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April 2009, my son introduced me to Twitter, the website used by some 50 million people. I then tried to find words of wisdom that would fit into the 140 characters limit.
Strangely enough, that is how I came up with this book.
The purpose of this book is to tell humankind that there is the ultimate truth and the means to it are the four foundations of mindfulness or vipassana, a practice I describe as ‘bring your mental self back home’ (BMSBH).
Let’s suppose the ultimate truth and the means to it (BMSBH) is like finding the loose end of a piece of string. If the problems of all human nature in the world are compared to an entangled ball of strings with plenty of knots, the only way to undo those knots effectively is to find the loose end of each string. Likewise, to resolve the diversity of problems humanity is facing, we need an effective tool that really works. That crucial method is bringing your mental self back home. By going back to the source of the problem (changing humans’ bad mental habits into good ones), all problems big and small will collapse like a house of cards. I have not a shred of doubt that BMSBH is truly a new hope for humankind and is the main ingredient for World Peace.
I hope very much that this book can provoke and enable you to search successfully for the ultimate truth by means of bringing your mental self back home.
Supawan’s mini blogs on
“For a simple woman from Thailand who has enough courage to offer a formula for World Peace as A New Hope for Humankind on Twitter, she
is either completely delusional or she knows exactly what she is talking BMSBH is short for "Bring your Mental Self Back Home" a mental skill making you feel happier. Dead easy, anyone can do it.
You can’t tell
Clever men chase after inventions. Religious men chase after old wisdom. Only real knowers offer the precise means to the ultimate truth and eternal peace! Stop philosophizing & moralizing about the good qualities of life, who don't know them! You can't tell people to be forgiving without teaching them the tool to forgive. Give them You can't tell people don’t be greedy without offering them a tool to be giving. BMSBH is the tool for helping people to be a kind, giving and compassionate person.
You can't tell people to be humble and ditch their oversized ego without giving them the tool to reduce their egos. BMSBH can amazingly shrink your ego! You can't tell people to stop hating one another without giving them a skill to stop hating.
BMSBH can help you to stop hating & holding grudges! You can't tell people to love one another without teaching them how to love. BMSBH gives you the precise skill to love even your enemy without having to bend over the top.
How can you tell people to break their addictions of all sorts without giving them a means to break them? Easier said than done, BMSBH is the means! Please don't tell people don’t be stressed or don’t think too much or tell them to let go without giving them a tool as how to do it. Anyone can hand out such advice! Easier said than done. A clear method is what we need! Enough of grand ideas for problem solving at the end of the scale, old vomit, sick of it.
We need real wisdom for true happiness before it’s too late! …………………………………………….
After the moon landing
40 years on… a giant leap for mankind! To where have we leapt exactly? To more crime, war, economic collapse, epidemic diseases, polluted planet, Prozac, hell? 40 years on, it looks more like humankind has leapt to insanity! Don't be fooled by high-
tech gadgets. Wars haven’t changed. Does it look like a giant leap for you? After the moon landing, the drug merchants have had a great time selling anti- depressants. Is that a giant leap for humankind? Human is made to be on earth; the idea of moving humanity to other planet is stupid and delusional – resulting from the fear of death! Human has leapt nowhere! Our knowledge is circling in a huge pond. A real leap to lead humanity out of this ignorant pond, void of knowledge is a clear exit. How? By means of bringing your mental self back home.
A real giant leap for humankind is to help people have access to BMSBH, a skill for a happier life and long lasting peace. Do this one thing, WORLD PEACE is then round the ………………………………………….
The ultimate truth
The ultimate truth or the final entity does exist.
There is only one ultimate truth; there cannot be more than one final entity, and conveniently it belongs to a religion.
Ultimate truth is an experience & can be called in different terms & language, i.e. God, Nirvana, Tao, The Tree of Life, the innocent perception.
The most profound wisdom in the universe has no depth. The truth is right here & The innocent perception is the nature of the ultimate truth.
Here and now (the actual present) is the same as the innocent perception, and is the The ultimate truth is accessible for everyone if you know the means (BMSBH) to it.
The ultimate truth requires a universal means to access. Being mindful or BMSBH is the The truth is not out there in space, it’s right here under our nose. BMSBH can lead you to The final frontier is not in space, it’s right here under our nose. BMSBH can lead you to Attaining the ultimate truth is the same experience as attaining our own eternal peace.
Anyone can do it by means of bringing your mental self back home.
Using ‘the innocent perception’ as reference to the one truth allows limited imagination; it requires a means as how to have the innocent perception. That means is BMSBH.
