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Adam, A.B., S. Sakrani, and Y. Wahab, Sn-Sb-Se crystalline phases formed by
melt-quenching technique.
Journal of Materials Science, 2006. 41(17): p. 5797-
Ahmad, A.L., M.G.M. Nawawi, and L.K. So, Characterization and performance
evaluations of sodium zeolite-Y filled chitosan polymeric membrane: Effect of
sodium zeolite-Y concentration.
Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 2006. 99(4):
p. 1740-1751.
Al Alawi, S., et al., Prediction of flashover voltage of contaminated insulator
using artificial neural networks.
Electric Power Components and Systems, 2006.
34(8): p. 831-840.
Ali, M., E.B. Hamzah, and M. Toff, Effect of metal ion etching on the
tribological, mechanical and microstructural properties of tin-coated D2 tool
steel using CAE PVD technique.
Surface Review and Letters, 2006. 13(4): p. 413-
and Z.A. Manan, SHARPS: A new cost-screening technique to attain gost-effective minimum water network. Aiche Journal, 2006. 52(11): p.
Alwi, S.R.W., et al., Retrofit water systems the SHARPS way. Chemical
Engineering Progress, 2006. 102(11): p. 20-27.
Amin, N.A.S. and S.E. Pheng, Methane conversion to higher hydrocarbons over
W/HZSM-5-based catalysts in the presence of oxygen.
Catalysis Communications,
2006. 7(6): p. 403-407.
Athimulam, A., et al., Modelling and optimization of Eurycoma longifolia water
extract production.
Food and Bioproducts Processing, 2006. 84(C2): p. 139-149.
Awan, A.M. and M.N.M. Sap, An intelligent system based on kernel methods for crop yield prediction, in Advances in Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining, Proceedings. 2006. p. 841-846. Aziz, M., et al., Impedance Spectroscopy studies of PVC/ENR 50/LiCF3SO3 AND PMMA/ENR 50/LiCF3SO3 electrolytes, in Science and Technology of Hybrid Materials. 2006. p. 67-70. Buang, N.A., et al., Effect of addition of Ni metal catalyst onto the Co and Fe
supported catalysts for the formation of carbon nanotubes.
Journal of Porous
Materials, 2006. 13(3-4): p. 331-334.
Choy, C.S., W.K. Yew, and B. Lin, Criteria for measuring KM performance
outcomes in organisations.
Industrial Management & Data Systems, 2006.
106(7): p. 917-936.
Chua, L.S. and M.R. Sarmidi, Effect of solvent and initial water content on (R, S)-
1-phenylethanol resolution.
Enzyme and Microbial Technology, 2006. 38(3-4): p.
Dahlan, Z., N. Shafie, and R.A. Rashid, Multimedia prototype of a bilingual model within technology based learning environment: An implementation of a mathematics learning framework, in Mathematical Software-Icms 2006, Proceedings. 2006. p. 320-330. Darus, I.Z.M. and M.O. Tokhi, Parametric and non-parametric identification of a
two dimensional flexible structure.
Journal of Low Frequency Noise Vibration
and Active Control, 2006. 25(2): p. 119-143.
Din, M.F.M., et al., Optimization of nitrogen and phosphorus limitation for better
biodegradable plastic production and organic removal using single fed-batch
mixed cultures and renewable resources.
Water Science and Technology, 2006.
53(6): p. 15-20.
Foo, D.C.Y., et al., Surplus diagram and cascade analysis technique for targeting
property-based material reuse network.
Chemical Engineering Science, 2006.
61(8): p. 2626-2642.
Foo, D.C.Y. and Z.A. Manan, Setting the minimum utility gas flowrate targets
using cascade analysis technique.
Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research,
2006. 45(17): p. 5986-5995.
Hamzah, E., M. Ali, and M. Toff, Effect of substrate bias on friction coefficient,
adhesion strength and hardness of TiN-coated tool steel.
Surface Review and
Letters, 2006. 13(6): p. 763-771.
Haron, S. and A.K. Ray, Optical biodetection of cadmium and lead ions in water.
Medical Engineering & Physics, 2006. 28(10): p. 978-981.
Hassan, A. and B. Haworth, Impact properties of acrylate rubber-modified PVC:
Influence of temperature.
Journal of Materials Processing Technology, 2006.
172(3): p. 341-345.
Hassan, A., et al., Maleic anhydride polyethylene octene elastomer toughened
polyarnide 6/polypropylene nanocomposites: Mechanical and morphological
Macromolecular Symposia, 2006. 239: p. 182-191.
Ibrahim, M.H., et al., A novel 1 x 2 thermo-optic multimode interference switch
structure based on photodefinable benzocyclobutene (BCB 4024-40) polymer on
Chinese Physics Letters, 2006. 23(10): p. 2796-2798.
Ibrahim, Z., Y. Tsuboi, and O. Ono, Implementation of k-shortest paths
computation on a molecular computer via hybridization-ligation and parallel
overlap assembly.
International Journal of Innovative Computing Information and
Control, 2006. 2(1): p. 265-271.
Ibrahim, Z., Y. Tsuboi, and O. Ono, Hybridization-ligation versus parallel
overlap assembly: An experimental comparison of initial pool generation for
direct-proportional length-based DNA computing.
Ieee Transactions on
Nanobioscience, 2006. 5(2): p. 103-109.
Ibrahim, Z., et al., Hybrid concentration-controlled direct-proportional length-based DNA computing for numerical optimization of the shortest path problem, in Biologically Inspired Approaches to Advanced Information Technology, Proceedings. 2006. p. 206-221. Idris, A., F. Kormin, and M.Y. Noordin, Application of response surface
methodology in describing the performance of thin film composite membrane.

