PSYCHOLOGY 101 Spring 2000 Exam 4 NAME _____________________
1. The first person to use a medical model for mental treatment was
a. Pinel b. Hippocrates c. Galen d. Freud e. Skinner
2. During the middle ages, treatment for mental disorders consisted of
a. drugs. b. trephining. c. torture. d. surgery.
3. During the 1950’s a major change occurred in the treatment for mental disorders.

This change included:
a. the increased use of drugs b. more counselors c. psychoanalysis d. trephining
4. During the 1960’s the big change in treatment was
a. trephining b. more psychoanalysis c. better drugs d. deinstitutionalization
5. The standard text for the diagnosis of psychological disorders is the
a. Merk Manual b. Etiology Dictionary. c. DSM - IV. d. Dorlands Index.
6. Which of Freud's components demands immediate gratification of impulses?
a. oral b. anal c. id d. ego e. latency
7. The central concept of Skinner's behaviorist theory of personality is
a. observation learning b. the unconscious c. reinforcement d. gender roles
8. When a surgical hole is placed in the skull, this is called ______
a. overdeterminism. b. individuality corollary. c. trephining. d. psychosis.
9. A person is suffering from a fear of dogs. He is so frightened he will only travel in a
car so he will avoid them. The person is suffering from a _______ disorder.
a. Fugue b. obsessive-compulsive c. phobic d. dissociative
10. Which neurotransmitter is hypothesized to be related to schizophrenia?
a. GABA b. Glycine c. Amphetamine d. Dopamine e. M.I.S.C.
11. The ego operates according to the
a. conscience principle b. superego c. pleasure principle d. reality principle
12. Which drug would be used to treat a Bipolar Disorder and Mania
a. Thorazine b. Lithium Carbonate c. Valium d. Haldol
13. Which of the following is not a model of abnormal behavior

a. Statistical b. Biological c. Sociological d. Cognitive

14. Treatments for depression include
a. drugs b. electroshock therapy c. both a and b d. systematic desensitization
15. Which drug may be used to treat schizophrenia?
a. Valium b. Thorazine c. Librium carbonate d. Alcohol e. Elavil
16. The most dehabilitating mental disorder is
a. fugue b. amnesia c. depression d. schizophrenia
17. Hippocrates treatment for mental problems included
a. sexual promiscuity b. vegetarianism c. trephining d. drugs

18. The person who first removed the chains from mental patients in the 1700s was

a. Pinel b. Hippocrates c. Hull d. Freud e. None of these

19. When a person is taking antidepressant medications, which occurs.
a. Dopamine levels increase

c. Norepinephrine levels increase
b. Dopamine levels decrease d. Calcium levels increase
20. Of the following, which is the most prevalent mental disorder?
a. Schizophrenia

b. Depression
d. Obsessive- Compulsive

21. When I observe a traumatic event and I cannot recall my past memories or develop

new memories, this is called _____ amnesia
a. Localized b. Generalized
c. Continuous
d. Selective e. none of these

22. I have developed a chronic cough that won’t go away. When I go to the doctor, he

says that there is nothing physically wrong with me. I then go to three other doctors
who say the same thing. I then visit a psychiatrist. He diagnoses me as having a
______ disorder.

a. Conversion
c. Dissociative
d. none of these

23. Schizophrenia is NOT characterized by which of the following.

a. a deterioration from a previous level of functioning.
b. Hallucinations or delusions.
c. Disturbances in the form of thought
d. Schizophrenia is characterized by all of these
e. Only b and c are correct.

24. Which of the following tests could I use to examine your personality?
a. MMPI b. Rorschach Ink Blot Test c. TAT d. all of these
25. Which of the following is known to definitely cause schizophrenia?

a. Genetics
c. Pesticides and Herbicides d. None of these

26. Which drug causes the most damage to the entire body?

b. heroin
c. cocaine d. alcohol e. crack

27. Which is not a characteristic of all Substance Abuse Disorders

a. Increased tolerance
c. Withdrawal when not using the drug
b. Loss of control
d. Blackouts

28. Which of the following are incorrect when discussing suicide?

a. Men attempt suicide more than women.
b. Suicide usually takes place without warning.
c. People who become happy are not thinking about suicide anymore.
d. Only a and b are incorrect
e. All are incorrect.

