Compatible with Woltman dry-running meters in all
nominal sizes. Can be used instead of a mechanical
drum counter.

Description of operation
The rotating movement of the impeller is transferred
by magnetic coupling to the sensor system of the
FLYPPER electronic counter module. A built -in
microprocessor evaluates the sensor signals produced.
It counts the number of impeller revolutions, detects
the direction of rotation and measures the time for each
revolution. The microprocessor calculates the volume
flowing through the meter from these parameters and
adds up the meter reading. The current flow rate is
calculated from the time for one impeller rotation.
The FLYPPER module can be read out via M -Bus, L-
Bus or optical interface.
The module is powered externally from the M-Bus
when this bus is connected. The internal battery is
switched off in this case. The built -in lithium battery is
rated to give the module a lifetime of 10 years without
an external power supply.
Counter modules with the following functions are
available for connection over the built-in 5-wire cable
as additional options to the M -Bus equipped as
- L-Bus (for connecting the Hydrometer external radio • Convenient mechanical button for switching • M-Bus interface equipped as standard • M-Bus provides both data transmission and • 3-m long, 5-wire cable to IP68 supplied as • 3-m long, 3-wire cable to IP 54 supplied as Features
Protection class IP for cold water up to 30 °C Approvals
• The FLYPPER electronic counter module is
type-approved by the Federal Institute of Operation
Primary address can be changed in the field A button mounted on the front panel of the meter • Meter number is programmed as secondary is used to activate the display. The basic display shows the current volume and can be switched to • Lithium battery guarantees lifetime longer the next display by pressing the button. than calibration period (10 years if LCD Description and structure of display loop
The LC display of the meter switches to power
save mode after 28 seconds and the display is
Data readout and parametrization are via two switched off.
cable wires with polarity reversal protection The display is switched again on by pressing
the button.
The cabling for an M-Bus system requires no It is possible to configure a selected display to specified cable routing or network (e.g. star, remain permanently on. This increases the power consumption, but the battery life still exceeds the • L-Bus
The L-Bus is a simple low-voltage interface. Description
It is used as an alternative to the M-Bus interface to provide meter data for external reading devices, without having to provide Normal display
the high M-Bus level. The L-Bus interface has reversal protection up to 46 V. The max. High resolution volume
Same transmission protocol as the M-Bus. Simultaneous operation of the M-Bus and L- • Pulse outputs
Current flow rate in m 3/h
The outputs are open-collector circuits. The resistance, i.e. there is no internal current limiting. If required, this must be provided Day in format
externally by a collector resistance of 1 kohm “”
(at 30 V). The pulse outputs must be operated 31.12.03 + 12875 alternates with day volume in floating mode if the M-Bus is connected. High resolution
Max. input voltage 30 V
return volume in m 3
Max. input current 27 mA
alternates with 5 - shown on 5th press of button Day function
• Max. reverse polarity voltage without FLYPPER’s non-volatile memory on the set day
and can be read off the display or transmitted over The freely programmable day is set to 31.12.XX
Battery lifetime
Pulse rates
The built-in lithium battery ensures a lifetime of over 10 years if the switch-off function of the display is used. The battery lifetime still exceeds 6 years if the display is permanently switched on. Pin assignment of 5-wire cable:
Cable length approx. 3 m, with wire end ferrules M-Bus/pulse


Parametrization software tool based on the M- client-server architecture for automatic reading of energy meters directly or over a remote connection (telephone, Internet or Graphical user interface for visualizing the • HYDRO-CENTER
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