Separation and Purification Technology, 2006. 49(3): p. 271-280.
Idris, A. and W. Suzana, Effect of sodium alginate concentration, bead diameter, initial pH and temperature on lactic acid production from pineapple waste using immobilized Lactobacillus delbrueckii. Process Biochemistry, 2006. 41(5): p.
Idris, N.R.N., C.L. Toh, and M.E. Elbuluk, A new torque and flux controller for
direct torque control of induction machines.
Ieee Transactions on Industry
Applications, 2006. 42(6): p. 1358-1366.
Ismail, A.F. and A.R. Hassan, Formation and characterization of asymmetric
nanofiltration membrane: Effect of shear rate and polymer concentration.
of Membrane Science, 2006. 270(1-2): p. 57-72.
Ismail, A.F. and N. Yaacob, Performance of treated and untreated asymmetric
polysulfone hollow fiber membrane in series and cascade module configurations
for CO2/CH4 gas separation system.
Journal of Membrane Science, 2006. 275(1-
2): p. 151-165.
Istadi and N.A.S. Amin, Synergistic effect of catalyst basicity and reducibility on
performance of ternary CeO2-based catalyst for CO2 OCM to C-2 hydrocarbons.

Journal of Molecular Catalysis a-Chemical, 2006. 259(1-2): p. 61-66.
Hybrid artificial neural network-genetic algorithm technique for modeling and optimization of plasma reactor. Industrial &
Engineering Chemistry Research, 2006. 45(20): p. 6655-6664.
Istadi and N.A.S. Amin, Optimization of process parameters and catalyst
compositions in carbon dioxide oxidative coupling of methane over CaO-
MnO/CeO2 catalyst using response surface methodology.
Fuel Processing
Technology, 2006. 87(5): p. 449-459.
Istadi and N.A.S. Amin, Co-generation of synthesis gas and C2+ hydrocarbons
from methane and carbon dioxide in a hybrid catalytic-plasma reactor: A review.

Fuel, 2006. 85(5-6): p. 577-592.
Kaulsay, R.S., et al., A double-blind comparison of efficacy of 0.1% tacrolimus
ophthalmic ointment and 2% cyclosporine eye drop vernal keratoconjunctivitis
Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, 2006. 117(2): p. S168-S168.
Khayet, M., M.M. Nasef, and J.I. Mengual, Application of poly(ethylene
terephthalate)-graft-polystyrene membranes in pervaporation.
2006. 193(1-3): p. 109-118.
38. Latif, F., et al., The role and impact of rubber in poly(methyl methacrylate)/lithium triflate electrolyte. Journal of Power Sources, 2006. 159(2):
p. 1401-1404.
Lim, J.W., et al., Mechanical behaviour and fracture toughness evaluation of
rubber toughened polypropylene nanocomposites.
Plastics Rubber and
Composites, 2006. 35(1): p. 37-46.
Lim, J.W., et al., Rubber-toughened polypropylene nanocomposite: Effect of
polyethylene octene copolymer on mechanical properties and phase morphology.

Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 2006. 99(6): p. 3441-3450.
Lim, J.W., et al., Morphology, thermal and mechanical behavior of polypropylene
nanocomposites toughened with poly(ethylene-co-octene).
Polymer International,
2006. 55(2): p. 204-215.
Lok, Y.Y., N. Amin, and I. Pop, Unsteady mixed convection flow of a micropolar
fluid near the stagnation point on a vertical surface.
International Journal of
Thermal Sciences, 2006. 45(12): p. 1149-1157.
Lok, Y.Y., N. Amin, and I. Pop, Mixed convection near a non-orthogonal
stagnation point flow on a vertical plate with uniform surface heat flux.
Mechanica, 2006. 186(1-4): p. 99-112.
Lok, Y.Y., N. Amin, and I. Pop, Non-orthogonal stagnation point flow towards a
stretching sheet.
International Journal of Non-Linear Mechanics, 2006. 41(4): p.
Manan, Z.A., et al., Assess your plant's true water-savings potential. Chemical
Engineering, 2006. 113(13): p. 42-49.
Manan, Z.A., S.R.W. Alwi, and Z. Ujang, Water pinch analysis for an urban
system: a case study on the Sultan Ismail Mosque at the Universiti Teknologi
Malaysia (UTM).
Desalination, 2006. 194(1-3): p. 52-68.
47. Mohamad, E.J., et al., Flame imaging using laser-based transmission tomography. Sensors and Actuators a-Physical, 2006. 127(2): p. 332-339.
Mohamed, Z., et al., Techniques for vibration control of a flexible robot.
Robotica, 2006. 24: p. 499-511.
49. Nasef, M., et al., Sulfonated radiation grafted polystyrene pore-filled poly(vinylidene fluoride) membranes for direct methanol fuel cells: structure-
property correlations.
Desalination, 2006. 200(1-3): p. 642-644.
Nasef, M.M. and H. Saidi, Structural, thermal and ion transport properties of
radiation grafted lithium conductive polymer electrolytes.
Materials Chemistry
and Physics, 2006. 99(2-3): p. 361-369.
Nasef, M.M. and H. Saidi, Single radiation-induced grafting method for the
preparation of two proton- and lithium ion-conducting membranes.

Macromolecular Materials and Engineering, 2006. 291(8): p. 972-983.
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membranes: XPS and SEM analysis.
Applied Surface Science, 2006. 252(8): p.
Nasef, M.M., et al., Preparation of radiochemically pore-filled polymer
electrolyte membranes for direct methanol fuel cells.
Journal of Power Sources,
2006. 156(2): p. 200-210.
Nasef, M.M., et al., PSSA pore-filled PVDF membranes by simultaneous electron
beam irradiation: Preparation and transport characteristics of protons and
Journal of Membrane Science, 2006. 268(1): p. 96-108.
Modification of titanium surface species of titania by attachment of silica nanoparticles. Materials Science and Engineering B-Solid State Materials for
Advanced Technology, 2006. 133(1-3): p. 49-54.
Nur, H., et al., Iron-porphyrin encapsulated in poly (methacrylic acid) and
mesoporous Al-MCM-41 as catalysts in the oxidation of benzene to phenol.

