“Caring and Challenging for the Future” Veresdale Scrub School Road via BEAUDESERT QLD 4285 Telephone (07) 5543 1227 Fax (07) 5543 2226
Acting Principal: Mrs Claire Roberts
Be on time for class.
Don’t forget our Arts Council performance of Life? It’s a circus! on Tuesday 5th
March at 9.30 am. Cost is $6.00 per child which can be paid in cash or by internet Life? It’s a circus! showcases two of
Australia’s most experienced circus theatre performers in a series of vignettes linked together in a cabaret style performance, Complete set tasks
circus, movement, clowning and slapstick adaptation, The Three Little Pigs. Students will be taken on a journey as they discover the exciting parallels between life and the The In-School Activities Permission form
as well as $6.00 per child will need to be
returned to school by Monday 4th March.
The internet banking reference code for
this activity will be the initial and first
four letters of the eldest students
surname, followed by his/her date of
birth and ARTSC
e.g. jsmit010105ARTSC
Please be advised that our school Office IN SCHOOL EVENTS PERMISSION
Attached to this newsletter you will find a At all other times the office is unattended. permission form for events held at school. unattended hours, you will need to leave a message. Please be aware also that there If an event should arise that you do not
may be occasions throughout the day when wish your child/ren to attend you will need Mrs Nicholson needs to leave the office and to contact the school and advise us either in during these times you will need to leave a Events which require us to leave the school will require a specific permission note at FORMS AND MONEY
If no money has been received by the day We ask that all notes, forms and money
of the event the student will not be able to being returned to school be handed in to the class teacher. Please do not ask your child PAYMENTS USING INTERNET
The Year 4 to 7 students will be attending a Friday 6th of December. Approximate cost (this is the initial and first 4 letters of eldest students surname, followed by his/her date SLUSHIE DAY
The P&C will be holding a Slushie Day on Attached to this newsletter are order forms STUDENT DETAIL FORMS
(one per child). Please complete and return If you have not yet returned your Student possible. These details are vital in the case of an emergency. Please remember to keep STUDENT COUNCIL FUNDRAISER
The first Student Council activity for 2013 Petrea Gibbins-Doherty will begin Highland will be an “F” day fundraiser to support local flood victims. On Friday the 15th of March take the F in fundraising and dress as a Fireman or Fairy etc. Please bring a gold coin donation. Funds raised will go to suitable for boys and girls of any age. They St Vinnies to be distributed where needed will learn traditional scottish dancing such as A Highland Fling, Scottish Lilt, Hornpipe MUST still be worn and please no singlet POINTS OF INTEREST
examinations, displays, and competitions or simply learn for fun. An adult class may be introduced as it is a fantastic way to HEAD LICE
There have been a few cases of head lice reported this week. Parents are asked to PIANO LESSONS
Piano lessons are available before school morning, with Mrs Coral Antcliff. We are extremely lucky to have the opportunity for reasonable cost – only $11 for a half hour lesson. If you would like your child/ren to participate in piano lessons, please ring


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Adverse Drug Reaction Alert Bulletin (ADRAB) A fortnightly alert to remind you of common and not so common adverse drug reactions Please inform of any adverse drug reaction that you think we need to remind people of – a brief vignette is good – or just email the adverse reaction . Confidentiality applies Proton pump inhibitors – remember GI adverse effects a

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