The company "Miliopoulos Dimitrios & SIA O.E." with the discreet title VOLTE-TEL Communications is
active in the mobile telephony market since 1999. It provides products and services allover
Greece exclusively in wholesale level and it is active till today in 5 sections:
Mobile telephony:
Main object is the import and trade of mobile accessories, spare parts and mobile phones.
Specifically, our company provides batteries, travel and plug in chargers, wireless car-kits,
Bluetooth, data cables for receiving and sending data and great variety in cases, hands free and
housings, Bluetooth products as well as Bluetooth GPRS (piloting systems), spare parts (lcd,
flex cables etc.) for all models in the market. The range of our products is enriched continually
with imports of new products with the brand VOLTE-TEL, as well as batteries of all types with
the brand VOLTE-POWER, excellent quality with certification CE and Rohs, so we can provide
to the customer the maximum safety and protection.
Our company is official representative of BUGATTI & Jim Thomson for Greece and Cyprus,
occupied with cases for mobile phones, i-pad and notebooks, as well as the company Krusell.
Companies with worldwide fame and national prestige.
The disposal of our products is sold either with our own brand, either original, or without any
brand, in VOLTE-TEL communications blister. All products have a guarantee of good condition
and function for 1-2 years, depending on the item of each product.
Through to the company's sales network, we dispose connection packs for mobile telephony and
time renewal cards. We have the disposal of wholesale for time renewal device.
Land telephony - PBX Systems:
Our company is representative of the German company AGFEO that is one of the biggest
companies for PBX systems and it provides complete systems and services for every business
type. It can provide from a simple PBX system of a house or a small business to a hotel PBX
system with time-charging program of incoming and out-going calls, giving in this way the best
solution for every demand as well as a 2 year guarantee of good function.
Our company is also a representative of North Greece of the Belgium factory TOPCOM that is
occupied with land and wireless telephony, offering variety in corded and cordless phones, PBX
systems, data products, paramedical products such as blood pressure monitors, thermometers
etc. with 2 years guarantee. Our company is also representative of National Geographic in North
Greece, providing products as weather stations, barometers, thermometers etc.
Office equipment:
VOLTE-TEL Communications offers solutions for office machinery that among others includes fax,
multifunction devices, printers, copying machines and consumable products for these, in
cooperation with SAMSUNG, as well as scales, cash registers, bank-note detectors-counters,
coin counters and all kind of batteries, such us photographic-lithium, coins - lithium,
rechargeable and batteries for home appliances of the famous brands SANYO, GP and Volte-
as well as for special use –lead acid- by the brand KIEL and Volte-Power.
High-Tech Products:
VOLTE-TEL communications is exclusive representative of SILICON POWER in Greece.
Its main business is memory cards and USB flash drives. The profile of our company is getting
more complete with MP3 FM transmitters, Bluetooth headsets, High-Tech Gadgets, digital
receivers etc.
VOLTE-TEL communications
ΑΝΔΡΕΟΥ ΓΕΩΡΓΙΟΥ 36 - Τ.Κ. 546 27 ΟΠΙΣΘΕΝ ΒΙΛΚΑ – ΘΕΣΣΑΛΟΝΙΚΗ E-mail:volte-tel@volte-tel.gr 2310 541542 ,704806, 778088 FAX 2310 762834 www.volte-tel.com 10/10/2013

Our company has a service department with fully equipped and trained personnel for the
products that we are working with, such as mobiles phones of all brands, smartphones, tablets,
corded phones, PBX systems etc.
Since our company was established till today, VOLTE-TEL Communications has a rapid rising
course. Some of our customers are COSMOTE, WIND, as well as big chains of stores. Since
2011, our company have made a new cooperation with stores as Germanos, Public and
Sanyocom. We have a special cooperation with Sanyocom as the supply of the orders is directly
to their shop’s warehouse. All orders that concern VOLTE-TEL products are handed with
Sanyocom package and this give uniformity to their shops.
You may enter our company's website www.volte-tel.com to see all the product’s range in retail
VOLTE-TEL Communications is one of a few companies in Greece that applies the on-line system
of receiving orders exclusively and only to VOLTE-TEL's customers- stores, through a personal
password that is applied to them. Furthermore, besides the wholesale and retail prices, the
customers are informed for the availability of the products. The same statue is effective for the
customers - stores from abroad to our company's website www.volte-tel.com
The rapid rising of our course is due to the combination of four main determinants:
The excellent quality of our products
The wide and endless range
The competitive prices
The many years’ experience and knowledge of our trained personnel , as it concerns matters
of high-tech and mobile telephony
Our primary target is the direct service and satisfaction of our customer's demands, a target that
is achieved because all of our products "It' not the only one of its kind, but in the quality"!

For further information please visit our website www.volte-tel.com
Address: 36 Antreou Georgiou Str. - zip:546 27 Thessaloniki, Greece
Contact tel: 0030 2310 541542, 0030 2310 704806 and 0030 2310 778088
Fax: 0030 2310 762834
E-mail: For customers:and for suppliers miliop@volte-tel.com
VOLTE-TEL communications
ΑΝΔΡΕΟΥ ΓΕΩΡΓΙΟΥ 36 - Τ.Κ. 546 27 ΟΠΙΣΘΕΝ ΒΙΛΚΑ – ΘΕΣΣΑΛΟΝΙΚΗ E-mail:volte-tel@volte-tel.gr 2310 541542 ,704806, 778088 FAX 2310 762834 www.volte-tel.com

Source: http://www.volte-tel.gr/companyprof_en.pdf


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