Materials Chemistry and Physics, 2006. 96(2-3): p. 337-342.
Nur, H., et al., Hydrophobic fluorinated TiO2-ZrO2 as catalyst in epoxidation of
1-octene with aqueous hydrogen peroxide.
Materials Letters, 2006. 60(17-18): p.
Othman, N., et al., Emulsion liquid membrane extraction of silver from
photographic waste using CYANEX 302 as the mobile carrier.
Solvent Extraction
Research and Development-Japan, 2006. 13: p. 191-202.
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by emulsion liquid membrane system.
Journal of Membrane Science, 2006. 282(1-
2): p. 171-177.
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Building Services Engineering Research & Technology, 2006.
27(2): p. 153-164.
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for dibenzoylation of biphenyl.
Catalysis Today, 2006. 114(2-3): p. 257-262.
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Management, 2006. 26(10): p. 1173-1179.
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properties of beryllium chalcogenides BeS, BeSe and BeTe.
Materials Science, 2006. 37(3): p. 292-299.
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drilling Ti-6Al-4V and Ti-5Al-4V-Mo/Fe.
Jsme International Journal Series C-
Mechanical Systems Machine Elements and Manufacturing, 2006. 49(2): p. 340-
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profile measurement using pixel-to-pixel and sensor-to-sensor method.
Engineering, 2006. 45(3).
Rahiman, M.H.F., R.A. Rahim, and M. Tajjudin, Ultrasonic transmission-mode
tomography imaging for liquid/gas two-phase flow.
Ieee Sensors Journal, 2006.
6(6): p. 1706-1715.
Rahman, K., et al., Molecular cloning of a cyclodextrin glucanotransferase gene
from alkalophilic Bacillus sp TS1-1 and characterization of the recombinant
Enzyme and Microbial Technology, 2006. 39(1): p. 74-84.
Reply to 'Gamma radiation measurement'. Journal of Radiological Protection, 2006. 26(2): p. 236-237.
Rashid, R., H. Jamaluddin, and N.A.S. Amin, Empirical and feed forward neural
networks models of tapioca starch hydrolysis.
Applied Artificial Intelligence,
2006. 20(1): p. 79-97.
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Sm2O3-MnO2 glass system.
Optical Review, 2006. 13(2): p. 101-103.
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stretching sheet.
Microgravity Science and Technology, 2006. 18(1): p. 5-14.
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66, pg 723, 2005).
Phytochemistry, 2006. 67(10): p. 1048-1048.
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and its sensing application.
Journal of Optoelectronics and Advanced Materials,
2006. 8(4): p. 1604-1609.
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regeneration units.
Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, 2006. 45(22):
p. 7592-7602.
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octene copolymer toughened polyamide 6/polypropylene nanocomposites.
of Thermoplastic Composite Materials, 2006. 19(5): p. 545-567.
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morphological and mechanical properties of rubber-toughened polyamide
6/polypropylene nanocomposites.
Polymer Journal, 2006. 38(8): p. 767-780.
Wahit, M.U., et al., Morphological and mechanical properties of rubber-
toughened polyamide 6/polypropylene nanocomposites prepared by different
methods of compounding.
Journal of Elastomers and Plastics, 2006. 38(3): p. 231-
Wahit, M.U., et al., Effect of organoclay and ethylene-octene copolymer inclusion
on the morphology and mechanical properties of polyamide/polypropylene
Journal of Reinforced Plastics and Composites, 2006. 25(9): p. 933-955.
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initiative and system: A case study.
Expert Systems with Applications, 2006.
30(4): p. 633-641.
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composition onto performance of graft-copolymer based membrane adsorbers.

Desalination, 2006. 200(1-3): p. 462-463.
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nutrients from forested catchments in Peninsular Malaysia.
Forest Ecology and
Management, 2006. 224(1-2): p. 26-44.
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implementation in Malaysian automotive suppliers: A survey result.
Total Quality
Management & Business Excellence, 2006. 17(8): p. 999-1020.
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with input shaping of a flexible manipulator system.
Mechatronics, 2006. 16(3-4):
p. 209-219.
Zainuddin, Z., et al., Light concentric exercise has a temporarily analgesic effect
on delayed-onset muscle soreness, but no effect on recovery from eccentric
Applied Physiology Nutrition and Metabolism-Physiologie Appliquee
Nutrition Et Metabolisme, 2006. 31(2): p. 126-134.
Zularisam, A.W., A.F. Ismail, and R. Salim, Behaviours of natural organic matter
in membrane filtration for surface water treatment - a review.
Desalination, 2006.
194(1-3): p. 211-231.

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