a porcelain veneers will obviously not whiten small rubber mould taken from an impression either, so those who have had these made to of the patient’s teeth. The patient can then match the colour of their existing teeth may apply a little bleaching gel (6% hydrogen want to think twice about whitening the rest. peroxide provided in syringes) onto this “On the plus side, if your teeth are suitable, mould. For best results, this procedure must it can make a very big difference to your be applied daily for 45 minutes for two weeks.


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