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MP4 Mini Press
SOMAT Model: MP4

Technical Specifications
Mini Press:
¾ HP drive motor. 6” stainless steel vertical auger
with brush tipped flighting. Screen with .093” diameter holes.
Discharge chute lid features a magnetic limit switch for safety.
Can be configured to fit any floor plan.
SOM-A-TROL (Electrical Control Panel): UL approved.
Includes all necessary electrical components prewired to a
terminal strip, water level control, and push-button station, in a
NEMA 4 enclosure.
Options Available:

Electrical Characteristics: 208/230/460 Volt, 3 Phase,
The SOMAT MP4 mini press features an all stainless steel body and stand, a 3/4 HP drive motor, a 1/6 HP return pump (optional), and a SOM-A-TROL control panel with push-button station. The Input Capacity: 900 lbs/hr of foodservice waste consisting of
MP4 can be configured to fit any layout. Benefits:
Finish: All exterior surfaces, except where stainless steel or
■ As much as 8 to 1 (87%) volume reduction Equipment only is supplied by SOMAT Company; installation and wiring not ■ Keeps solids from municipal waste system Can be retrofitted to existing disposers1 Operation: Foodservice waste enters the disposer’s2
grinding chamber via the feed bowl/trough where it mixes 1 Contact SOMAT if mating to a non-SOMAT disposer so with water, is processed, and made into a slurry. The that accommodations can be made for the specific disposer. slurry, consisting of 5% solids and 95% water, is 2 SOMAT recommends mating to a SOMAT B-5 disposer. automatically transported through a pipeline to the Mini Press, where the water is removed and the resultant semi- dry pulp is discharged into a trashcan. The extracted water can then be recovered and returned to disposer for reuse MP4 Specifications
Somat equipment provides an economic and efficient answer to cutting the high and ever-increasing costs associated with waste handling. Equipment is manufactured by Somat Company of Lancaster, Division of ITW Food Equipment Group LLC Pennsylvania, originators of waste pulping systems and specialists in waste reduction technology. SOMAT Model: MP4
MP4 Mini Press

Utility Requirements:
Power (Electric) Connection
Fresh water Connection
Drain Connection

Height: 33” Equipment
weight: TBD lbs.
Depth: 30 ½”
Crated weight: TBD lbs.
Width: 18 ½”

Treatable Items
Safety Feature
1 year manufacturer’s standard warranty * Specification is subject to change without notice. Division of ITW Food Equipment Group LLC


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