To glorify the ultimate truth without giving the tool to achieve it is pointless. This makes people fight over religious big words & causes holy wars! There are so many things that we don’t know that we don’t know. The ultimate truth and You can get by without knowing other things but can’t afford not to know the ultimate truth and the means to it. You will take the ignorance to your after life.
The world society is in this huge mess because political leaders and educational experts have no real wisdom regarding the ultimate truth and the means to it.
…………………………………………… World Peace
World Peace cannot be achieved by political means, never has been & never will be.
Only through a mental skill of BMSBH on a global scale, is World Peace possible.
BMSBH is short for "Bring your Mental Self Back Home" a mental skill making you feel happier & at peace. Dead easy, anyone can do it.
Put all individuals’ inner peace together, the result is World Peace. Simple arithmetic, doesn’t take a genius to work it out.
A New Hope for Humankind, I offer a formula for WP, it's not impossible, it’s all about how to make BMSBH accessible for human people.
If only everyone can earn their inner peace & balance by BMSBH, the world will be a Bring your mental self back home is truly a new hope for humankind.
I have done BMSBH for 35 years, I know it works. This gives me great courage to offer a new hope & true leap for humankind.
I hope this message gets to Michelle Obama. If only the 1st lady can support my work of taking BMSBH to humankind, we may have hope for WP! I hope this message gets to Gordon Brown. If only the PM can support my work of taking BMSBH to humankind, we may have hope for WP! I hope this message go to Khun Abhisidh. If only the Thai PM can support my work of taking BMSBH to Thai people, peace will be with Thailand! A New Hope for Humankind is a book for free distribution. An important message one ……………………………………………….
Correcting bad mental habits
Have you heard of the rich man who owned a giant drug company recently killed himself because he lost a few hundred millions? His assets were 10 times over, if not much more! Without BMSBH, people are deluded by their own thoughts. Fancy killing oneself for money loss! Bet he is kicking himself in the after life now! Mind over matter is a maxim. Change man’s bad mental habit to a good one. All problems, big & small, will collapse like a house of cards.
Greed for more money is a bad mental habit that can be put right by means of BMSBH.
The problem isn't the amount of money; it's the bad mental habit! Anger, hate, greed, envy are bad mental habits. They can be lessened and smoothed over by a mental skill called bringing your mental self back home or BMSBH.
Once getting rid of bad mental habits by means of BMSBH, one will experience inner peace and balance, the main ingredient for World Peace.
BMSBH is the exact means for changing human’s bad mental habits to a good & moral Bringing your mental self back home is not a fantasy or ideology, it is for real. We can make this work through recognition & global education.
……………………………………… The true meaning of life
Where do you think you can find the true meaning of life if it's not in your everyday surrounding? Apply BMSBH to your life and magic is revealed! BMSBH can make your mundane housework more interesting and enjoyable. The true meaning of life is all there in those simple moments.
Finding the meaning of life in your daily activities makes much more sense than finding it elsewhere. The missing link is BMSBH.
Humanity is being trapped in a massive misdirection of life. Wealth isn't the goal. We need a means to true happiness. BMSBH is the answer.
Have you ever seen a dead man take money to his after life? Money is the most evil invention man ever created. It’s caused global poverty Global economy has changed the traditional slavery into a new facet known as child/forced labour, debt bondage, forced marriage, prostitution and human trafficking.
Social problem
Human’s different skin and eyes color are the true beauty of this planet as are the rest in the natural environment; such are not racial problems. BMSBH can help you bypass problems and embrace diversity in humankind.
Can you imagine what life would be like when you woke up one day and every single human has identical look: blond hair, blue eyes and white skin?! Why make different skin color a racial problem? BMSBH helps us see things as they are (the innocent perception, the truth), therefore unite human race…a real hope for Via BMSBH, leaves and grass look greener, flowers are redder, roses are more pungent, life is full, harmonious and happier than taking Prozac. Should try! Medications take away physical pains; meditation (BMSBH) take away mental pains.
Happy pills cannot produce true happiness. Never have and never will. BMSBH can Anti-depressions offer profound physical and mental side effects; BMSBH offers profound wisdom and inner peace…a huge different, eh?! BMSBH is short for "bring your mental self back home" a mental skill making you feel happier. Dead easy, anyone can do it.
BMSBH can be done with Tai chi, qi gong, yoga, housework, knitting, gardening, etc.
Absolutely everyone can do it from the queen to beggars! …………………………………………………



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