29. Memory traces that include animal memories are part of the
c. Super-ego.
d. Collective unconscious.

30. The concept of the collective unconscious was developed by.

c. Skinner d. Maslow e. Jung

31. Normality and abnormality are defined by

a. The police
c. The medical community
b. The society where you live
d. None of these
32. The group of antidepressants that are dangerous tp use are called
a. Tricyclics
b. MAO inhibiters c. antipsychotics
d. none of these.

33. A person with schizophrenia usually does not have:

a. hallucinations
c. a deterioration of adaptive functioning
b. irrational thought d. depression

34. In the study by Bassuk, Rubin, and Lauriat, they found

a. ECT was the best treatment to reduce amnesia.
b. Schizophrenia could also be treated with antidepressants and lithium.
c. Most homeless individuals entering shelters had a psychological problem.
d. None of these are correct

35 One week Mark is extremely hyperactive and is literally bouncing off
the wall. The next week he is extremely depressed. This alteration in
behavior continues for many months. Mark probably suffers from a(n)
a. anxiety disorder. c. Mood
b. dissociative disorder. d. multiple personality.
36. There is no such thing as mental illness, only problems in living. This is an example
of a statement _______ would say.
a. Freud b. Rogers c. Skinner d. Hull e. Szasz
37. When I develop amnesia and move to California, I have which disorder

a. Somatoform
d. Anxiety e. Conversion

38. An example of an SSRI is
a. Lithium b. Elavil c. Prozac d. Ritalin
39. The person who helped develop funding to create over 20 mental hospitals was
a. Frankl b. Ellis c. Rayner d. Dix e. None of these
40. In the statistical model, a person is considered abnormal if they are ____ standard

deviations away from the mean.
a. 1

b. 2 c. 3 d. 4
e. none of these are correct.

41. In the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, individuals are rated on several dimensions

(also called an Axis), which is not one of these dimensions?
a. Clinical symptoms

c. Physical disorders
b. Personality disorders
d. Severity of Psychological stressers
e. all of these are dimensions

42. During the Dark Ages of Western Civilization, abnormal behavior was linked to

a. a disease
c. Witches
e. All of these are correct
b. Demons
d. both b and c

43. Idaho State solutions to treat the mentally ill in Idaho include which of the following?

a. Treating only the most severe patients.
b. Treating only the chronically mentally ill patients.
c. Doing case management.
d, all of these

44. According to lecture, side effects of antipsychotics include

a. Walking Zombie syndrome
c. tension and anxiety
e. both a and d
b. Sleeping problems
d. selective dyskinesia

45. Which of the following drugs are relatively safe but very addictive.

a. Benzodiazepines (valium, Librium)
b. MAOI’s (Parnate, Marplan, Nardil)
c. Tricyclics (Trofranil, Elavil)
d. they are all unsafe and not very addictive.

46. Behavioral techniques of treatment do not include

a. Systematic desensitization c. Token economies
b. Flooding

d. All are behavioral techniques to change behavior

47. Reuptake inhibitors include

a. Phenothiazines
b. MAOI’s c. Tricyclics
d. a and b e. both b and c

48. I have a client who is afraid of snakes. I then take the client and put them in a room

full of snakes. Initially, the person is very afraid, then they relax, finally they end up
playing with the snakes without any fear. This is an example of which type of
a. Implosion b. Systematic Desensitization c. Trephining

d. Flooding

49. Which of the following applies to the DSM model of diagnosis

a. There has been a major reduction of psychological problems.
b. Political pressure can result in the creation of deletion of a disorder.
c. In reality, there are no clusters of symptoms to diagnose.
d. None of these.

50. Humanistic Therapies include

a. Gestalt Therapy b. Client Centered Counseling c. ECT d. both a and b

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